Only racism can explain Obama’s low poll numbers says the left

by Doug Book,  staff writer

“I think it’s a statement against the white people to talk like this,” moaned MSNBC’s Chris “Tingles” Matthews about the racist Sarah Palin having accused Barack Obama of a “shuck and jive” attempt to dodge the Benghazi issue. (1) A typical member of the far left, Tingles doesn’t believe white voters could be displeased with Obama’s policies and actions as president. His lagging poll numbers MUST therefore be the result of racism. 

Obama spent two weeks lying about the Benghazi mission story, all for the purpose of protecting his Regime’s fabrication of a glorious and peaceful Arab Spring.  After the Democrat-hyped killing of Osama bin Laden, Barack boasted that al Qaeda was “on the run” and Middle East terrorism a thing of the past. Perhaps he believed the mainstream media would protect him from the real story of the Benghazi mission attack getting to the public. But emails have now been leaked proving the White House knew from the beginning that terrorists, not movies, were responsible for 4 American deaths. And though many of his fawning media acolytes will bury the story of the Regime’s Muhammed movie scam, the years have taught a great many voters that Obama is a pathological liar.

For 2 years, Barack and his criminal Attorney General have ignored congressional subpoenas for information about the Regime’s deadly, 2nd Amendment-subverting scheme Fast and Furious. In the end, Obama had to assert a claim of executive privilege to prevent Republican congressmen obtaining proof of Eric Holder’s guilt in managing the cover-up of an affair which cost hundreds of lives. Another fine character reference for The One.

Obama has presided over 8% unemployment, 4 years of $1 trillion deficits, the doubling of gas prices and the deliberate and calculated assassination of the middle class, all to pay homage to his Marxist upbringing and lifelong contempt for the United States. He has spent his entire term of office blaming these and other problems of his own manufacture on George Bush. But only hard core Obama supporters are still buying his excuses.

 Of course Obama has spent years and quite a bit of money preventing anyone looking into the sealed records of his past and demanding he prove his constitutional eligibility to be president. Millions of Americans have lost patience with this evasion and dishonesty.

The arrogant Obama has broken the law and ignored the constitutional restraints placed upon executive authority, knowing that the obliging and less than courageous Republican leadership would say and do nothing about it. But 4 years of such contempt for the American people have taken their toll on Obama’s “hopenchange” image. For though he may own the national media, the internet is still available for those interested in proclaiming or discovering the truth.

Yet according to the far left, it is not these harmless little peccadilloes that have caused the American public to consider Mitt Romney as the next occupant at Pennsylvania Avenue.  No, Matthews and his ilk are certain that racism is the real reason Obama will be an ex-president next week.

Someone should tell Matthews that although the foolish and easily led put Obama in office, Americans will throw him out. The MSNBC hack should get a REAL tingle out of that.  

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14 thoughts on “Only racism can explain Obama’s low poll numbers says the left”

  1. Why ia Matthews being given any voice in the media at all. He is the least intelligent individual in the news media and I believe he is truly the ICON for the statement “Stupid is what stupid does ( says). Enough of Chris Matthews as every time you quote him I feel that you have absolutely nothing of importance to say ( Write )

  2. Doug, Good article ! And Bargal1 has it right about Chris Matthews; he often comes across as wildly erratic and “six logs short of a cord”…and, to quote one of my favorite comedians, Matthews is a prime example of how “You Can’t Fix Stupid” !!
    Matthews has been carrying Obama’s water for so long now, that he cannot form an independent, analytical, phrase of his own creation.
    I have to agree somewhat with Bargal1….Matthews ought to be banned in the printed media….as it gives the clod too much undeserving power and clout. He’s a “putz”, not a pundit!!
    Here’s a “heads-up” to Mrs. Matthews (mother of Chris), and a MRS Matthews (Wife….if any woman would HAVE him!), and to his parrot-simian-like self:
    If detesting a president who lies; cheats; steals; stone-walls; covers-up his frequent and idiotic errors of judgement like a cat trying to bury “crap” on a marble floor; who invites our enemies to dismantle our Nation; who would make the U.N. the supreme law of our land OVER the protections of our beloved Constitution; who campaigns for reelection instead of tending to the business, economy, and justice we so desperately need; who has made every attempt possible to enslave this country and its’ citizens to a bastardized, hybrid form of Black Supremacy…Marxism…Muslim Sharia beliefs….and his own personal brand (along with that of his cow of a wife, “Moochelle’s”), of envious, covetous, disdainful, hateful and spite-filled bias against all that is good and decent about America and Americans; whose machinations and stupidity have resulted in the deaths of countless American Military fighting forces simply because he needed a war to keep his ugly face in the media; and a man who inhumanely watched and did nothing in his little fiefdom called the “Situation Room” as CIA agent/ Ambassador Stevens and other Americans were murdered in a CIA “safe-house” in Benghazi, Libya…..all because he desperately needed to kill any possible leaks about his administration’s (and the CIA’s), gun-running and arming of near East Muslim countries; who could possibly respect a president who would willfully climb into bed and consort with KNOWN enemies of our nation?
    If loathing all of the above about “The-Liar-in-Chief” makes ME a “racist”….then SO BE IT !!
    This, Mother-of-Chris-Matthews, is who your son supports and idolizes…..My! My! How PROUD of him you must be !!

  3. This is about as strong of a rebuttal to the ridiculousness that has become the whacko liberal mindset. It’s funny, but it’s the same mindset that keeps people in poverty. The one that lives as a victim and blames everyone else and can’t take responsibility. It is more of a disorder than it is a worldview.

    1. David,

      The more people Democrats can keep in poverty and make wards of the state, the more Democrat voters they can count on with each election.
      Michael Savage summed it up when he said “Liberalism is a mental disorder.” What else could explain people who enjoy and make a living on the poverty of others.
      Thanks for reading Coach is Right,

      Coach and Doug

  4. I get a laugh from watching clown matthews go ballistic over the stupidest stuff-birthers always make him boil-maybe he is permanently constipated and impotent plus insane

    1. Judy,

      This is Doug. We heard from Coach on Thursday afternoon. They are OK. Staying in a local church right now, but both are fine.


        1. Jim,
          Thanks. Coach contacted me this afternoon for a few minutes. Tired is right. Staten Island has had a very rough go of it. No electricity, water a food scarce as a result, no gas etc. But he and his family are all doing well considering.


          1. To All: As of 6:45PM Eastern Time Friday 11/2 Jane and I got our power back. Tomorrow will be a “clean out the frig and freezer” day but after a few hours all should be back to normal at CiR. We only get a big storm like this in NYC once about every 75 to 80 years so I don’t think I’ll be around for the next one.
            Thank you all for your concern and prayers on our behalf please continue to pray for all of my neighbors here on Staten Island that have been so devestated. We have lost 19 dead of NYC’s total of 41 and we are just about 8% of the total population. We are tough people here on the Island and we fought our way back after 9/11 when we lost 11% of all those who died in the Trade Center attack. We will come back from this as well.
            Yours sincerely
            Coach and Jane

  5. Doug…it would be a magnanimous gesture…of epic proportions…if American Conservatives and Tea Partiers were able to “overlook” and/or forgive House Republican leadership (and the congressional “sheeple” which toed-the-line for Speaker Boehner and his wimpy cronies), before kicking them OUT of their positions of power and privilege after the November elections; but personally, I’m not gonna hold my breath long enough to see it happen.
    I’m taking bets right now on who is going to replace Beohner etal in House Leadership !!
    Since 2008 Republicans-in-name-only, in both the House and the Senate have been kissing the hem of Obama’s ermine robe; rolling over for special interests like “harlots of the night”; ignoring the wishes, wants and demands of their constituencies; refusing to act to impeach both Holder and Obama for crimes against the Constitution and against our Country; for allowing the Van Jones and Valerie Jarrett-type criminal-Czars running rife in “No-Brainer’s” administration to have the power and security clearances they were so clearly undeserving of; for enacting their own legislation that is patently UN-AMERICAN while simultaneously ignoring and refusing to seriously challenge the many Executive Orders and other usurpations and encroachments of power by the Obama administration…Justice Dept… Homeland Security…Illegal alien amnesty…ad nauseum.
    These elected officials have abandoned all pretense of being responsive and responsible to the people who elected them, of spitting on the pages of the U.S.Constitution, and flagrantly refusing to perform their Constitutional duties (Example: the Senate’s refusal to pass a budget during the four years the Obama-Manchurian-clone-unit has been illegally occupying the Oval Office); for foisting upon Americans the hated and appalling medical, taxation nightmares and problems encoded into ObamCare; and for being so bloody “soft” on both the Unions of this country and the Shariah Law indoctrination which has been taking place in America’s schools and communities.
    This is a Christian nation….and I don’t give a flying fig if my comment “pisses off” every single Muslim from Chicago to Bahrain…
    Obama is NOT the bell-weather of the voices of America….His administration is BEYOND corrupt and we will NOT allow him, EVER AGAIN to speak or act on our behalf. So get your acts together…Muslim Spring Nations….you’re about to have your backsides handed to you by a NEW administration which does NOT tolerate your extortion.
    Obama hasn’t a clue regarding the decency, “live and let live philosophy” of most Americans, nor of the wisdom, clarity, characteristics, and belief systems which comprise the vast majority of Americans….Obama is an alien in far too many regards…
    That Congress has NOT seen fit to impeach him for his treasonous, seditious actions (especially after Benghazi!!!!), speaks volumes about the moral, ethical, and allegiance “issues”, decline, and lapses which are decaying our legislative processes.
    The system by which laws are enacted in this country are irretrievably damaged and broken. It is time to throw that system out…along with those who habitually abused and debased that system….
    Hopefully Rep. Boehner will find other employment OUTSIDE THE BELTWAY….and, to Sen. Harry Reid…Sounds pretty mean and rotten for me to say this…but…too bad that your auto accident wasn’t a fatality…as America deserves far greater honor, true respect, and finer integrity, than what you have delivered to her for SO many years now.

    1. Jo,

      You’re right on the money. Republicans have watched as Obama has ignored the Constitution and broken countless laws. They have done NOTHING when Obama’s DOJ has ignored Supreme Court rulings in order to facilitate Democrat voter fraud. How many times did Obama’s hired DOJ criminal Eric Holder file suit in order to prevent voter ID laws going into effect even though the Court had ruled the tough Indiana voter ID law Constitutional!
      Why didn’t Boehner call a special session of the House to investigate Benghazi??!! A week of hearings might have caused problems for the One by informing at least a few Americans of the White House’s role in killing Stevens and 3 others.
      We could BOTH go on, Joanne! Tuesday is a vitally important day, pal. I hope the pundits are right and Romney cleans Hussein’s clock.


  6. Coach, welcome back! Now let’s do what we can do collectively to get rid of that Marxist on Tuesday!!

  7. Coach….Sorry, I forgot that you and Jane also had quarters in New York….it is doubtful that anyone could have predicted the scope of the havoc and devastation which has occurred so far north….yet as my brother, in southern Maryland said…”when a “Noreaster” is due to meet a subtropical warm front…nothing good can come of it anywhere along the East Coast”.
    FEMA, as usual, ‘dropped the ball’ (or more appropriately…dropped a bag of Dimes!!), on East Coast residents facing this unusual storm….
    Obama is, as we speak, receiving a well deserved “Storm-“Sandy”-Backlash” from those upper Eastern Seaboard residents angered at the lack of supplies, Foods, Water, and emergency housing which is the domain and responsibility of the Obama administration’s FEMA Department. George Bush and Hurricane Katrina….all over again!!
    Many think that Bush’s poor FEMA response in Louisiana was, in part, responsible for the failure of his reelection campaign…..don’t know this to be factually correct; but if there IS an ounce of truth to it….then Obama will find it VERY difficult to overcome the burden of Hurricane ‘Sandy’, which he publicly “OWNED” by touring a few small parts of the mayhem.
    Glad to know you and Jane are okay and that the clean-up is in progress.
    All well and good….but, by the way, buddy, you two nice folks might want to reconsider moving inland a bit!!

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