Obama will end the war on terror as soon as he helps al Qaeda win it

by Jim Emerson,  staff writer

The Obama Administration has finally come to the conclusion that Syrian dictator Assad has chemical weapons which he will use against al Qaeda aligned, Muslim Brotherhood backed insurgents and rebels. So after calling for an end to the war on terror, the White House resident has now ordered the U.S. military to develop a plan to assist Syrian rebels in an overthrow of the Assad regime. Once accomplished, Assad will be replaced with a Muslim Brotherhood puppet as seen in Egypt and Libya.

Obama’s military planners are developing plans for arming Syrian rebels and insurgents (al Qaeda terrorists) to fight the forces loyal to Assad. Current plans call for establishing a no-fly zone in Syria from bases located in Jordon. (1) A safe zone will be created near the Jordanian border to train and arm anti-Assad forces. However this proposal leaves Syrian anti-aircraft capabilities untouched. Unless Obama puppet master (Valerie Jarrett) makes a deal with Vladimir Putin, this becomes a very dangerous idea. After all, if Syrian forces feel threatened they will shoot. This is what happens when plans are made by White House Lawyers rather than military professionals.

Of course, premier senate RINO John McCain is siding with the Free Syrian Army rebels, ignoring their al Qaeda link. (3) With the American Military standing down–the victim of massive budget cuts ostensibly the result of sequestration–where is this administration getting the money to support our enemies? The Nobel Peace Prize winner seems to enjoy overthrowing dictators and replacing them with Muslim Brotherhood approved thugs. Once Jordon falls under the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood, Israel will be the next target. An anti-Semite’s dream and God knows this administration has a few on its payroll.

Amazing, the thought processes of Barack Obama. He wants to end the war on terror yet plans to arm al Qaeda in Syria. (2) His office will unleash the assets that had been created to spy on terrorists and turn those assets on the American people. How is that hope and change working for you! 



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7 thoughts on “Obama will end the war on terror as soon as he helps al Qaeda win it”

  1. Obama is still a Muslim. He hadd a Muslim father and was trained in a Madrassa. Anyone who has studied comparative religions and specifically Islam, knows that once you are a Muslim, you are always a Muslim. Ordinarily the punishment for leaving the religion and becoming an apostate would be death. In this case, however, the other Muslims in the world are happy to have a fellow traveler as the president of the most important country in the world.

    Obama’s mock outrage regarding use of chemical weapons in Syria will permit him to support the radical Muslim side in the conflict. The result, once Assad is defeated, will be another radical Islamic enemy of the US in the Middle East. This is apparently Obama’s goal since it is a likely result of his intervention.

    For the record, conventional weaponry such as cannon shells, bombs, mines and small arms ammunition are made using chemicals. Like Yogi Berra said, you can look it up.

    Obama needs to retire so we can get back to the business of running the country as the Founding Fathers envisioned.

  2. Personally, I would not lift a finger to help the Syrian rebels until Ayman al-Zawahiri, personally, sent a gracious, public invitation to all us foreign mercenary infidels to come help him defend Islam against Assad and their Iranians.supporters.

    ex animo

  3. All those terrible Muslim dictators (all Muslim rulers are dictators) we overthrew had one thing in common – they had room for Christians to live and thrive.
    Tell me one country where we spent blood and treasure that doesn’t now persecute and slaughter Christians.
    All out spiritual warfare and we left the “whole armor of God” at the armory.

    1. Jerry,

      Well after all, Barack is persecuting Christians in the United States. It’s only natural he would help do so in the Middle East.

  4. Yes, Coach you are right. I have been telling anyone who would listen, that Obama was waiting for the Muslim Brotherhood to infiltrate the Rebels in Syria, and be in place to take over the government, before doing anything to help them. He is handing Israel and our country to the Muslims;Islamic Terrorists which is why he will never use the term “War on Islamic Terrorists, and calls a Muslim Terrorist shooting American soldiers on our Army base: “Work Place Violence”

  5. Two terror based organization fighting for control in Syria with Bo as the perfect sucker to fall on his prayer rug, and martyr the USA to save anther cesspool called the Middle East.

    My suggestion would allow both terror organizations to martyr themselves for the greater life that awaits them in heaven, on speed dial , and meet Muhammad. Problem solved.

    {Happy Father Day! to all you perfectly wonderful men, and dads.} Thank you always for serving our country, our communities and our border .

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