The very familiar story of P.O. Darren Wilson stirs memories of NYCPD Sgt Ed Johnson

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson has likely never heard of Edward L. Johnson, a New York City Police Sergeant who was killed by an alcoholic psycho on a cold January day more than 54 years ago. But those who passed through the NYCPD Academy during the 1960s remember the story of how Sergeant Johnson died because it was part of the Firearms Training curriculum.

As the story goes, Sgt Johnson and his driver were called to a Bowery soup kitchen to back up a team of officers who were attempting to arrest a drunken, psychotic client who was using a 10 inch knife to threaten everyone in sight.  As the supervisor, Johnson bravely stepped forward to confront the man. Immediately the psycho lunged at him. The Sergeant fired all six of his rounds, his driver did the same and the original team did as well.  In all, 24 shots were fired from approximately seven feet. The attacker was hit 16 times and 4 of the wounds should have killed him instantly, but he still had the power to stab Johnson in the heart and kill him. The lesson from this attack is that those who are fueled by drugs and or alcohol sometimes don’t die immediately even when they sustain mortal wounds.

The story of how Michael Brown was killed by Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson suggests some parallels to the death of Sergeant Johnson. The fact that he was reportedly shot several times before succumbing to his wounds suggests that toxicology reports will reveal that Brown was high on something as well.

This could account for the multiple rounds Wilson had to fire to stop Brown from attacking him. It could also explain why Brown is reported to have “doubled back” to resume his attack on Wilson when anyone who was not under the influence of a substance would have run from the danger of Wilson’s bullets.

At this point we don’t know many facts about the shooting. But given what has come out so far, it seems possible that better firepower and a few more feet between the Officer and Brown might account for the difference between the stories of Police Officer Wilson and Sergeant Johnson. One can tell his story; one is now all but forgotten.   


The summer of the “angry Black man” is wearing thin


By Kevin “Coach” Collins

The “Angry Black Man” (ABM) is angry again. Civil insurrections are flaring up in various parts of the country because ABM is angry. The implied message in these riots is that it is time for the greater society to ante up more free stuff. The free stuff ABM has gotten for 4 and 5 generations has long since been taken for granted. The Society’s largesse elicits no thanks, just fresh demands accompanied by threats.

ABM believed the Ministry of Information’s “Gentle Giant” (GG) mask would cover the fact that their latest Trayvon Martin was apparently a strong arm robber. Now that the truth has gotten out ABM is crying foul saying it is character assassination to show that a criminal was a criminal because he died in a confrontation with a police officer. 

The demands for more free stuff will be high. Replacing twenty year old public housing projects that should be serviceable for decades more, might have done it; but the video of GG pushing a shopkeeper who had the nerve to ask him to pay for the cigars he had in his hand changed everything. The shopkeeper should have known ABMs don’t pay for anything.

Because ABM is angry again, we are supposed to continue paying for the many children he fathers with many women.  When these children are born we are supposed to feed  them clothe them, continue to build new housing projects for them to destroy and we are supposed to pay for the lawyers they need when they are arrested after robbing us in the street or knocking out one of our old people for the fun of it.

We are supposed to roll over and agree that since the ABM is angry (when isn’t he?) we will have to give up our guns to gun control and give more money to ungrateful people who murder us and rob us for the fun of it. We are supposed to let ABM cheat in elections so Democrats can stay in power; and we are supposed to be guilt ridden for moving away from their neighborhoods. 

When will the decent people of all colors and creeds say “No!” to the Angry Black Man and turn away?

His demands are wearing thin.



California’s teachers union hears the footsteps of workers’ freedom

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

The California Teachers Association (CTA) has quietly started to prepare its members for life after extortion.  It has put together a report titled “Not if, but when: Living in a world without Fair Share,” in which it acknowledges that the days of being able to extort teachers to bribe Democrats may be fast coming to an end. Automatic, compulsory union membership for teachers is being challenged in court and the thugs that run the state’s biggest teachers union can see the outcome will lead to an end of their cushy lives.

They have prepared a slideshow outlining the “terrible consequences” of their racket being curtailed. They warn the union will lose members, have to reduce staff (Oh no!) will lose the ability to influence pension and benefits decisions and see smaller chapters close down. They realize that teachers will flee their clutches the minute they are given the opportunity. When they see the plantation gate has been opened the stampede will be on as has happened elsewhere across the country when union slaves have been set free.  

The CTA is well aware that the recent Supreme Court case Harris V. Quinn has declared union shake-downs unconstitutional. In “Harris” the Court heard the case of Illinois forcing home care workers to pay their “fair share,” to the SEIU although they never had any intention of joining a union.  As the CTA see it, the union greed and overreach of the SEIU has provided the grounds for the “death knell for fair share.”    

CTA fears of extinction are well founded. When Republican Scott Walker broke the stranglehold of unions on state workers, union membership dropped dramatically, to a point where they are no longer political players in the state.  

The case that is currently being argued at the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals could be the end of the CTA’s power if it hits the Supreme Court. Given the mood of the Court toward union overreaches it could very well bring down the curtain on the CTA’s extortion scheme.  


Emboldened by their victim’s fear and inaction, Islamist thugs running wild in Sweden

By Kevin “Coach” Collins


They are making their move. With the world busy trying to blame Israel for killing “innocent” Palestinians, Islamist thugs in Sweden are flexing their muscles and starting their attacks. They are threatening Sweden by saying, “Until the day we die, we will engage in war against Sweden and Europe.” Sweden and Europe invited these savages into their midst.  They feed them, clothe them, give them free housing and offer them education, yet all the while allow these vicious sub-humans to openly hate their Swedish benefactors and rape their women without lifting a finger to defend themselves. 

Sweden is in desperate need of a serious attitude change, but of course that won’t happen because the Swedes are cowards and cowards don’t defend themselves. Cowards convince themselves that no response is the best response.      

In the latest example of how emboldened Sweden’s Islamists thugs have become, a caller to an Arab language talk-show who identified himself as Sheikh Ahmed of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) flatly stated that in the Koran, Allah instructs Muslims to kill non-Muslims.   

When the host, who is a Muslim convert to Christianity, pressed the caller to explain himself the caller said, “The purpose of ISIS is to eradicate them [non-Muslims].”

When the host said: “And you receive welfare benefits from Sweden. You take advantage of the state and its welfare money,” the caller answered, “No It is not their money. The money can only come from god.”    

Further conversation went as follows:

Host: “So why do you live in Sweden? Why do you live in a land of non-believers? You know it is haram [dirty] forbidden for Muslims.”

Caller: “The Islam country is God’s country which is the entire world.”

This is the mind set of these monsters. This is what they want to do to us. They believe they are doing God’s work. This makes talking to them, negotiating with them impossible. It is easier to strike a genuine peace with an MS-13 gang member than to get these savage, 7th century sub-humans to let us live our lives. The principle of self-defense demands we keep these people out of our country.

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Public employee Unions. Some things never change

Sixteen years ago, Coach is Right contributor Jerry Todd wrote the following brief letter to the editor of The Californian, the hometown paper of Bakersfield, California. If anything has changed over the years, it has only been for the worse.

October 24, 1998

Letters Editor
P.O. Box 440
Bakersfield, CA 93302 – Sent by FAX

Dear Editor:

I’m for labor unions, but have a real problem with public employee unions. There’s a “Catch-22” here, because public employees need some form of collective bargaining at times, but the power they exercise in the body politic has become a possibly terminal cancer in our society.

When they run their own candidates or push the election of others, they are cementing the status quo and bureaucratic inefficiency into the workings of the community and nation. Consider the horrible price our children and wallets have paid thanks to the power of the now well entrenched educational establishment!

One politician’s ad sneers that his opponent has a “0” National Education Association rating. Yet that, for those of us who hate socialism from the core of our beings, is the highest praise one could heap on a candidate. For the rest of you, cry for your beloved country and for what you are doing to it!

Gerald V. Todd    

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