Medical Conspiracy Theory

Following the assassination of JFK in November, 1963, the word “conspiracy” would enter common parlance. Defined as “A secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful” [Oxford Dictionaries], the term leaves plenty of room for interpretation. At the very least, who decides what is “unlawful” or “harmful”? How can we be sure that the entity determining this is not itself a conspiracy? As the kids might say, “How meta can you get?”

In the health field, most alleged conspiracies involve either a major life-threatening illness that supports lucrative therapies, or a chronic condition in which conventional allopathic approaches seem ineffective. As such, countless theories are advanced whereby a particular chemical or food promotes cancer or heart disease—and the continuing sale of these items occurs only because it benefits a powerful cabal. Likewise, advocates claim that questionable pharmaceutical or surgical therapies are promoted despite reams of contrary scientific evidence as to their effectiveness.

In many cases, conspiracy theorists—acting as little more than fear entrepreneurs—can garner millions of dollars in donations and research grants to endlessly investigate such hobgoblins as endocrine disruptors. Fair enough, but sometimes identifying a conspiracy can be exceedingly difficult.

Consider the matter of Tagamet (cimetidine), the original and most successful of the H2-receptor antagonist drugs, which limit secretion of stomach acid. Peptic ulcers were the bane of the new “Organization Men,” as typified by Madison Avenue advertising execs. The conventional wisdom at the time was that they were caused by stress, smoking, and spicy foods, exacerbated by excess stomach acid. Thus, Tagamet became the first-line therapy in cutting back that nasty acid, and fighting ulcers—not to mention the best-selling drug in the world for a time.

However, in 1982, the Gram-negative bacteria Helicobacter pylori was discovered by Barry Marshall and Robin Warren, and was soon implicated as the cause of most ulcers. Now, ulcers could be treated with much less expensive antibiotics. Yes, they could be, but it would take several more years before most doctors changed therapies.

Why did this happen? No one argued against the science proffered by Marshall, Warren, and others. Was Big Pharma forcing docs to stay with the program? Do physicians never advance from what they learned in med school? Did no one wish to be the pioneer in changing therapies? Perhaps this was more conformity than conspiracy.

Which brings us to the subject of neuro-immune diseases. According to the Whittemore Peterson Institute:

The term neuro-immune disease refers to a group of complex multisymptom diseases characterized by acquired dysregulation of both the immune system and the nervous system. These diseases most often follow an acute illness that does not fully resolve, and may result in lifelong disease and disability. Included in this definition are similarly presenting illnesses, such as ME/CFS, fibromyalgia, Chronic-Lyme disease, GWI, atypical multiple sclerosis (MS), and cases of autism spectrum disorder.

Let’s take a look at ME/CFS (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome). Termed the “Yuppie Flu” at one point, the condition can be debilitating for many sufferers, and has no official etiology or cure. As with any condition encompassing a multitude of symptoms, it is also difficult to diagnose. Moreover, some doctors find it vexing to ever reach this diagnosis since absent a specific cause, they believe that the syndrome might not even exist.

Imagine, then, the joy of ME/CFS victims when, according to a paper published in Science in October, 2009, the newly discovered retrovirus XMRV (xenotropic murine leukemia virus–related virus) was linked to the syndrome. Alas, this finding was soon to be questioned, and in December, 2011, the paper was retracted by Science

“Multiple laboratories, including those of the original authors, have failed to reliably detect xenotropic murine leukemia virus-related virus (XMRV) or other murine leukemia virus (MLV)-related viruses in chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) patients. In addition, there is evidence of poor quality control in a number of specific experiments in the Report.”

Based on work by several researchers, the XMRV detected in the CFS patients was due to contamination. In fact, there were also those who believe that XMRV does not even occur in nature, but is an artifact created by prostate cancer investigators. Notably, some of the authors, including Judy Mikovits of Whittemore Peterson, were not in agreement on the full retraction.

At this point, things went from strange to downright outrageous. Harvey Whittemore, long connected with Senator Harry Reid, was indicted for illegal campaign contributions. Mikovits was fired, and subsequently arrested supposedly for retaining her lab notebooks and related data. She spent a couple of days in jail, and charges were then dropped.

Here’s a thought: Did Reid call in some favors to stain the image of Whittemore Peterson, and his former buddy Harvey, who claimed that Reid heavily solicited those contributions? Did Whittemore Peterson then pass the baton to Mikovits?

By the same token, there are surely “vested interests” that dread the discovery of a viral cause for CFS or Autism. Do they believe that the elimination of a particular viral etiology permanently poisons the well for the introduction of any viral etiology? Inquiring minds want to know.

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Events and the flow of history are taking us along for the ride


By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Who is in charge of our nation today in mid-December, 2014? The answer seems to be nobody.  We have a lawless president and Attorney General, trying everything they can to control our lives; but last month’s election showed they are only able to present obstacles to our lives.  Neither the House nor the Senate is in the hands of men who can make things happen. They are good at stopping things from happening and reacting to external events, but that’s not the same as being in control.

The best estimate of what is going on is that events jumping off the front page are running things. The Ferguson and Staten Island Grand jury decisions, the Ebola crisis, the illegal aliens streaming over what was once our Southern border are paralyzing the people who are supposed to be leading us.

With the House Republicans passing a pro-amnesty bill by a single vote after being tricked and lied to by the Speaker; and the 1.1 Trillion Cromnibus Spending Bill passing by a single vote, a new set of events will certainly take hold of us in January.

There is a major “poison pill” in the bill and that will certainly make enough Senate Democrats refuse to vote for its passage giving us another event to deal with

Because Obama had to “whip” votes for Boehner, there will be trouble in the Republican Caucus. If John Boehner thinks that he can continue to be both the de jure and de facto Speaker while consistently losing the support of almost 70 of his members, he is mistaken.  

This may lead to John Boehner being relegated to being a de jure Speaker who has to watch as a series of de facto Speakers handle the passage of major legislation.   

The lawsuit against Obama’s illegal amnesty executive order is another event that we will only be able to watch. The lawsuit against it will produce another event that we can only run behind and not control.

Some events like the staged “spontaneous” demonstrations across small portions the nation that have brought confused White activists and rootless Blacks onto our streets will fade with the cold weather and solve themselves; but no one will actually control them.

We might not know until next summer what these events have done to us; but we can be sure that we will only be along for the ride.    

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Those who think that our police do nothing but harass honest citizens ought to watch this

Warning the language in this video is raw and explicitly profane.   

“America’s cops risk their lives for our safety every day,” isn’t a cliché or a phrase that sounds good but really is true.  It is part of every cop’s life.

Every time cops step out of their stationhouse they face the potential to be violently attacked. This brief video documents just a few of the attacks real cops have dealt with in recent years. It also tells us our cops have no intention of losing this fight for the life of America.

Lesbian rabbi who supports Sharia Law is as dumb as a box of rocks, but dangerous nonetheless


By Kevin “Coach” Collins

A story from New Hampshire reminds us once again that liberals are often willing to commit suicide to prove how liberal they are.

It would be hard to imagine a more ridiculous scenario than a lesbian rabbi making a public stand in favor of adopting Sharia Law as the new ruling principles of any American state; but Rabbi Robin Nafshi of New Hampshire has done just that.   

With the type of smug,” I’m a liberal so I’m smarter than you” hubris only the sickest of liberals can muster, Rabbi Nafshi scolds her fellow Granite Staters in a piece she has curiously titled “The misguided push to ban Sharia Law.”

Of course, the Rabbi takes an obligatory shot at Republicans as she whines that the final point in their statement of Party principles says, “Take any and all actions possible to protect against the implementation of any part of Sharia Law in New Hampshire, including legislation outlawing Sharia law.”

Her hollow argument makes a comparison between Sharia Law as the Muslim way of life and Halakhah the Jewish way of life. This idiot must think that Jews cut the heads off homosexuals and blow up non-Jews in belief that doing so will insure their place in paradise.  Sure thing rabbi, not a dimes’ with of difference right?

The logic-challenged rabbi then gets to the real point of her complaint by demanding to know why New Hampshire Republicans have not moved to ban Roman Catholic Cannon Law.  

At that point the rabbi runs out of things to say so she falls back on the liberal Democrat lie that Islam is a “Religion of Peace” that has been “hijacked” by extremist Muslims. We are supposed to accept this lie from her because, well because she said so.  We are supposed to accept what this liberal fool says because she is a smart liberal and who has more “smart and liberal” credentials than a lesbian rabbi?

The rest of her “argument” was the usual liberal lies and half-truths.  Nevertheless, people like this woman are dangerous because they use legitimate positions of power and influence to poison our lives and sidetrack our efforts to protect ourselves against a genuine and determined enemy.   All of this is to prove she is a good liberal and make herself feel good.  


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The Destruction of America’s Pension Plans


 by Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

The just passed $1.1 trillion Cromnibus (Continuing Resolution and Omnibus) check float that successfully got through the Republican controlled US House contains language that could gut pension plans, according to analyses by both conservative and leftist web writers.  “The pension provision was made public late Tuesday night,” says a web source that blasts efforts to write down public pension allotments.  (1)  Mike Adams of Health Ranger warns that “all the pension benefits that have been promised government retirees are about to be stolen back from retirees.” (2)

Quoting a WaPo article, Adams also points out that “the proposal would torpedo basic protections of the federal private pension law…that states once benefits are earned, they can’t be cut back.”  Spokeswoman Karen Friedman of the Pension Rights Center says this Cromnibus language would DEVASTATE RETIREES AND THEIR SURVIVING SPOUSES! (3)  Adams certainly is right by including this ominous pension threat in his blog about Natural News.  He sees these attacks on retirees’ income as outright WAR that spells financial disaster to the millions of pension dependents who served the public for decades.

Of course, the root cause of public pension controversies lies at the heart of this devastating news that will cost us all.  Year after year, large urban Democrat voting blocks were “given” what they demanded in the unions’ quid pro quo for turning out blue votes at the polls.  My pension deductions, as a non-union teacher, included funding of over 90% of liberal, Democrat initiatives. When I complained to a local unionist about having to fund abortion even though I was opposed to it, I was told “to shut up about it…there’s nothing you can do.” I learned that this was simply the way things were and as long as I worked at the college, that’s how my deductions would be assigned.  As a conservative, not only was I subjected to the negativity of rabid, pro left unionists; over the years, I learned I was funding causes that went directly against everything in which I believed!

Now, this week, WGN Chicago carried a brief news item which stated that in March, Illinois courts may decide the fate of the Illinois pension reform bill passed under threat of economic cataclysm earlier this year by the all Democrat, Illinois legislature in Springfield.  Illinois unions successfully mounted challenges that now would throw out what the state’s lawmakers passed under the warning that otherwise, “services will be cut.” Yes, the state’s retirement plans often are outrageous.  One poll worker last month raved about a friend’s wife in the Chicago Teachers’ pension system who was drawing a staggering $110,000 retirement income as a librarian.  Bumping up your last five years of retirement income while still on the job was par.  Use of ample overtime days, extra course assignments all meant more money later on.  But the decades in which these budget busting practices went without debate are now like Rev. Wright’s chickens.  They are coming home to roost.

A liberal blogger continues that a “steady drum beat of propaganda from conservative think-tanks” points to drastic reform initiatives. (4)  A conservative writer says all of this is “a declaration of war against the American worker.” Yeah.  Guess who will bear the brunt of this old timers’ war! Those highly paid unionists? The highly paid lawmakers at the federal and state levels? Or what about the lowly chemistry teacher downstate who taught Illinois children for 36 years and whose pension check amounts to a generous $1,000 for each year he taught?  Mike Adams sees America becoming Detroit writ large.  “As pension funds are increasingly looted and stolen from retirees, more and more of America is going to resemble Detroit, a city that once shined with innovation but now, thanks to outrageous corruption, taxation, and the endless expansion of government has collapsed into third-world status that even lacks running water for many of its residents.” (5)

Those of us that carried the unionists’ water, served as worker bees in the Democrats’ voter scams and were told to SHUT UP, now face fears, uncertainty and anxiety far worse than we ever did in the nations’ classrooms.  Illinois now has the nation’s most dramatically under-funded pension system.  Where does the fault for this misery really lie?  How can State Constitutions be squared with federal legislation that attacks public pensions with gung ho reforms snuck into bills that must be passed to be read?  What will become of the Democrat lockboxes on our country’s election results?  Is the down-sizing of our country’s vaunted Military–already in progress–going to be the real paycheck for pension reform?


2)(3) (5) . .12/12/2014


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