Obama is sneaking “Reparations” by us to buy Black votes with our money

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

 There are certain things Barack Obama can do and there are other things even he can’t do overtly that is.

 There is every reason to believe that at least some sizable portion of the 95% of Blacks who voted for Obama did so in hopes that a Black president would jab his hand into America’s pocket and pull up a wad of money to be turned over to the decedents of slaves. This has been a dream of Black America at least since the 1890’s when it was fought and defeated by the Union veterans who felt they had given former slaves enough on the Civil War’s battle fields, and who could disagree.

 The Union dead statistics were a horrendous 75 combat dead a day every day for four straight years. When deaths from disease and injuries are added the number climbs to 115 per day.

 Now Black America has “its” president and many Black Americans want the reparations they feel they are “due.”

 Pigford v. Glickman    

The sneaky plan Obama has for delivering “reparations” to “aggrieved” descendants of slaves involves having the Federal government roll over in a class action suit designed to “compensate” Black farmers. The case is Pigford v. Glickman (PvG).

 Obama extended the sign up period to join the plaintiffs and what do you know? Five times the number of Black farmers who are actually Black farmers have joined the fun.

 The gibberish of this case says that between 1983 and 1997 Black farmers were discriminated against by the government in its farm loan program.  The original settlement called for each plaintiff who proved his case to get $50,000.

So far $1 billion has been handed to them, but desperate Democrats want to buy Black votes by injecting another $1.2 billion of our tax money to the settlement fund.         

 Where did the rest come from?

When PvG started there were just under 40,000 Black farmers in America. Now 86,000 have their face in the trough because forty six thousand have crawled out of the woodwork.

 Folks these are the reparations the Union veterans wisely beat back 120 years ago. We have to put our foot down and stop this theft in its tracks.

 This day in history September 2

 1969: The first ATM to be installed in America starts dispensing cash at Chemical Bank in New York City.

 The danger to our country is real, but one voice speaking the truth can change history. Prepare to fight for your freedoms or prepare to be a slave.

 Do something to save our country and yourself because the Democrats won’t and the Republicans don’t have the power.

 Fight like you future depends on what you do everyday because it does.  What did you do to support and defend American freedoms yesterday? What will you do today and tomorrow? 

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