Our media won’t say it but Canada is really going to sell oil to China Obama wins and we lose

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Pushed by Barack Obama’s naked attempts to destroy our economy Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper has made up his mind: he will look west to China when he is ready to sell his nation’s crude oil.  Barack Obama has won this round to destroy America’s economy and we have lost.

  Anyone who thought this dangerous game of chicken would end in our closest neighbor and one of our strongest allies knuckling under and waiting until Obama was finished using our lives to squeeze more campaign funds from the far Left has been proved wrong. This is really going to happen. The Democrat cheerleaders in the media won’t write about this catastrophe Obama has purposely brought about, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen. Foreign media feel no obligation to lie for Obama.

As reported by Sun News of Canada, recently PM Harper expressed his frustration and simultaneous resolve on this matter in a public conversation with former Democrat Congresswoman Jane Harman. Harper said, he will not change his mind to help Obama fool Americans into believing he has worthy intentions regarding the matter of approving the Keystone pipeline which would have delivered Canadian oil to Texas for refinement.

In front of a group of business representatives energy experts and reporters Harper said, “Look, the very fact that a ‘no’ could even be said underscores to our country that we must diversify our energy export markets, We cannot be, as a country, in a situation where our one and, in many cases, only energy partner could say no to our energy products. We just cannot be in that position.”

So there we have it. After three plus years of acting as a wrecking ball smashing through our economy Obama has scored a double hit. He has choked off a major supply of oil and insulted another ally.

Thanks to Obama the damage from this bit of sabotage will take effect immediately because now that oil that has already been purchased from Canadian suppliers can’t be delivered those contracts are dissolved. To honor them the Canadians would have to incur extra expense to deliver oil at a price which, because of its previously agreed upon price, is now falling below its true market value by the day. That is not going to happen in the world where Obama and his EPA thugs have no control and his media can’t vilify capitalism. The Canadians don’t give a damn what Barack Obama wants – they are in business to make a profit – socialism is for Americans.

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12 thoughts on “Our media won’t say it but Canada is really going to sell oil to China Obama wins and we lose”

  1. It is such a sad day in America, when the leader of our country is the enemy. We suffer because he decides we will suffer. We decline because he says we will. I pray each night that God will help turn the tide toward peace and prosperity for our once great nation.

    1. America has embraced every evil under heaven.
      America has also rejected God, His Laws & His people
      & now America is suffering His wrath. His wrath will
      intensify, you can bet on it…

  2. This Muslim and his wife really hate this country, and they want us squatting in the desert like his people, what a bastard!!!!!

  3. There seems to be but one way out of this mess. The Great Usurper must be removed from office and all those in Congress who support him must also go. They should all be tried for treason and imprisoned accordingly. Americans had better be ready for a war….a real war against the American People by the Usurper In Chief. It won't be long before he uses the military against Americans. Wait and see…it's coming.


  5. Soulstraw
    Your comment was pulled for language. But it could have been pulled for incoherence. To say Obama is not a traitor is foolish. Your use of “racist” is old and tired. Pointing out that a president is destroying our nation is not racist. Trying to use the word “racists” as a shield to deflect richly reserved criticism is racist.
    Get over it: Obama is the worst president in our history and he will be defeated in November. Your angry words only show the sense of foreboding you have knowing what is coming. Since you fancy yourself as well informed get a copy of my book Cooks thugs and bigots: the lost hidden and changed history of the Democratic Party at http://crooksthugsandbigots.com go through it and tell me where I am lying.
    Thanks for reading CiR

    1. Thanks Coach, I almost responded to this last night. As a minority, the race baiting gets old but it's the Democrat party's attempt to keep their power over minorities. Race baiting is all the left has left to hold on to some of it's power but it's wrong to enslave any people to government dependence like it has played out for decades now and not with just some minorities.

      Race baiting is all they have left if you look at the Trayvon Martin case. With the usual race baiters coming out swinging, to the major networks altering pictures, video, & audio, to the protests around the country, it's a coordinated effort to stir up race in this country in order to hold on to power for the left.

      The left in this country is truly evil but they are blind by their arrogance to see the damage they are doing in this country all in the name of holding on to power. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    2. Thanks for proving that guy's point! What is more pathetic than you pretending to tell the future, is your blantant attempt to deny racism and pretend is doesn't exist. Well It's obvious your living in denial. Racism is STILL around, and it's gotten stronger and playing a very important role in politics today. Your lies and hatred obviously blinds you of that fact!
      The Republicans hate President Obama, freedom for women and America and will stop at nothing in their effort to destroy this country.

      There's a rather long list of legitimate gripes about the Obama administration in general. You don't hear those though the racist pictures and emails were happening even before he took office. And the people laying claims that he is a socialist, muslim, nazi, foreigner don't discuss issues they just name call.

      I would love for the republican party to be the party it claims to be but right now they are more interested in telling women what they can do with their privates then governing. And what's more disgusting is obviously your childish pandering calling Anyone who doesn't think like you a traitor to America. De-gusting!

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