Obama is no friend of Israel; he never has been and never will be



By Derrick Hollenbeck, staff writer

The reelection of Barack Obama will prove to be a painful reminder of having been lied to and fooled for many of his supporters. The young voters who sold their futures to vote for whatever they imagined Obama to be will learn hard lessons. The conservatives who stayed home to make some kind of statement of their discontent will be taught hard lessons about the consequences of elections. Those who consider themselves supporters of Israel, who willingly put aside their judgment of obvious facts, are learning how foolish they were.

They   voted for a man they should have recognized as an enemy of Israel’s very existence (not just her right to this or that benefit as an established country, but her very right to exist) will find their lessons about trusting the untrustworthy Barack Obama very bitter indeed.

Their fantasy worldview of American – Israeli relations under Obama will soon be shattered.   

 During the past year the signs of disrespect and antagonism toward Israel and her leader Benjamin Netanyahu were abundant. Obama’s reelection has changed nothing. 

When given a chance to react to Israel’s battle in Gaza, Obama issued a routine pro forma statement of support but hamstrung the Jewish State by warning her not to involve ground troops regardless of the circumstances. 

Of course the Obama Administration opposed the United Nation’s giving an upgraded status to the Palestinian Authority, but that could easily be construed as support for the “Oslo Accords” fashioned by the Clinton Administration. Nevertheless, Obama did nothing to persuade our allies, especially in Europe to join in opposition to the upgrade. 

Where was the media outrage at the defeat of American and Israeli interests regarding the upgrade of Palestine to non-member state status? Why didn’t Barack Obama instruct Ambassador Susan Rice to put  his personal prestige on the table during the debate over that vote? 

The State Department’s displeasure with the construction of over 950 new housing units on Israeli soil, because Hillary Clinton deems them to be offensive, is another subtle but genuine sign that nothing has changed and supporters of Israel should not trust Barack Obama to safeguard the well-being of our only ally in the Middle East.   

Simply stated : nothing has changed. Obama is no friend of Israel. He never has been and never will be.   Those who love Israel but voted for Obama were lied to and fooled.  



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4 thoughts on “Obama is no friend of Israel; he never has been and never will be”

  1. It’s very clear that BHO is not a supporter of Israel. He even snubbed the prime minister on a visit and made him come in the back door. His statements about Israel do not, in fact, indicate any support for a country and its people who are arguably our only ally in the Middle East.

    What would you expect of a person who was raised in a Madrassa when he was growing up in the Middle East and Africa? He is either a Muslim or a strong Muslim sympathizer.

    Too bad for Israel….and us.

  2. Obama is no friend of the United States, never has been, never will be. And look how stupid we are, second term yet.Not to worry about the next term, won’t be any voting, by then HE will be our dictator. Our Senate and Congress are not any help to us, if they were, he would not have finished his first term. Our 1930’s depression will be nothing compared to what he has in store for us. Our politicians do NOT care about our welfare, only their bank accounts, and their own futures.

  3. I tried my best to get everyone I know to vote for Romney even though I never wanted him. But the Establishment Republicans and Fox News wanted him no matter how many times I personally contacted all of them both. I think the Lame Stream Media gave US Obama and Fox wanted to be able to say We got a Republican to Beat your Guy which did not happen. I was Pissed the whole Primary Season trying to get Anybody but Romney and I gave to everyone except Romney untill it was imperative We would get NO one else I have also been pissed because no one except Sheriff Joe Arpaio would try and prove Obama produced Forged Documents which is a Fellony and will send Obama and key Democrats to Jail. A couple of Democrats got killed just befor Hillary Clinton gave up because someone threatened their Daughter with Death. I can see why some Democrats may be scared of Obama but not the entire Republican Party. Some how I went back to correct a few miss spelled words and had to go back and tried to straighten it out. I just hope you can understand what I was tring to get across. Thank You.

  4. BO thinks he is just slightly smarter than God. Why would he willingly do anything to acknowledge God’s law or to bend to God’s will?

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