October has been very good to Herman Cain as poll updates show

 By Kevin “Coach” Collins

 In early October various polls showed a steady stream of good news for Herman Cain.

 A Gallup poll showed Cain swamping Perry in positive intensity of support.  It had Cain at 30 (his highest level) and Perry at 15. Willard was not mentioned.

 A straw poll of the National Federation of Republican Women showed: Cain 48%, Perry 14% and Willard 13%.

 At an Illinois TEA party event Cain took 77% of the vote.

 Public Policy Polling found these results in these states: North Carolina- Cain jumped from 8% to 27%, 10 points ahead of Willard. In Nebraska it was Cain 30 Willard 13 and in West Virginia Cain topped Willard 24/16. What is more significant is that Cain is pulling well with self identified “very conservative” likely voters –  35% in North Carolina 36% in Nebraska and 25% in West Virginia.  This is very big because of the “Primary voter rule” which consistently shows that in Republican primaries those farthest to the right vote at a higher rate than others. Cain is impressing the “broken glass” conservative voters.    

 Willard’s support has stayed at about the same level since PPP started polling in January. Over the months that has been good enough to lead at times but not break out far ahead. He does not seem to be attracting new supporters.  

 Another poll, this one from “Tea Party Nation”, another group of likely conservative voters gave Cain 44% to Willard’s 2%, Newt was second with 22%.  

As the month progressed the news continued to improve for Cain. By mid month he moved up to second place in two New Hampshire polls. Cain is still far behind Willard, but he is moving up while Willard is staying static or falling back.   
  In a mid month Midwestern Leadership Conference straw poll Cain got 52.6% and Willard got just 11.1%. At the same time a  Zogby poll showed Cain ahead among Republicans planning to vote in the primaries by 20 points.

In a “Polling Position” survey in mid month Cain not only beat Obama 43/41 but got 24% of the African American vote. For Cain to get anything over 10% of this vote would mean a HUGE beating for all Democrats where Blacks are an important voting block.    

Last week a Fox News poll on Cain’s 9-9-9 plan found 76% support it to various degrees (52% want it with some changes) while less than ten percent did not like it.

A week ago another PPP survey done in Ohio found Cain at 34% and Willard at 19%.

Yes, so far October has been a very good month for Herman Cain. The cross tabs show his support is growing because conservatives are saying “No!” to Willard and “Yes!” to Cain and his 9-9-9 plan.     

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http://www.wbez.org/story/herman-cain-wins-tea-party-straw-poll-illinois-92729   http://www.publicpolicypolling.com/main/2011/10/cainmentum.html









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11 thoughts on “October has been very good to Herman Cain as poll updates show”

  1. I am not interested in how well the cain train is doing. I was in the beginning, until I figured up what it was going to cost the poor. Seeing that in his case, he is about doing the opposite of Obama. While Obama wants to take from the rich, and give to the poor. Mr Cain wants to take from the poor giving it to the rich. People need to wake up as to what he is about. Cains train is all about 999 while Obamas train was all about change. And it seems that both say one thing, and the next day say another. It is one thing to flip flop, realizing you might have made a mistake about something you have done, like Perry did finally realize. But another thing to flip flop from one day to the next. I am just saying, IMO he is not what many think as I see it so far. And by the way, I also saw the same thing about Obama too. Meaning if I am right, better wake up before it is again to late. Just because the tea party is endorsing someone, does not mean the majority are always right either. Just as the majority was not right about Obama.

    1. It looks to me as if Obama is more interested in giving to GE and the Rockefellers at Chaes bank and Exxon and doesn't give a fig about the poor. Cain's opportunity zones could provide both good schools and jobs for the poor with low taxes, too.

    2. Have you seen his revision to 999 that eliminates income tax for those below the poverty line? It was in his original plan apparently but not well articulated. Have you considered that the sales tax will be offset by the elimination of payroll taxes and the hidden taxes in goods and services that are currently passed on to consumers? Art Laffer, Paul Ryan, and DIck Morris all praise the plan.

    3. To tsiyr : So you think that being a "Corporatist" is a bad thing do you? Allow me to clue you in sweet cheeks ! There's a huge difference between what Obama has DONE TO corporations and in what Hermann Cain is trying to do FOR corporations.
      Obama has gotten in bed with the "elite" among the largest companies in this country; but he has also extorted them like a pimp accosting his stable of street hussies. He has alternately robbed the American people on their behalf (for their mutual benefit), while at the same time holding these businesses to specific performances tasks solely for his own benefit . The power he wields over their futures is SO dramatic that they dare not cross him. Not that these companies are "lily-white"; not by a long shot. A few of these companies are every bit as corrupt as Obama.
      Who, in these companies' higher echelons, knew that they had just met their match in 2008 when they played the odds and cast their lot with the devil himself.
      They fear the instability of the economic climate both they and Obama helped to create. They are not lending, they are not re-investing in expansion plans for their companies; nor are they hiring to give folks like you and me some modicum of what passes for "job security" and availability in this country. And yes ! They should have their collective corporate asses kicked from here to Toledo, along with the Congressional do-nothings who allowed all this to happen on their "watch".
      Hermann Cain, on the other hand, isn't about extortion. He's the Black guy on a white horse who hopes to breathe new life into an otherwise "small-business and large company death knell ".
      Take a look around at the other members of the Republican Presidential wannabees standing around him on the dais; as far as I can see he has been the only candidate to offer a specific plan for recovery (The 9-9-9 plan has been amended to remove a national sales tax, by the way). Rick Perry will unfold his plan very soon; let's just see if he's man enough, as Hermann Cain was, to go "back to the drawing board " and revise it, should it meet with legitimate opposition (not just the pot-shots and snipes of his opponents).
      As for Mr. Cain wanting to take from the rich; I disagree most heartily! As a businessman who relies and thrives on the notion of keeping people happy and satisfied with a product or a concept, he is more attuned to the fact that leaders should LISTEN to the people they claim to serve. And that includes making an "about-face" when his ears tell him that folks "don't want him to go there"!
      BECAUSE the TEA Party IS endorsing Hermann Cain is EVERY reason (besides one's own instincts), to take a long hard look at this man's potential !
      What you saw with Obama was "smoke and mirrors", the great Oz of the Utopian Emerald City; sounds to me as if you just don't trust your judgement or your instincts anymore after all that hype. Can't say I blame you much; but all of us were pretty much in the same boat as you are. Only difference for us is that we have opened our eyes, we've stopped wishing, and we are demanding proof of a candidate's WORKABLE,. not pipe-dream schemes… plans to get this country and its' people back on their feet.
      Somewhere along the line, my friend, you must make the decision to trust the perceptions of others in whom you great respect, if you still cannot bring yourself around to listening to your own inner voice.
      I don't know why you feel about Mr. Cain the way you do; Hell-fire man, you could be a Rick Perry supporter just engaging in a little disinformation gamesmanship on this website; all I know DO is that Mr. Cain deserves a more specific complain from you than than the fears you have offered up.

      1. To tsiyr and others: As an amendment to my above post; I must correct the error when I said that Cain's 9-9-9 plan had been revised to abolish the national sales tax portion. I was incorrect. The plan was revised to ease the tax burdens on the poorest in our country.
        This should be of great interest to "TSIYR" and his complaints about Cain. It does pose a problem for me however ! I want NO NEW TAXES and that includes a National sales tax! I want a level pay income tax which allows for both charitable contributions and mortgage deductions. Regarding the latter: the mortgage deduction allowance has been the single, largest incentive to real property ownership ever. Without such incentives, I do not believe that the Housing market could recover. This would be a terrible blow to that industry!

  2. Coach ! I would have admired your column on this very interesting man a whole lot more if I hadn't spent the entire time trying to figure out "Who the bloody Hell is Willard?"
    Nice job Coach; anybody thought of forwarding this to the Cain for President Campaign?

  3. Joanne, If you read my post over again, I think youwill find that apparently we are agreeing that a flat tax would be better.

    But the truth is, Cain does sound a lot like Obama most of the time concerning having this logo he is running on. Except Obama's was "change" and Cains is "999". And I don't think you can deny that being true at all.

    Plus my name is not sweet cheeks either. LOL

    If you are interested in getting off of your high horse, and looking at some of what some others are suggesting doing, you might check out what Newt Gingrich is suggesting on his forum possibly.

    Also I think perry came out with a suggestion today for a flat tax.

    Of course, if Cain wins the republican nomination in the primaries, I will of course be voting for him. As I would vote for Daffy Duck before I would ever vote for him ever. Didn't last time, nor would I do so this time.

    I am just saying I am no longer looking at Herman Cain as my pick to vote for in the primaries is all. And therefore, will not be endorsing him as it stands today either.

    Kcfield, what figure is he giving that he sees one as below the poverty line?

    Or does he give any figure at all as to what this is. Or are you talking about people that are also eligible for welfare as being below the poverty line?

    Just wondering if he did give a figure???? Or is he going by what the government sees as being below the poverty line?

    1. Tsiyr, I saw nothing in your original post that would indicate to me that you were supportive of a flat tax. What I did see was alot of general, non-specific complaints which could apply to any candidate who partially recants or revises an original proposal; and vague warnings about the Cain candidate's positions. At this point in the game I think it is ludicrous to make any comparisons between Cain and Obama. That, my friend, was irresponsible rhetoric.
      I'm not at all interested in "getting off my high horse" with you until and unless you start being clear about who you DO support, rather than trashing, out of hand, a candidate whose poll numbers are steadily on the rise.
      I DO listen to others; and perhaps the only thing upon which you and I are in full agreement, (at least for the time being), is that I too am very impressed by Newt Gingrich's acumen, and "cut-to-the-chase", no-nonsense comments. I particularly cheered him when he admonished one of the debate moderators to cease and desist with trying to get the candidates fighting amongst themselves.
      While I DO listen to others I am more apt to, and quite capable of, developing my own criteria in the evaluation of candidates words and actions. That is why I sent Newt Gingrich an e-mail about something he had involved himself in ( and was knowledge available at his own website!), which was such an anti-freedom move on his part that I had serious concerns about ever supporting his candidacy.
      This problem I have with the former Speaker, and the issue I addressed in my e-mail to him; is that he is involved in another company or organization which supports placing all patient's medical records in digital format online. He gives many excuses and reasons for this blatant invasion by government into the personal privacy of Americans. But, to me, there is NO reason compelling enough that would allow me to cede my privacy, (any more than it has already been compromised and invaded ), to government agencies!
      Look, tsiyr, I'm not a dyed-in the-wool Cain supporter. Hell I never even liked his brand of Pizzas ! I just have a problem with "generalities" used to attack certain candidates. Just be more specific…. and saying that Cain's 9-9-9 plan is like Obama's "Hope" just doesn't "cut the mustard" for me. I will absolutely deny that as being true! Every candidate has a "schtick", a focal or rallying point, a plan to offer. That doesn't mean all candidates are Obamadroids!
      I'm not angry with you at all: and I'm certainly not trying to tell you for whom you should vote, for Pete's sake ! Neither of us knows how these candidates will shape up, so it is far too early to say who will survive the long race until Nov. 2012. We can have more discussions as we go along. I have to battle the personal demon that I would absolutely have to hold my nose to vote for former Governor Romney if the do-nothing RINOS force him on us. HE is to me, what Cain is to you. Let's call it a draw.

  4. Plus is that figure deductible when you do go to pay your taxes?

    Meaning if you happen to go over that figure by a few dollars, are you only going to be taxed for that few dollars you are over it?

    I know I have a lot of questions. Questions people need to be asking IMO. Meaning I don't want to be all for something just to find out what is going to be in it. the proposal finally. That is Nancy Pelosi's thing. Not mine.

    Plus the real problem with this 999 idea, is not that last 9 mainly . And not the rest that is going to hit the poor that are living in areas of the country where the state taxes are already almost to that point now. Let alone adding another 9% on things that people have to purchase, like food and clothing and etc. Not to mention the price of gas at the pumps. that is where it is going to hit the poorest in this country that are on SS and that is about all they get. PLus this idea that we are going to start saving at the grocery stores, once the middle man has to pay less. Have you seen the grocery stores start to charge you less when the gas prices go down. Because if you have, you have seen something I haven't. Yet we are told that is the reason they do go up to begin with.

  5. Hmmm Must have hit a nerve with you Joanne.

    But I see you did not answer my questions in my second post at all.

    So I will be signing off from sharing my thoughts with you, from now on, until you do.

    But as always, I do not let people like you get my panties in an uproar about what they do say to me either. As life is really just to short to do so. Oh I used to when young, but no more.

    So I thank you for sharing what you do think. But facts are what I am after, not rhetoric.

    And you are right. I have not said who I am going to vote for yet, in the primaries even. As I am still listening to what they do say for now. As in my old age, I have found that is it advisable to slow down just a bit when it comes to something as important as this election in 2012 is going to be. Unless of course, someone wants another 4 years of Obama of course. Which I am praying for my country, that does not ever happen.

    And by the way, I am not one of the poor that I am speaking of there. But I care about those that are going to suffer if he does get that passed thru congress very much.

  6. to tsiyr : It is not possible for you to "hit a nerve" with me so please do not flatter yourself. Additionally, I feel no obligation to answer any of your questions. Perhaps you should contact the relevant campaign coordinator for whichever candidate's specific positions you question.

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