by Bill Martinez,  staff writer

Victor Davis Hanson in looking back at 2013 said that Obamacare might take its place alongside Sasquatch, crop circles and the Loch Ness monster as one of the great hoaxes of all time.  If only Obamacare was not as pervasive, real and pernicious.  Obamacare is real and America is beginning to experience what Politifact labeled as the “Lie of the Year.” 

Before and during the 2012 elections, too many Americans believed the president when he said, if we liked our insurance and our doctor, we could keep them.  Pre-existing conditions would be accepted, signing up would be a snap and after all was said and done, we would save $2,500 in annual premiums.  Not even sure how that flew in the face of reports around the country that people almost immediately were having their premiums jacked up, by that much and more.

But our president, and his media minions continued to tell us in the face of the glaring evidence to the contrary that all was well in Obamacare land and that these reports had to be from disgruntled “tea baggers” and extreme right wingers who hate everything Obama, so we were to believe what was becoming more and more one humungous lie.

Too many could not and still cannot believe our president and the people we elected into office could be this diabolical.  Anyone with even a modicum of interest and understanding of math can figure out pretty quick, Obamacare, or the Affordable Care Act as it’s being framed now, perhaps to salvage something of a presidential legacy, just doesn’t add up.

Common sense begs the answer to the question, how can you add some 30 million people to the healthcare system, and have it cost less?  There is an added cost.  Who is supposed to pay for it?  The insurance companies, the doctors, the people that already had insurance they liked, and how about future citizens who are yet to be born? We’ve already been writing checks on their backs, so what’s another bill or two?

The only way we could pay for this is if we all agreed or were forced to accept redistribution of our healthcare.  Or in this case, tricked into accepting a program that promised you could keep what you had.  Once they got in, as we are experiencing now, they could change the program to fit their arrogant plan, because they know better than we do.

Are you starting to get the picture?  At some point you have to see that there are good guys and bad guys here, and it is critical to our future that we know the difference.

We The People must start to see that this whole train wreck was planned.  Progressives have forever tried to intrude on our healthcare system because of its power and the impact that it has on the citizenry. Just ask Canadians and Brits how their system is working out for them, how much control of their lives they surrendered and if they had it to do over again would they be so accepting?

The president and his supporters have made it clear that their end goal is a total system takeover.  What we are starting to hear is a call for single payer system.  This is where the bureaucracy, the unelected arm of our government will tell us when to jump and how high…or when to stop jumping, because by their determination you are no longer of value to the collective.

Make no mistake and let there be clarity and understanding–Obamacare, The ACA is worse than a hoax. It will be the death knell of our republic and American way of life if we allow it to live or to migrate into a single payer system.

Fortunately, we are lucky that the bureaucrats and our President have underestimated the will of the people.  This year is our chance to reclaim our country back and get it back on track.  It is time for America to rise up and just say “O hell no” to this nationalized healthcare idea and the politicians and bureaucrats who have been pushing this bad medicine on We The People.

About Bill Martinez,
From doing public affairs radio while in the Marine Corps to working with Wolfman Jack, Bill Martinez has spent 40 years talking AND listening on the radio. “There is so much information going on out there, it is important to discern what is the truth and what is the lie.”  We’re excited that Bill will be with us at Coach is Right, separating fact from fiction for our readers in every article.

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  1. Obamacare has little to do with health care. It was designed by a socialist junta that took over our country in a rigged election. It is the first element in a move toward total control of the people by what is essentially a communist plan. It is significant that it was started with lies from a person who is essentially a mystery.

    When it fails,as it will, the next step will be a single payer plan where the government gets all of the health care money in return for third country care with a high death rate.

    I believe that America is on the way out.,We gave it away when we elected an impostor.

  2. yes, it’s a hoax. Don’t look what the “man behind the curtain” is doing.
    Sure, o’bama loves to CONTROL and impoverish people but that’s just part of the “fun” for him as he does the work of his puppeteers, moving the world to a Feudalistic fascist New World Order “run” by the UN

  3. I along with Thousands never believed all these Lies. I thought
    like Pelosi we had to find out what We had coming our Way. I
    figured it would NOT be Pretty. I knew when the Democrats got
    HIT with all the Lies they would finally tell the Truth because
    You could finally SEE the Emperor had NO CLOATHS!
    BUT even NOW they are still trying to make US wear our
    ROSE COVERED GLASESS. For Some reason I Still SEE
    all the Naked People. I think this Line was in a Beetles Song
    years ago. Or was all the naked People Beautiful?
    From my Window those Naked People are UGLY DEMOCRATYS

  4. Global budgeting would simplify hospital administration and virtually eliminate billing, freeing up substantial resources for enhanced clinical care. Prohibiting the use of operating funds for major capital purchases or profit would eliminate the main financial incentive for both excessive interventions (under fee-for-service payment) and skimping on care (under capitated or DRG systems), since neither inflating revenues nor limiting care could result in institutional gain. Separate and explicit appropriation of capital funds would facilitate rational health care planning. These methods of hospital payment would shift the focus of hospital administration away from lucrative services that enhance the “bottom line” and toward providing optimal clinical services in accord with patients’ needs.

    1. Hello? Eliminating insurance is what will eliminate overhead. 50 years ago there was no one in a doctor’s office except maybe his wife sometimes. Now every office has a half dozen or more paper pushers, and somewhere else there is another office that receives all that pushed paper.

      Adding government to anything just makes adds more people and makes that thing more expensive.

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