Ohio plan to cancel illegals’ fake auto reg. shows Buckeyes coming home and ready to help in 2010

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

When the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles announced its plans to revoke approximately 47,000 vehicle registrations it suspects were fraudulently secured by illegal aliens there was a rapid and predictable response from The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC).

LULAC filed a lawsuit trying to stop the state from protecting Ohio’s legal residents from the constant erosion of law represented by illegal aliens who are “gaming” the Ohio motor vehicles department.

The suit seeks to stop the state’s fraudulent registration recall based on the absurd argument that allowing the state to take this action would amount to allowing Ohio to enter into matters of federal immigration law which it isn’t empowered to do.

The frauds bankrolling this action consider it unfair and unconstitutional because it targets illegal aliens. In other words, the State of Ohio’s efforts to combat criminal abuse of its auto registration system by criminals can’t be allowed because the “targeted” criminals are violating federal laws not state statutes.

The immigration lawyer who filed the suit whined that canceling the illegal registrations filed by illegal aliens committing fraud will cause these illegal aliens to lose their cars and disadvantage their American born children. He says nothing about the fact that these “disadvantaged” children have been put into this position by the criminal actions of their parents. He moans that this action could cause these families to be separated and (gasp!) relocated (like back to their home country maybe?)

So far not even 5% of the 47,457 suspected frauds ordered to produce legal proof to support their registration applications have done so. If Ohio is coming around things look bright for restoring American freedoms next year.

This very encouraging news keeps the issue of illegal alien amnesty hot until next Election Day which is a very good thing.

Ohio is coming back to our side. Winning back Ohio is very important to winning next year’s elections and throwing out the Democrats in 2010.

Hitting them where it hurts

Granting amnesty to illegal aliens is a top priority for the Democrats. They know these criminals will be grateful and vote Democrat for years giving the Marxists total control of our lives. We can not allow this to happen. We can not turn our backs on these people. They are bent on destroying our country and our way of life.

Get educated. Make saving our country your part time job. Sure it is tough and it will be very hard to do this, but any discomfort we suffer from being “put out” by our duty to fight back will be nothing compared to what we will have to endure if we fail in our defense of liberty.

What have you done to defend America freedoms today?

This day in history November 30

1803: In New Orleans, Louisiana, Spanish representatives officially transfer Louisiana Territory to a French representative. Just 20 days later France transfers the same land to the United States as “the Louisiana Purchase” a phrase recently applied to the shameless cell out of Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu to Harry Reid’s Healthcare scheme.

Source : http://www.dispatchpolitics.com/live/content/local_news/stories/2009/11/02/copy/IMMIGRANT_FEARS.ART_ART_11-02-09_B1_MQFHVG6.html?adsec=politics&sid=101

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