Islamist wild animal beheads co-worker for refusing to convert

 By Kevin “Coach” Collins  

The worldwide caliphate need not come here to get its demonic work done. It can sit back and cheer for miserable savages like Alton Nolen a recent convert to their Satan worshiping cult. On Thursday this animal decided that he had to murder people to get them to accept Islam and worship Allah.  The recently fired mongrel walked into Vaughn Foods, a food processing plant in Moore Oklahoma, and immediately began stabbing his former coworkers in an attempt to kill each of them.

The first unfortunate victim he set upon was Collen Hufford, a 54 year old lady whose head he cut off before he moved on to his next victim. The second victim was another woman. Attacking the weak and defenseless is an Islamist trait. They’re cowards who won’t fight one on one against a man.  This victim, Traci Johnson, was stabbed numerous times and was only saved from certain death when Nolen was shot by Mark Vaughn the CEO of the firm. Had there been no gun in the hands of a good guy this savage would have killed everyone in the building.

Moore Police spokesman Jeremy Lewis made these comments about the assailant, “Initial investigation shows that Alton Nolen, who was an employee at Vaughn Foods was terminated and became angry. Nolen went to the parking lot, then drove his vehicle to the front of the business, where he hit another vehicle. Nolen then entered the main entrance into the front office. Nolen encountered Hufford with a knife. During the attack, Nolen severed the victims head. After conducting interviews with Nolen’s coworkers, information was obtained that he recently started trying to convert several employees to the Muslim religion. Due to the manner of death and the initial statements of the co-workers and other initial information, the Moore Police Department requested the assistance of the FBI in conducting a background investigation on Nolen.”

Notice the animal wasn’t so ardent in his love of Islam before he was fired; but once he was pink slipped he decided to stab innocent women and cut off their heads.

At this point the good news is that Ms. Johnson is in stable condition at Oklahoma University Medical Center. Unfortunately Nolen survived and is also in stable condition. On the bright side, given Nolen’s condition he may live to be executed by Oklahoma at some future date.  They really should use a guillotine.

These animals are here already. This was the type of “lone wolf” attack  ISIS has been calling for.


Barack Obama: Poll Driven Warrior


By Jim Emerson, staff writer

President Obama is now at war with the Islamic State and al Qaeda in Syria and Iraq. The Nobel peace prize winner attempted to put Egypt and Libya under the control of The Muslim Brotherhood. He tried to enlist NATO to aid in the overthrow of Syrian President Assad. Isn’t it remarkable that the Nobel Prize winner has started more wars that the “cowboy” President Bush? Obama expects to win this war with airpower alone but he will soon be forced to reluctantly admit that it will not be won during his regime. After all, the current war is being waged because of lackluster poll results. Rarely do such ego-driven fights turn out well.

The Khorasan group

The Khorasan group is al-Qaeda’s cell in Syria, dedicated to plotting a terror attack against the United States. The group was decimated by a barrage of Tomahawk missiles but not destroyed. The group was put together by jihadists who knew Osama bin Laden during the creation of al-Qaeda. They were assembled in Syria under supervision of senior al-Qaeda leadership. Islamic State founder Abu Bakr al-Bagdahdi was a former leader of al-Qaeda in Iraq. Of course, post-strike photos and deliberately incomplete assessments are more likely to generate positive poll results than  the truth.

Despite the wishes of this White House, al-Qaeda is alive and still dangerous. These terrorists must be met head-on and fought in a ground war, but coffins arriving at Dover AFB will only generate negative poll results, especially when it is revealed that American forces are using rubber bullets, if they are permitted to fight at all.

UN Speech

Mullah Obama read from his teleprompter that “the cancer of violent extremism” embodied in terrorist organizations now dominates his foreign-policy agenda behind global warming. He used the time at the United Nations to beg other countries to join a greatly exaggerated coalition to perform the heavy lifting in the fight against the Islamic State. The only mid-eastern countries fighting are Kingdoms which consider the Islamic State caliphate a threat to their own nations. The press seems to ignore the Kurds and nonparticipants Turkey and Egypt. Who can blame Egypt? Mullah Obama had a moment of clarity when he pointed out that “The only language understood by killers like this is the language of force.” It was the same speech in which he declared a “war on war” is needed to ensure a peaceful future. Nice line but certainly meaningless coming from the likes of Barack Obama. Then again, maybe it resulted in a few good poll numbers.

The only things Obama is serious about are tee times and low poll numbers resulting from inactivity in the face of Islamic terrorism. As Barack won’t be running again, it’s a safe bet that the former are of far greater interest to him than the latter.



The ugly history of the Democrat Party: Part three

The history of the Democrat Party continued….

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

The Aaron Burr – Andrew Jackson connection

 Andrew Jackson was an unabashed enemy of American nationalism. To further his presidential ambitions, he cooperated with the dangerous Aaron Burr and his henchman Martin Van Buren, both of whom were doing the bidding of the infamous British secret service agent Jeremy Bentham.

These four men worked for years to undermine the unity of the United States so the Louisiana and Florida Territories and Mexico could be seized by Burr and made a satellite of the British Empire with him as the new nation’s dictator.

After the shooting of Alexander Hamilton was ruled a murder by a coroner’s jury, Burr fled to South Carolina, then to Philadelphia.  At the City of Brotherly Love, Burr conferred with a Colonel Williamson who had just escorted the new British ambassador, Anthony Merry, back from London to Washington. Merry then wrote back to the British Foreign Office: “I have just received an offer from Mr. Burr … to lend his assistance to his majesty’s government in any matter in which they may think fit to employ him, particularly in endeavoring to effect a separation of the western part of the United States from that which lies between the Atlantic and the mountains, in its whole extent.” Colonel Williamson immediately took Burr’s proposals to Britain’s Foreign Secretary Lord Harrowby. [3]

Chapter Two: Democrat Presidents before the Civil War

ANDREW JACKSON 1828 to 1836

For many years the Democrat Party has presented itself as the common man’s Party. We have heard that the Democrats are for the little guy and always have been since the election of Andrew Jackson in 1828.

As the tall tale goes, “Old Hickory” as Jackson was called, was a “man’s man” who stood for the principles set down by America’s Founding Fathers.  In fact he actually had a legitimate claim to being part of the American Revolution; he was a member of the Continental Army as a 13 year old messenger who was captured and mistreated by the British.

What a great story! What a great man! What a great patriot! If only some of this were true, Jackson would be half the man that today’s duplicitous Democrats make him out to be.  

The real and forgotten story of “Old Hickory” is far more important than the fairy tales told about him at Democrat fundraisers.

The truth is that Andrew Jackson was a product of the treasonous Aaron Burr’s corrupt political machine which grew into the Democrat Party “in the 1820’s.”

N.B. Unlike the Republican Party which has an exact starting date, (March 20, 1854) even careful research cannot pin down an exact founding date for the Democrat Party. As with its current leader, the Democrat Party seems to have no definitive birth certificate.

Why no exact starting date for the Democrat Party can be found is a historical oddity, but one that is not hard to figure out. Any honest discussion of the roots of the Party would necessarily include the scheming and treachery of Aaron Burr – a man who, during the nascent years of our republic, almost single handedly destroyed America. Burr certainly felt little allegiance toward his home but held the widely hated British Crown in high esteem.

Jackson: an unindicted co-conspirator in Burr’s treason trial.

When Burr was indicted for treason the evidence of his guilt centered on clear and overt acts….  ..


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Did Holder resign because he can no longer trust the FBI to be his personal army of thugs?

By Kevin “Coach’ Collins

The resignation of Attorney General Eric Holder is great news for the continued life of our republic. Patriotic Americans are sighing in relief and saying, “Good riddance to a lawless tyrant!”   

This joyous event brings to mind the startling glut of gut punches brought to bear last March by the FBI against Democrat “sacred cows;” punches which were clearly thrown without permission from Holder or any of his top aides. The FBI raided offices and  arrested or indicted a half dozen members of usually protected Democrat minorities. Last spring within a two week period, Democrats who by their membership in protected groups would heretofore never have been questioned let alone arrested and sent to jail, became the targets of federal criminal actions.  

It started when Gordon Fox, the half Black “Gay married” Speaker of the Rhode Island House of Representatives saw his office raided by the FBI. They had been investigating him for years and finally decided to move on him without Holder’s permission. They had so much on Fox that he immediately resigned without a fight.   

From there the FBI went after a Black, New York State Assemblyman, charging him with stealing just $825.00 through his otherwise NEVER audited State expense account. This amount is so small that it clearly represented an unmistakable challenge to Holder’s authority. As with the Fox case there was neither a word nor the slightest discernable retaliation from the crooked Eric Holder.

In rapid succession the FBI then raided the Black Democrat mayor of Charlotte, North Carolina in a move which also came after a long investigation that “just happened to culminate” a few days after the Fox raid. The mayor also immediately folded his hand and plead guilty.  Moving westward, the FBI next indicted a White Democrat Illinois Assemblyman for trafficking in child pornography.  

The FBI then raided the home and office of a Black Democrat, female town treasurer in Indiana and brought charges of theft and corruption against her.

Next the FBI raided Leland Yee, a crooked Democrat California State Senator, for his participation in a number of federal felonies including plotting to sell guns to terrorists. This too came after years of apparently fruitless investigation.  

The FBI closed out its fortnight of strikes with the indictment of a Korean American female immigration lawyer on charges of perjury and harboring an illegal alien.

All of these Democrats were hit by the FBI and some Assistant U S Attorneys without permission from Holder.

Since then, Holder has flooded Ferguson Missouri looking for a way to bring a Civil rights indictment against any White person his mob could find, but to no avail.

Now he is leaving office.  He may be telling the truth when he says it was “just time” to go, or the federal investigations into his criminal activities and impeachable acts might be causing the walls to close in on him.

In any event,  maybe the honest men and women in the Justice Department have finally gotten the message to  Eric Holder that they were finished being his thugs.  


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How real women really see Barack Obama and the Democrats


This brief video spot has Salon Leftist Joan Walsh bouncing off the walls with indignation and outrage. How dare anyone presume to know what women think unless it be a liberal woman, eh Joanie?  She calls it “so condescending to women it might have been made by Todd Akin,” and offers some free advice to Republicans to stop showing this spot or they’ll lose in November. Thanks Joanie.

In her full frontal attack Walsh throws aside all pretense of being a card carrying, fully PC liberal when she references the actor in the spot as being latte-skinned thereby gratuitously mentioning she is not White.  Feigning ignorance Walsh asks ““Barack is not on the ballot, so what’s the point of the ad?”  Take a look and see what you think.


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