Obama is bleeding African American support whether anyone wants to believe it or not


By Kevin “Coach” Collins

If Barack Obama loses on November 6 it will be because of a self- inflicted wound which has brought about an erosion of confidence and support for him among his African American base. The slide in Obama’s support within his most solid bloc of voters began in May after he announced his support for Gay “marriage.”  African American clergy immediately began to demand a clarification of Obama’s latest evolution on the question of same sex marriages. The ministers really only wanted a meeting and a plausible “party line” to sell to their congregations, but they were ignored.  They were then humiliated as they had to watch Gay community leaders meet with Obama in the White House (some were photographed flipping the bird to a picture of Ronald Reagan).

 A Public Policy Polling survey of North Carolina voters in mid-May gave the first indication of the problems Obama had bought for himself when he shunned the Black clergy for a few million dollars from the Gay community. It found that 20% of North Carolina’s African American voters intended to vote for Mitt Romney.  A few days later a Gallup survey of Georgia voters found the same 20% of Blacks intending to vote for Romney.

During July a group calling itself the  Coalition of African American Pastors (CAAP) again demanded a meeting with Obama and they too were ignored. CAAP then went to work to destroy Barack Obama and by all indications they are succeeding.

 In late August a Mitchell Research & Communications survey of Michigan found that 26% of Black Michiganders declared they were going to vote for Romney. Mitchell reported a drop in Obama’s support among Michigan’s Black voters from 92/5 to 73/26 in a ten day period. CAAP’s efforts were taking hold.

 Two days ago a SurveyUSA poll of Ohio voters found that 22% of Black likely voters they spoke with intended to vote for Mitt Romney.

Skeptics can say what they will, but the facts remain the same. CAAP is eating into Obama’s African American support and doing so very effectively.     

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To read more use these links:

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2)      http://blogs.ajc.com/political-insider-jim-galloway/2012/05/14/gay-marriage-good-news-for-romney-in-georgia-but-women-voters-a-problem/

3)      http://caapusa.org/

4)      http://www.detroitnews.com/article/20120826/MIVIEW/208260345

      5) http://www.surveyusa.com/client/PollReport.aspx?g=86d85b21-8b9a-4661-99ab-3b88b2335cf2 

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2 thoughts on “Obama is bleeding African American support whether anyone wants to believe it or not”

  1. Agreed that the black base vote is diminishing – but this is not why Obama will lose.

    It’s contributory certainly, but even if 95% of blacks vote for Obama he will still lose in an epic landslide.

    Americans are done with the leftist “fad” of hope and change and the frantic push to socialism while our foreign policy and economy crumble.

    Obama is toast and he knows it…

  2. Regardless of what happens on November 6, Republicans need to get their act together with respect to the black community. There is no reason for blacks to be voting Democrat at 90+% at this point in time. Blacks are socially conservative, more so than the average American. Gay marriage. Abortion. Religion in the schools and in the public square. Blacks are in favor of CHOICE in education — charters, vouchers, parochial. The Democrat teacher’s unions are the plantation overseers, keeping generations of black children ignorant, illiterate and without a future, while they enjoy lifetime job security, ridiculous pensions, and no accountability. Blacks in high crime areas understand the value of private gun ownership. Blacks understand that you can’t eat climate change legislation. Blacks understand that small business is ruined by excessive regulation. Blacks want jobs first and foremost, not leftist ideology.

    Republicans just need to show up to these battles. Living in the inner-city, there aren’t any Republicans on the playing field in public policy debates. D.C. is the exception because of the role of Congress, and you can see how hot the voucher issue got there for the Democrat teacher’s unions. Republicans need to show up to the black community promising to put government squarely on the side of restoring the family, get rid of the teacher’s unions and rescue black kids from failing public schools, elevate faith in the public square, get government off the backs of small businesses, lower the cost of energy, and put guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens, not criminals. Do that, and you could easily get blacks voting 50/50 Democrat/Republican within a couple of election cycles (unfortunately +-50% will always vote to get free stuff from the government), which would resign the Democrat Party to minority status for years to come, at least until they rid themselves of left-wing socialist influence.

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