ObamaCare deliberately shutting down the nation’s best hospitals

by Doug Book,  editor

Anyone not convinced by now that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was fashioned by those in pursuit of greater power rather than better healthcare apparently doesn’t know that the law features a section which deliberately shuts down many of the best and most effective healthcare providers in the nation. Thanks to a deal forged by ObamaCare’s Democrat authors and associations which represent many of  the nation’s largest hospitals, all clinics, treatment facilities and hospitals owned by physicians are being effectively driven out of business.

For years the nation’s critical care hospitals have been unable to successfully compete with the smaller, more specialized, doctor-owned and operated facilities. As the Wall Street Journal reports, “…many physician-owned hospitals have enjoyed profit margins of 20 to 35 percent in recent years. Meanwhile, community hospitals had profits of just 7 percent in 2010.”  (1)

But rather than worry about finding a way to match the quality of care and services offered by the physician-owned operations, the American Hospital Association and the Federation of American Hospitals struck a deal with Mr. Obama. The hospital groups agreed to go all in, right from the very beginning with unconditional support for ObamaCare in return for language in the ACA which would prevent existing doctor-owned hospitals modernizing and expanding, or new doctor-owned facilities being built at all! (2)

How will this scheme work out for patients?

Each year, the federal government rewards hospitals which provide the highest quality patient care according to the government’s own statistics. In 2012, the No. 1 hospital on the government’s list “… was physician-owned Treasure Valley Hospital in Boise, Idaho. Nine of the top 10 performing hospitals were physician-owned, as were 48 of the top 100.” (3) There are only 238 physician-owned hospitals in the US, yet of the more than 3000 hospital entries catalogued by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, this small group occupied 48 of the top 100 spots!

Remember, thanks to the promise of ObamaCare, MORE patients will be coming on board, needing “quality healthcare” after the 1st day of 2014, NOT fewer! Effectively shutting down existing providers–many of them the highest quality providers in their area–seems to make little sense. How can this be reconciled with the Barack promise of better healthcare for more people?

It can’t! But then again the Affordable Care Act has little to with the dispensing of healthcare. And that of course is the point.

Authors of the Act made certain that federal agencies would amass and share an unprecedented amount of personal information about each ObamaCare participant while select healthcare officials would enjoy the power of life and death over every patient. For a political regime dedicated to the proposition of rule through intimidation, such an arrangement represents the true heart of the Affordable Care Act. It is for these reasons–reasons of power and control– that the left believe the existence of ObamaCare and its long-term viability MUST be guaranteed regardless of cost or legality.

In fact no inevitable ObamaCare “trainwreck,” may be permitted to interfere with the long anticipated plan of subjugating the American people via mandatory “healthcare.” And shuttering the nation’s top healthcare providers in order to secure the services of desperately needed ObamaCare shills selling the “admirable” features of the Act to an unsuspecting public–well that’s all perfectly acceptable. For the Act MUST survive. The patients who may come to depend on it, not so much.


(1) http://theweek.com/article/index/244137/how-doctor-owned-hospitals-are-circumventing-obamacare

(2) http://news.heartland.org/newspaper-article/physician-owned-hospitals-fire-back-obamacare-restrictions

(3) http://www.amednews.com/article/20130429/government/130429948/4/

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9 thoughts on “ObamaCare deliberately shutting down the nation’s best hospitals”

  1. Just a wild thought for Kathleen Sebelius (HHS) who is frantically digging for customers to sign up for ObamaCare.
    Why not: ENCOURAGE participation of high quality healthcare providers, like doctor-owned hospitals and clinics.
    ENCOURAGE profit which encourages participation of quality healthcare providers.
    ENCOURAGE ACA applicants by showing them your dedication to excellent treatment/excellent providers.

    In short, let applicants know they can expect the highest quality from ObamaCare by demanding and supporting it yourself!
    Pretty radical stuff for the Regime because it’s simple, honest and effective. Talk about virgin territory for a Marxist!

  2. If allowed to evolve, the ACA is the ultimate corporate welfare take over run by our Govt.
    It’s the complete control of America’s health care system, socialized on steroid, creating more government bureaucracy that will crumble under it’s own paperwork.
    The truth lest spoken about of this plan_ and supported in this article_the Govt. will drive out the competition and has to manipulate the market place for Ins carriers, privately run hospitals, and clinics to have complete control..
    What will evolve is a system that will be regulated according to the theory and practices of Socialism.
    Under any Socialize run system all competition is eliminated for the complete control of our lives.
    It’s also a system of object misery_ neglect_ and rationing.

    1. Carol,

      Obama knows Republicans will be afraid to defund the ACA IF enough policies are sold WITH subsidies. That’s why Obama shut down the employer mandate and began the “honor system” for applying at ObamaCare exchanges. Individuals can now lie their way to the largest ObamaCare subsidies the government offers. And when the numbers of these “poverty stricken unfortunates” climb high enough, Republicans will be accused of a callous disregard for the poor and oppressed should they think about defunding the system. Same old story–accuse Republicans of being heartless (or racist) and they cave immediately. Doesn’t need to be true. The accusation is more than enough!

  3. While we’re all waiting for a Republican House to head off the travesty of Obamacare – coupled with undermining our military, destroying our traditions, giving preference to jihadists, etc., there is one outfit that has taken on this national bankrupter.

    Their key recommendation is to Refuse to Enroll. That’s grassroots – always more effective than the musings, time wasting and expensive solutions that come out of state and federal governments.


  4. The headline blares: “ObamaCare deliberately shutting down the nation’s best hospitals”

    Tell us Doug, what hospitals are being shut down? Please name them.

    1. Miller,

      “When the ACA was enacted, there were 265 such facilities; now there are only 238. “Many physician-owned hospitals are being poached by competitors because [they] need to expand and can’t,” said Leslie Fossey, a PHA spokeswoman.”
      Here is the link for this info: http://www.amednews.com/article/20130429/government/130429948/4/
      Now, maybe you can tell CiR readers exactly how ObamaCare has helped the economy and provided PRIVATE sector employment. Also, that $2500 cut in average premium prices Obama claimed would come to pass-who is discussing it today? Where is it?

  5. Article is total bs and scare mongery..Hospitals are not shutting down due to ACA but of competition from mega owned chains..I am in this business and what is happening has been going on for years…the weaker centers closing down..

    More centers are closing down to insurance co’s paying less than anything else…been going on for years

    1. Sweep,

      Yes, there’s no question that competition has been going on for years. And the weaker facilities in every business shut down as the stronger prosper. But ObamaCare and the destruction it brings to physician-owned hospitals, these are new and quite real. Since 2010, existing hospitals have been prevented from expanding, buying new equipment, taking on new doctors as partners, getting into new areas of care–and this is ALL part of Section 6001 of the Affordable Care Act. And new physician-owned hospitals are prevented from opening, period. None of this is BS, Sweep. It is all part of Obama making politically advantageous deals while patients are told that there are simply not enough care givers to cure them! And that will happen in a big way.
      Thanks for reading CiR!

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