Origins of Fast and Furious accidentally revealed by White House

By Doug Book, staff writer

 Intent upon linking the genesis of “gunwalking” to the Bush Administration,  the Obama Regime has unwittingly revealed compelling leads to the birth of Operation Fast and Furious,  its possible father, former Agent in Charge of the ATF’s Phoenix Branch,  William Newell and the man who may be the Operation’s D.C  Godfather,  White House National Security Council staffer Kevin O’Reilly.

At the beginning of October,  the White House released a number of emails shared between Newell and O’Reilly during the summer of 2010. By this frequently employed method of  “selective release”,  the Regime intended to relay the  “fact”  that as neither Fast and Furious nor “gunwalking” were mentioned in the correspondence,  the topics were obviously not directly discussed by the pair.  (1)

It was hoped that this would bolster the White House claim that it knew nothing of the Operation until TV news reports brought it to the attention of the nation at large in 2011.

But in its expectation that linking gun walking to Bush might take Fast and Furious pressure off the Regime,  the White House habit of deliberately providing carefully crafted half-truths or misinformation to media lackeys took a careless turn for the worse.

After it was leaked to him by the White House,  AP reporter Pete Yost was only too glad to run with the story of 2007 ATF Operation Wide Receiver and its loss of firearms across the Mexican border during the Bush Administration.
But the Regime’s Ministry of Disinformation provided Yost with too much material. For it was also revealed that the man in charge of that purely accidental  “gun walking”  by the Bush led ATF was Phoenix Agent in Charge Bill Newell.

In short, by managing Wide Receiver in Phoenix,  Newell had gained first hand experience in the walking of guns to Mexico!

In early 2009,  Barack Obama,  Hillary Clinton and other Regime members systematically advanced the phony claim that 90% of weapons found at Mexican crime scenes originated in US gun stores. What better way for Newell to impress his new bosses than by suggesting that walking guns to Mexico might make the 90% claim come nearer to the truth!  

And of course,  in White House NSC staffer Kevin O’Reilly,  Newell had a friend in very high places. So,  as Fast and Furious reporter Mike Vanderboegh puts it,  “…Newell may have  “weaponized”  the desire for more better statistics on the part of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and others to support the…meme…that 90% of weapons seized in Mexico…actually came from American civilian market sources.”

So Newell makes the suggestion,  O’Reilly delivers it to the right people in the White House and Fast and Furious is born. Could it have happened that way?

Apparently Congressman Darrell Issa’s House Government Reform Committee  takes the possibility quite seriously,  for it has just subpoenaed  “all communications TO OR FROM  (my caps)  William Newell…between December 14th,  2010 to January 25th,  2011 and March 16th  to March 19th,  2009.”  The date specific requests mean the Committee must have reliable information regarding the associations and correspondence of Newell during those periods. And Newell is known to have spoken often with O’Reilly during that time.  

Unlike other Fast and Furious participants who have been promoted or transferred to new positions in Washington D.C.,  Kevin O’Reilly has been shuffled off to Iraq by the Obama/Holder Department of Justice,  out of subpoena range of the Issa/Grassley congressional committees. Remember,  there are no coincidences in the Obama Regime.

So did a suggestion to a White House ensconced friend by a practiced “gunwalker” hoping to make a name for himself with the new administration lead to the deadly Fast and Furious scheme? If so, who but Barack Obama & Co could create such a tangled and convoluted web from such a simple beginning!
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19 thoughts on “Origins of Fast and Furious accidentally revealed by White House”

  1. Doug, Another fine article my friend! This ball of twine keeps unraveling does"t it ?
    I do have a question though.
    In what capacity is Kevin O'reilly serving the Holder DOJ in Iraq ? What is his alleged function there? And why would he be considered to be out of range of Issa's subpoena-power? O'reilly is still an American citizen subject to the jurisdiction of our courts and Congress. He could be brought back to this country for any number of reasons which Holder would be powerless to impede.
    Perhaps you might be able to explain by what device or justification Holder thinks he can legally deny access to a potential party to, and witness of, Government perjury and criminal actions?

    1. Joanne,

      Thanks very much. This story was originally broken by David Codrea and Mike Vanderboegh (see the Sipsey Street Irregulars link above) According to Codrea's "Gun Examiner" article, O'Reilly was transferred from the White House to service in the State Dept itself and then onto Iraq when the Fast and Furious story of the emails he and Newell shared got a bit too hot. Codrea only knows that O'Reilly is on "special assignment" doing…."something." The link to Codrea's story is below. I DO know that many familiar with the Fast and Furious story and the Newell/O'Reilly bit in it believe O'Reilly's SURVIVAL in Iraq may be quite problematic!!

      Take care,


  2. Sweet Puppy;
    Ooooh youch ! I hadn't thought of the fact that O'Reilly could easily and conveniently be "offed". Wouldn't THAT be fine thanks for all the "errand-running" he performed for his "masters"!? What a sick bunch of #!*#s that D.C crowd is. When there is even a whiff, a mere hint, that this man, who knows too much, could conceivably be "permanently compromised" to end the possibility of eventual leaks, it's time to pull the plug on the power-mad head of DOJ (and HIS boss as well).
    I've had more than a belly-full of their rotten behavior!
    We'd all be better off without them.
    Thanks for providing the links; you're a dear…be healthy and happy!

  3. Our government has gone rouge. We created this government to secure our rights. It is the duty of the people to end the rein of tyranny. Obama/ Bush/ Clinton/ Bush all the same. We must work together to get people into power that will follow the Constitution. Ron Paul and those he endorses for congress and the senate would be a good start.

    1. Ron Paul is not the answer and please don’t try to use Obama and Bush interchangeably. It is my belief that Paul is an Anti Semite and his surrounding himself with “truthers” disqualifies him from consideration.

    2. Delia-Quick question – – "Our government has gone rouge"?? Do you mean it's gone "Red" (rouge,in French?) I'll admit that's a distinct possibility; or, did you mean it's gone "rogue" (as in "rebellious"-which it assuredly is)?

  4. Coach, I could be considered, in many circles, a "truther". I do not believe in the eligibility of Obama to hold public office; especially not that of the Presidency! I additionally believe him to be, along with Eric Holder, Muslim sympathizers who are abusing their roles in government on behalf of Muslims both domestically and through this Country's foreign policy.
    I also believe, as does Delia, that in some arenas (the Federal position against immigration enforcement for one), there was little distinction between Bush and Obama (Except that I very much respected Bush's allegiance to our fighting forces. And, Bush certainly was more personable and likeable when measured up against an aloof ideologue like Obama. Bush didn't destroy this country as Obama has, but he did neglect the domestic operations. Many of the programs we are now trying to recover from began during Bush's watch (Dodd/Frank refusal to monitor through their respective Senate and House Finance committees which led to mortgage failures and the Housing collapse . Would we see Bush's signature on the congressional passage of the Fairness in Lending Act ?
    I liked Bush, but not enough that I am unwilling to acknowledge the short-comings of both Bush Sr. and Jr.
    Does that then disqualify me also from consideration for having valid opinions ? I'm not running for office Coach, but if I was; would I get YOUR vote? Perhaps not.

  5. Joanne-I don't make a lot of excuses for GW, when it comes to any "neglect" of our domestic operations. Have to keep reminding myself that he was "outgunned" by a democratic Congress, from 2006 onward; but, then I ask myself, "Why didn't he use his veto pen"? On the other hand, if he had vetoed many of their bills, they would simply have over-ridden his veto, by an easy 2/3rd's- – so perhaps he was trying to save everyone a lot of aggravation?? Maybe he'll tell us in his memoirs!

    1. Joanne,

      What STILL drives me nuts about Bush Jr is the fact that he did not respond to the perpetual attacks by the radical left, from the Dem Party to the friggin media. Allowing them to go unanswered did tremendous damage to Republicans in 2008.

  6. I heard most of the weapons found were from black marketed by the Mexican Police and military and a large number from South America coming from China. Is there anyone who could up date this info?

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