Obama is spending our money like a drunken king (no need to insult drunken sailors)


By Emma Karlin, staff writer

We’ve heard about the government spending $1.5 million to determine why most lesbians are fat and almost twice that much to discover why they are drunks, but a peek under the White House rug shows much more willful waste of our money.

Barack Obama is arming Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood so they’ll be able to defeat our ally Israel in the next Middle East war. He gives the PLO hundreds of thousands of our money each year as well.   

King Barack has eaten through $1.4 BILLION in happy lifestyle spending on him, Mooch and their royal highnesses.    

 $505,000 of our tax dollars went to “to promote specialty hair and beauty products for cats and dogs” – yes cats and dogs!  

The feds are lining someone’s pockets with $1 million a year to develop a menu for space travel with no such trips even scheduled.   

They have stood over a latrine and peed away $27 million of our money to teach Moroccans how to make clay pots.  

What could you do with $350,000? The feds gave it to Perdue University to fund a study to help golfers putt better.  How about $10,000? Do you think you could have spent 10k better than funding “talking urinal cakes” in Michigan?

The Department of Agriculture used $300,000 in tax money to get us to eat more caviar.   Can you buy caviar with food stamps?

We don’t have to wonder how the feds came to order a $30,000 study to determine that “Gaydar” (the ability to look at a person and correctly surmise he/she is gay) really works. The answer is yes, but of course the same people would say only homosexuals not heterosexuals have this sense – bet on that.    

They spend “millions of dollars” each week training “Asian call center workers.”

Obama’s government spends million more of our dollars to develop a Pakistani version of Sesame Street – presumably Big Bird will show young jihadists how to cleanly chop off infidel heads.

Obama has made $147,138 tax dollars disappear by funding the American Museum of Magic in that great center of culture Marshall Michigan.   

Everyone’s favorite “head exploder” has to be Obama’s spending $ 2.6 million to get hookers in China to drink less.

There are many more of these disgusting wastes of our money, but keeping his list in mind puts the slimy stunts Obama is blaming on sequesters in prospective.   




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9 thoughts on “Obama is spending our money like a drunken king (no need to insult drunken sailors)”

  1. Emma–

    I hate Obama as much as the next guy, but obscene waste in government-sponsored research has been going on since JFK. Obviously, I say this not to excuse the problem, but to point out its long and sordid history.

    If someone is out of work and on the dole, he is a “welfare bum,” but if a college prof gets money for contemplating his naval, he is an academic.

    Oh, and please let’s not forget the $1 trillion spent so far on the Richard Nixon-started War on Drugs.

    It really comes down to this: At least 75% of everything the Govt does is a complete and utter waste. Believe me, I have been selling to them for over 30 years. I could tell you stories…

    1. Michael D.
      What relevance does the fact that the government has been obscenely wasting our money since JFK have to the waist of Barack Obama?

  2. It reminds me of the Aga Khan, who was given his weight in gold from time to time. Squandering America’s wealth is part of the dreams of Obama’s communist Muslim father. It is one way of killing the Devil America which was considered by ‘Bama’s daddy to be an evil colonial power.

    It all fits together. Put American so far in debt that no war will be necessary to bring a once great country to its knees. He talks out of both sides of his mouth, too. On the one hand, we must sequester and symbolically cut off White House Tours. On the other hand, we must send his daughter to South America for spring break.

    One thing is certain. Obama will not be remembered fondly.

    1. As a marine I try to say something nice about the navy once a year around April Fool’s Day so at least some people will think I’m joking :-)

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