Watch Arkansas Senate Tom Cotton show America how a Republican is supposed to question an Obama stooge

Senator Cotton is just 35 years old, is a Harvard graduate who joined the Army after 9-11. He saw combat as an Infantry Officer in both Iraq and Afghanistan where he earned a Bronze Star as well as many other citations. Now watch him level an Obama Stooge who was trying to say that releasing detainees from Guantanamo Bay is necessary because if the US keeps them there, it will be used as a “recruiting tool” for terrorists.

Imagine the word Nazi in front of Obama and the Democrats’ appointees

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Imagine it is 1942 and Democrat President Franklin D. Roosevelt has just announced a series of appointments to his inner circle and the then Democrat infected Congress did the same. Now imagine the word “Nazi” before the names of each of the people they appointed. Imagine these people actually being certified Nazis instead of certified Muslims:   

John Brennan, current head of the CIA: Nazi/Muslim;

Obama top advisor Valerie Jarrett: Nazi/Muslim born in [Germany] – Iran where her parents still live;

Leading Democrat pretender to the presidency, Hillary Clinton’s top advisor, Huma Abedin is a Nazi/Muslim whose mother and brother are involved in the now outlawed Muslim Brotherhood in [Germany]/Egypt;

Assistant Secretary for Policy Development for Homeland Security: Arif Aikhan, is a Nazi/Muslim;

Homeland Security Advisor: Mohammed Elibiary, is a Nazi/Muslim;

Obama’s head of the Nazi/Muslim Public Affairs Council: Salam al-Marayati, is aNazi/ Muslim; and

Obama’s head of the Advisory Council on Faith-Based Neighborhood Partnerships: Eboo Patel, is a Nazi/Muslim.

Democrat Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi has used her power to appoint Rep Andre Carson, D-Indiana the first Nazi/ Muslim to the House of Representatives Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. Let that sink in. Pelosi has put an active Nazi/Muslim in a secret Intelligence Committee. Does she think we are gathering intelligence about the Eskimos? Does this imbecile not understand that we are at war against Muslims?   

Had Democrat Roosevelt tried this stunt in 1942 people would have marched on Washington. Nevertheless, aided by a lapdog media that seems to think they will be exempt from the cold steel of Islamists vengeance against those they hate, the Democrats have done what would have been unthinkable 73 years ago. They are cheering on the infiltration of vicious terrorist supporters into our government. They are holding the door open for people who want to murder every last one of us.  Whether they are called Muslims or Nazis these people are our enemies.  America has been infected with the corrosive hands of our enemies. Now it is up to us to save our beloved country.

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Giuliani was right about Barack Obama. “End of story!”

by George Spelvin, staff writer

 Joseph Axelrod, father of President Obama’s close advisor and Chicago confidant David Axelrod, belonged to the Communist Party for the 1936 general election, according to newly released exclusive information by (1) The street address in Brooklyn, N.Y. for the senior Axelrod is listed at 3831 Lyme Avenue in the “official report of the names and addresses of the voters for the Communist Party ticket in the l936 general election of the five boroughs of New York City.” 

But Obama’s Chicago based friend is discounting his father’s Communist Party membership as being reflective of his dad’s “youthful act of defiance. . .(and) bohemian lifestyle,” in his new book: “Believer: My Forty Years in Politics.”  This great web source goes on to point out that the father and son were very close: “For all our years together, my father was always the one who provided a listening ear and loving support.” (2)  After Joseph Axelrod took his own life in 1974, David, then 19, said, “I was completely on my own.”  However, reporter Charles C. Johnson remarks that, “His father still left him with his radically left-wing views.” The unintended consequence of the revelation concerning the very close father-son relationship may come back to haunt both David and Barack Obama who must now deal with questions about how much he loves our country.

Obama used a new campaign slogan for his 2012 re-election bid, and the “Forward!” theme has long ties to Marxism, socialism,” says researcher, Paul Kengor. (3) This writer emphasizes that the Obama campaign slogan was used by “many communist and radical publications…in the 19 and 20th centuries.”  Don’t forget that Bill Ayres named his publication “Prairie Fire,” after a Mao Tse Tung quote: “A single spark can start a prairie fire.” Kengor cites his research into hated Romanian dictator Nicolai Ceausecu’s use of “Forward Comrades,” the origin of which derives from the writings of Communist dictator Lenin.

Now, also, in the mix of Communist writers, thinkers, and philosophers is Frank Marshall Davis, friend of Obama’s grandfather. “The founding editor-in-chief for the CHICAGO STAR was FMD. . .unflaggingly pro-Soviet,” adds the American Thinker writer. (4)  The FBI’s 600 page file on Davis, says Kengor, notes that “Davis became interested in the Communist Party.”  And, “in short, FMD was an extremely active communist agitator no doubt familiar with ‘Forward’ as a communist slogan.”  (5)  Additionally, Vernon Jarrett, former father-in-law of Iranian born Valerie Jarrett, was a writer for a communist linked labor union.  Coming with Obama from Chicago, Valerie Jarrett has remained the President’s most dedicated Senior Advisor!

And the anecdotal web story that still pops up now and then describes how an American computer language developer who traveled to Moscow was seated next to a husband and wife at a dinner party in the Russian capitol  The troubling unattributed story says the wife told the American that, in paraphrase, someone influenced by Communism will be in the White House!  So the discovery of an actual voting record of David Axelrod’s father, who registered as a Communist Party member, is very upsetting. 

“Bravely Forward! Workmen, Let Your Watchword be: No Compromise!” is a front page quote of the Frank Marshall Davis edited CHICAGO STAR newspaper. American Thinker researcher Paul Kengor, who dug this up, concludes with: “If Obama and Axelrod spent a lot of time with these Chicago influences and circles, they could have easily picked up the slogan ‘Forward.’” (6)

Two NY POST reporters “searched Obama’s speeches and found a telling pattern: to his ’most emphatic expressions of patriotism,’ the president often attaches a scalding criticism of America, including when he is on foreign soil.” The POST researchers add: “In other words, Giuliani was right. End of Story.” (7)

SOURCES: (1) (2) . .(3) (4) (5) (6) . .   (7)  NEW YORK POST, Wednesday, February 25, 2015, pg. 13.

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American Exceptionalism

By Jerry Todd, staff writer

Folks who have a difficult time accepting American exceptionalism often do so out of a true sense of humility. Others hate us because we as a people have accomplished what they can only dream of.

What is exceptional about America is opportunity. Phony definitions of diversity aside, human beings are blessed with a myriad of gifts and talents that long to be developed and put to use. These know no racial or ethnic boundaries.

Because of the nature of our Founding documents and reasonable adherence thereto, more people have discovered their own exceptionalism by discovering, developing and sharing their unique gifts and talents. ​Here they could rise above their “station” in life, try, fail, fail again, succeed or at least not be among those “cold and timid souls who have tasted neither victory nor defeat” (T Roosevelt).

This also explains why “progressives” have had such a difficult time transforming this beautiful concept into a two-class society where the privileged can rule over a rotting corpse in a one-world government of Fascism or Sharia.

If a nation’s people are exceptional, it is because they are able to capitalize on the “endowment by our Creator” (DOI), the nation itself cannot help but be exceptional.

I trust the typical “progressive” would be grossly incapable of understanding this. Liberals and conservatives have more than an even chance, but “progressives” are like a metastasizing cancer on the body politic. Time for a little radiation and chemo.


Socialist Bernie Sanders on single payer healthcare: Will you believe me or the tidal wave of red ink?

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Socialists, Democrats, Communists and liberals rely on people being kept in the dark about their policies. Things are so much easier for them that way.  When the media never asks inconvenient questions, any chance of the truth getting out is generally non-existent. But when the bottom publically falls out of one of their fake “benefits” it becomes impossible for these people to keep us in the dark. 

When the Berlin Wall was coming down the Communists were still telling people to go back to work at their useless factories where they were making useless commodities no one wanted; but the people learned the truth anyway. Even as American troops were entering the building he was broadcasting from to control Baghdad, Saddam’s mouthpiece Baghdad Bob, was telling Iraqis Saddam’s troops were slaughtering Americans in the streets and the Republican Guard was winning the battle for Baghdad; but the people knew the truth.  

And now the truth has given Vermont’s self-described Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders his Baghdad Bob moment. Last December when Democrat Peter Shumlin, the senator’s home state Governor, was forced to admit that single payer healthcare doesn’t work, Sanders too was proved a liar.  

Sanders had a dream about becoming America’s first Socialist President. He thinks he can win by riding a popular wave of support for Obamacare that exists only in faculty lounges and his own mind. Now confronted with Shumlin’s admission, Sanders has taken to saying, “It’s not that it hasn’t worked out, it hasn’t been implemented. So I think that in Vermont, many of us, including the governor, are planning about how we go forward.”

Saying it “… hasn’t been implemented” is political double talk for “….it hasn’t been tried.” But it has been tried and it has failed.  When Shumlin signed the single payer experiment into law in 2011 it was amid high hopes that Vermont would be the model for a national system.  By 2013 Sanders was saying, “If Vermont can pass a strong single-payer system and show it works well, it will not only be enormously important to this state, it will be a model [for the nation].”

With Obamacare falling apart, all people like Sanders can do is lie about it and hope we don’t become aware of the truth. This is a terrible way to be governed.


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