Obama placing fellow America-haters in the US Military

by George Spelvin

Will you Fire on American Citizens if the Commander in Chief gives the order? This is the question being asked of America’s top generals by the Obama administration.  “I have just been informed by a former senior military leader that Obama is using a new litmus test in determining who will stay and who must go [among] his military leaders,” begins the post of Nobel Prize nominee Dr. Jim Garrow, originator of the Pink Pagoda project that rescues baby girls from “gendercide” shortly after their birth in China.  (1)

Garrow goes on to say, “The new litmus test of leadership in the military is if they will fire on US citizens or not.  Those who will not are being removed!” (1)  Now a video is showing narrator Gary Franchi interviewing Dr. Garrow who is calling the ‘Fire on US Citizens’ order to be a “serious breach of the Constitution and the Second Amendment.”    “Watch what Barack Obama does, not what he says. . .his patriotic words are in conflict with his actions. . .he treats the Constitution as a faint relic ,” says Garrow. 

Every patriotic American who cares about our land needs to see and study this important video.  Whether or not you care about gun ownership, take heed, because Garrow gives an account of the discrepancy between the opinion an average Chinese citizen “in the street” has of President Obama and that held by Chinese Communist leaders. “He’s a traitor to his own country,” is the prevailing attitude of the Chinese man in the street.  Giving the command to fire on one’s own citizenry is beyond the pale of acceptable presidential governance. (2)  The www.OathKeepers.org website is posting its “ten commandments” of allegiance concerning the Oath to the Constitution all warriors must take and the main emphasis is on refusal to fire on average American citizens for owning guns, an inherent right granted to them by the Second Amendment!  (3)

“China wants America to be disarmed,” Garrow continues on the Franchi video.  He reports that the Bank of China evaluation team came into America recently to evaluate our coal and gas reserves which they could take over in exchange for our enormous debt owed to China.  The Chinese bankers are attempting to equate that debt with the value of America’s natural resources!   

The Kansas area was of special interest to the Chinese team as it attempted to set prices on our clean coal and oil reserves. The team allegedly told Obama they want American citizens disarmed.  After all, having to shoot average residents of the world’s last democracy would make the Communists look bad on the world stage! 

“We have a president that has such a deeply rooted hatred of America that it separates him from all other tyrants and who is allowing infiltration by Islamic influence at all levels of government,” says a patriotic poster.  The Brennan nomination as CIA Director would clearly solidify Islam in the Oval Office as John Brennan has been called a recent convert to the Muslim faith.  (4)

This Gun Control and Confiscation agenda of the Obama White House may very well be the line in the sand which the President himself has drawn against United States citizens. It must NOT be permitted to succeed.


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6 thoughts on “Obama placing fellow America-haters in the US Military”

  1. US troops always have been willing to fire on American citizens. From when George Washington put down the Whiskey Rebellion tax protest, to the Civil War, to Eisenhower sending troops into the South to enforce racial integration of schools, etc., etc., etc.

  2. i totally agree BUT The Republican Party still think they are Important
    BUT I think they are of little Importance because they are too Stupid to see no matter how many times or ways WE try to wake them up to the fact that OBAMA IS A DANGERIOUS MAN

  3. Obama is dangerous, sure. But what about the Federal system that has allowed an individual like him to rule as he does? We’ve been on a long downward slope for a long time now, and it’s only more recently that we’re seeing the extent of the rot. There’s hope of course. Home School your children. Support a local State Guard. And work towards State Sovereignty, or community independence. There’s a lot of like minded folks out there – more than you might think. The truth, while not always popular, will win out in the end.

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