Obama’s 2012 strategy: Fear, Fraud and a cowardly Republican

By Doug Book, staff writer

   With little more than a year remaining before the 2012 vote,  even the hyper-arrogant Barack Obama must be getting a bit edgy about his dwindling chances of re-election.

 Three years ago,  mouthing vacuous speeches and making vacant promises,   Obama lied,  schemed and intimidated his way into the White House while his campaign committee of left wing journalists provided critical cover for personal and political histories which would have doomed the candidate had they seeped through the wall of media silence.

 But although Obama could be presented as a relatively  “unknown quantity”  prior to the 2008 election and depend upon media lackeys to fill in the blanks with predictably glowing reports of towering intellect and limitless ability,  those days are now gone.

 For as this radical leftist’s Regime has displayed deep red colors from day one,  renewed claims of post-racial harmony,  a moderate political agenda or murky,  feel-good screeds about hope and change will not sell this time around to any but the most rabid of the Obama base.

 After all,  though much of the public may know nothing of the White House inspired Solyndra and Fast and Furious scandals or the $3 trillion Obama has added to the national debt,  voters do understand 10% unemployment and $4.00 per gallon gasoline.

 So how does Barack Hussein Obama plan to be re-elected?

 He could run on the accomplishments of his first term,  but there haven’t BEEN any. Even the ObamaCare debacle,  so enthusiastically hyped by the mainstream media and the Democrat controlled congress has now become a topic so patently radioactive that Democrat candidates have been forsworn from its very mention.

 We know that massive election fraud will take place across the country next year with illegals voting in large numbers and at as many polling places as can be comfortably reached by SEIU chartered bus.

 But even with Hispanic populations growing at a breakneck pace,  it will not be enough to put Obama over the top (as it did Harry Reid.)

 In the final outcome,  although Obama will again depend upon his herd of media eunuchs,  fraud at the polls and the historically foolish voting habits of females,  he knows his best chance of winning rests with the Republican candidate.

 For Barack Obama doesn’t expect to win the 2012 election. He expects the Republican candidate to lose it!

 He hopes to face another weak sister,  more terrified at the prospect of being labeled racist than of the wholesale destruction a Chicago thug is wreaking on his country.

 Three years ago,  John McCain’s cowardice and pathetically unrelenting deference to the skin color of his opponent drove more conservative voters from the polls than Black Panthers with night sticks.

 And it is just that sort of fear Obama is counting on in 2012. A Republican candidate willing to speak plainly of the villainy and malefaction of our Marxist President,  represent the will of voters and do battle for the well-being of the nation will win the election,  probably by a sizeable margin.

 But a candidate who follows in the craven footsteps of John McCain will provide 4 additional years of rule to the moist dangerous enemy the United States has ever known. And this is a fate we cannot afford.

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 This day in history September 23

 1780:  British Army Major John Andre was arrested as a spy and a conspirator of turncoat Benedict Arnold’s.  Because he was still angry about the British Army’s having executed Nathan Hale, George Washington refused to even execute Andre as a “gentleman” which in the 18th century called for a firing squad. Andre was hanged off the back of a horse.    

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15 thoughts on “Obama’s 2012 strategy: Fear, Fraud and a cowardly Republican”

  1. I feel a lot of people will back anyone who just comes out and tells it like it is. How much money they have should not matter as a lot of money is wasted on propaganda. I'm still waiting for someone who will be open and truthful. We already have the Constitution and Bill of Rights, we just need someone to enforce them. Stop blathering and step up.

  2. In the past my voting choice has always been the lesser of two evils. I voted for McCain. This time around, at the very least, I will be voting for the better of two evils, regardless of who it is who opposes Obama. No one could possibly be worse for American than Obama has been! I like Herman Cain very much. And curmudgeon Gingrich has shown he has cajones! He'd make a very good V.P.

  3. I don't appreciate the "historically foolish voting habits of females". I have always voted for the person I considered best for the nation. Years ago I was Democrat, and am now an Independent.
    "The case for a Palin/Beck ticket" sounds good to me.

    1. The female who lives in our house–and who has voted for conservative Republicans even longer than I–didn't appreciate this phrase either. But in the final analysis, the women's vote did put both Clinton and Obama in the White House. In 1980, women preferred Carter to Reagan by 7 percentage points. Yet prior to 1980, women generally voted in percentages very similar to those of male voters.

      I believe Republicans have too often made the mistake of figuring female voters are more interested in the question of abortion rights than those of the economy and terrorism. Democrats have done the same, only MORE SO!

      The disasterous 4 years of Obama will, I believe, see a much greater percentage of women voting Republican this time around. And if Republicans are smart, they can keep it that way by understanding that the majority of females are interested in the same issues that drive the male vote.

      1. Women have been really hurt by this terrible economy, especially single mothers and those who are breadwinners for their families by default. They aren't going to care who is the "hot" candidate, they will go for the candidate whom they believe will do the most to remedy the economic situation. They heard Obama's flowery speeches and they saw the results of the broken promises. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me….

  4. I've seen all of the debates and the only candidate I see that would destroy Obama in a debate would be Newt. Period. Can Newt be elected….that is a whole other question. Whoever is the Republican nominee…..should have Newt in his corner coaching him…or her.

  5. I'm a veteran and have a ton of respect for John Mc Cains service to our country. He certainly isn't the conservative politician, that we want, but to call him a coward is slanderous, incorrect and monumentally stupid. He paid dearly for the right to hold his chosen views and did so with honor and character, whether we agree, or not. The author's writing style is offensive and more befitting a John Birch Society publication.

    1. I made no allusion to John McCain's years of military or service or to the years he spent as prisoner of the North Vietnamese. During that time especially, he displayed extraordinary courage, character and determination.

      I wrote only of the year or so he spent campaigning for President of the United States. During those months he not only endorsed Barack Obama, assuring the American people that the man was qualified to run the nation, he excoriated conservative Republicans who called into question Obama's intentions and abilities. I refuse to believe McCain was so ill informed, foolish or naive as to consider Obama capable of handling the most difficult and demanding job in the world. Never mind the fact that Obama displayed nothing but contempt for the US throughout his political career.

      This leaves just one possibility; McCain was willing to sacrifice the well-being of the nation and the American people in order to avoid a charge of racism from the liberal media and the Democrat party (not that there's much of a difference.) And that, to me, is cowardice. This may sound simplistic. But I believe it IS simple. You tell the unvarnished truth about a thug whose election would spell disaster for your country and let the chips of political correctness fall where they may.

      Doug Book

  6. If the Republicans need some spine they should remember that they have much more to fear from The Tea Party, Libertarians, Conservative Republicans and Conservatives than from the unions, the permanent welfare classand illegals.

  7. Hey Doug !
    Would you pleas reword the… "and the historically foolish voting habits of females,…" to read thusly: …and the historically foolish voting habits of SINGLE, YOUNG WOMEN" ? As this is where the real problem exists; not with married women over 40 and upwards.
    These stupid, government-schooled bimbos haven't the sense God gave a grass-hopper when it comes to the hows and whys of politics. They cannot even follow a Joy Of Cooking Recipe Book, for Pete's sake, let alone decipher sane-vs-imbecillic public policy issues, or grasp the nuance of character reflected in the candidates' speech patterns. They certainly do not have the sense to understand that what a candidate DOESN'T say, is equally as important as his/her public quotes.
    I daresay that neither young men nor young women, in the main, have the slightest clue, what is actually at stake here. They both have been so "dumbed-down" by the mediocrity and biases of what passes for American education nowadays ( Socialist, revisionist, Utopian, union-controlled education; and that's being generous and polite!), that they have lost the ability to think for themselves. They are, for the most part, government "tools".
    These "useful idiots" help determine the outcome of elections.
    Dick Morris, the political consultant, believes that Obama has already lost the votes of young people. Mainly because they now start their adult lives burdened by staggering student loans which, now under Federal rules and jurisdiction, they cannot rid themselves of by declaring bankruptcy; and all this schooling hasn't help[ed them get the jobs they need in this stagnant economy.
    Morris also believes that this Occupy Wall Street movement is further erosion of Obama's base, in part, for the above stated reasons. It is a movement which Obama cannot control or rein in. He can only cave to it.
    I still remain skeptical of Morris' claims as these fools can be led anywhere, if given "hope"; but one can wish for the rightness of his position.

    Additionally, The TEA Party may or may not benefit from the rush toward early Primaries.
    Cain may well be hurt by this early-primary-mania sweeping the country; perhaps this will harm Bachmann as well. It will definitely help Romney!!
    And after all; isn't that who "The Fourth Estate" is already pushing down our throats; along with establishment-type "Pubes"?
    Some folks think that this is a device being utilized by both "Pubes" and Dems to control the effect of the TEA Party Citizens' votes.
    It is clear that the "Pubes" have declared war already on TEA Party types when Boehner and the "Old Guard" "Pubes" co-opted their votes early on in the House and additionally scuttled their efforts to become a solid voting bloc. (And SHAME on those "newbie", alleged, TEA Party House members for allowing Boehner to accomplish this!!!).
    Very few candidates have the shekels for this longer , more drawn-out Primary "dog and pony show"; that'h why both Bachmann, Cain, and Gingrich may not be able to endure the siege by the moneyed, Centrist, RHINO, Government-as-usual, candidates like Romney and Perry..
    It would be a rotten shame for dollars to determine yet another Presidential outcome when so much is at stake in terms of ethics, losses of freedoms, regaining our Constitutional heritage, huge cuts, and I mean MEGA-Cuts in Federal Govt. spending to also include the overall 25%, or more necessary cuts in government employees (if for the only reason that we can eliminated the planted and seeded Socialists now embedded within the Federal bureaucracy by Obama)!! Not to mention a whole "laundry list of other changes which must come to pass if this country is to regain its' footing and solvency!
    We have the additional phenomenon that the vast majority of caucuses and Primaries, for the first time, will all be proportional delegates!!
    This means that the Electoral College manner of "winner-take-all" situations will not play, at least in Republican Primaries. I have no idea how this will affect Democratic Primaries, but I can certainly hope that disaffected moderates and some Independents will join the ranks of The TEA Party in their own personal attempts to oust Obama.
    I just learned form my trusted friend Alex, that there was ma major Michael Isikoff "hit-piece" in Newsweek that placed Romney advisors in several meetings with the Omama WH discussing how to implement ObamaCare. Apparently, one of the meetings had "The One" in attendance.
    This ought to convince Constitutional conservatives and TEA Party types that run-of-the-mill Republicans, the Status Quo types, (whether they call themselves "conservatives or RINOS") have EVERY intention of implementing their OWN version of Government-controlled Health-care.
    I have no hopes for a turn-around in how government will be gotten off our backs "republican-style" so long as these lunatic, statists are running the show.
    Time to remove ANYONE in Congress (The President, House and Senate) who is NOT a Constitutional Conservative.

  8. You're right, Joanne…married females opted for McCain over Hussein, but single females voted at a 70-29 rate for The Kenyan. They frankly swung the election. Much of this was, of course, race based.

    And the friggin northeastern liberals who run the Repub party are already pushing Romney, as you know. That is very scary stuff, for if Romney runs another McCain/gutless/bend over campaign, I believe conservatives will wind up leaving the party in DROVES, possibly even forming a third party. In short, Republicans–now in the cat bird seat–could put party fortunes back 30 years or more, grab defeat from the jaws of victory, all because of a fear of offending a Marxist.

  9. Say what?

    Romney in ‘02: ‘Only Connection’ to the Republican Party Is My Party Registration http://www.theblaze.com/stories/romney-in-02-only

    Romney: “The Gay Community Needs More Support from the Republican Party’ http://cnsnews.com/news/article/romney-gay-commun

    Romney believes that strapping a dog to the roof of a car is just fine. Even more bizarre but revealing is that Romney is unwilling to admit wrong or apologize. How we treat animals reflects the core of our characters.

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