On site at the Allen West recount charade

by George Spelvin,  staff writer

The West-Murphy vote recount controversy is now a full blown rally of caring citizens from all walks of life.  An urgent call is going out to rally for Col. West today, Tuesday, November 13, 10:00 AM at St. Lucie County’s Democrat Election Supervisor Gertrude Walker’s front office door on Okeechobee Road in Ft. Pierce, FL.   One commenter said, “If people want to fight election fraud, then now is the time, St. Lucie is the place and Colonel West is the man!”  Another commenter is questioning Walker’s counting of ballots for Col. West as the Palm Beach Post political reporter George Bennett posts a razor thin margin of vote totals.  West is pulling to within 0.58% of Democrat candidate Murphy, just short of the 0.5% margin required to trigger a full recount of all votes cast in the county on November 6.  An urgent Email went out early Tuesday calling for the West rally because according to this report, if St. Lucie County’s ballots can be invalidated, then the entire election, especially votes in Martin County, can be tossed!

“If there was (sic) 799 discrepancies in 16,000 votes that they cherry picked, then how many might there be in the full 120,000?” another person writes.  A tcpalm.com commenter said he went past the Walton Road church polling place a full THREE days after Nov. 6 and the Election machines and ballots were still there!  A very chilling video shows how Walker’s team, local law enforcement, and St. Lucie County Board of Election Supervisors stonewalled average, peaceful U.S. citizens and district taxpayers.  “Why won’t you just talk to us?” one beautiful young woman repeatedly asked Ken Mascara, a chiropractor turned sheriff who was re-elected to his position without opposition on the Democrat ticket. (1)

The impressions I got while attending the Sunday emergency re-feed of only certain cherry picked totals certainly match any displays of playing fast and loose with votes I observed living near Chicago for over 30 years. While I had on both of my official lanyards and freely distributed CiR business cards, I saw NO credentials on display by Walker’s staff of mainly Afro American employees.  A youngish woman in an unbuttoned blouse revealing fulsome breasticles quickly was ushered into the cordoned off area for “officials” but I was made to leave by a Mascara cop.  She wore no lanyard or identification.  (Note: breasticles is a term that entered the South Florida lexicon during a hotly contested court hearing of two judges who were disputing their vote totals in either Palm Beach or Broward Counties.)

“There is no reason for this large discrepancy,” said one of the people hoping to watch the recount process. Clearly, mistrust of election officials is one of the things driving the outpouring of support by veterans and average American citizens for Colonel West.  Seeing him saluting our beloved American flag on Veterans’ Day weekend was a thrill. He marched along with fellow veterans who are now standing by him in his and the nation’s hour of need!

SOURCES:  (1) http://www.bizpacreveiw.com/video-angry-crowd-reacts-to-results-of-misleading-recount-in-allen-west

To volunteer to serve as election observers, show up at rallies, or to donate dollars to Colonel West’s election vote tally challenge of Gertrude Walker’s office, contact his Stuart campaign office at Allen West for Congress campaign office, PO Box 1108, Stuart, FL 34995, PH: 772-600-7123.

To contact Walker, in office now for four decades, call the St. Lucie County Supervisor of Elections office at:

2300 Virginia Ave. Ft. Pierce, FL 34982.  PH: 772-462-1500, or try 772-871-5410 or 772-337-5623.


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