Oregon to jail rain water collector and force condemned murderer to accept reprieve


By Derrick Hollenbeck, staff writer

Oregon is indeed a strange place.

Somewhere George Orwell is smiling and wondering how his “1984” became a Democrat policy SOP. The morally hollow Democrats who run Oregon have descended to a level of insane devotion to government that would make Karl Marx swell with pride. Two current stories from Oregon give us an idea of the depravity we face when we make the mistake of allowing Democrats to run our lives.

In the first story Gary Harrington, an Eagle Point Oregon man has been convicted of the crime of collecting rain water on his own property. He was sentenced to serve 30 days in jail and pay a $1,500 fine for violating an Oregon law that deems all water to be publically owned including snow runoff and rainwater that rolls off the roof of a privately owned building. Democrat Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber is so determined to see Harrington punished he refuses to even answer questions about his case.  Harrington will start serving his sentence tomorrow.

On the other hand there is a story from Oregon that makes one wonder what kind of people would elect a morally sick man like Kitzhaber.  The Democrat Governor who will send Harrington to jail has forced   a death row murderer who wants to die to accept a reprieve of his sentence. The man, Gary D. Haugen, has been convicted first of murdering his girlfriend’s mother and then killing another inmate while in prison.  

What makes this all worse is that Haugen the murderer has waived any further appeals he may have available to him and actually brought a law suit against Kitzhaber to nullify his unwanted and unrequested reprieve.  As a liberal Democrat Kitzhaber, of course, believes he knows better than Haugen even in questions of his own life.  The parallels between how Kitzhaber is treating Haugen and the liberal mantra that women should be able to kill their innocent inconvenient babies are breathtaking. To the hypocritical liberals “it’s a woman’s body” is fine if she wants an abortion, but Haugen’s body is not his own to refuse a reprieve of his well-deserved death sentence.    

By way of explaining Oregon, its citizens are last in America in church attendance and its state run healthcare program includes assisted suicide among its “benefits.”  Oregon is indeed a strange place.

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2 thoughts on “Oregon to jail rain water collector and force condemned murderer to accept reprieve”

  1. Judah’s Priest and great red apples !….Oregon is a national embarrassment! And has been so for thirty years that I know of…one would have thought that all the old “Mother Earth types”, hippies and druggies who retired there would have perished by now…but apparently not.
    Heaven help the Republic, and relieve us of “BLUE PLACES” such as California and Oregon!
    I echo the sentiments of the poster above….I don’t EVER want to live there.

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