Real life smacks Baltimore’s Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake upside her head


By Kevin “Coach” Collins

It wasn’t supposed to be this way for Baltimore’s Black Democrats. They are in charge because – well they should be – it IS Baltimore. The town is a  Black city and a Democrat vote harvesting plantation so what could go wrong for a young up and comer like Black female Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake?

Of course she is not up to the job, but so what! Democrats never are.  All she had to do is what Democrats always do, say whatever was necessary to get her base to the polls and then blame Republicans when the bottom fell out of her empty promises. She was cruising toward taking the Senate seat Barbara Mikulski will be vacating in 2016 and now all of those plans are going up in smoke because she has been exposed as a fake.

When you are a young Black female Democrat and the mayor of Baltimore the only thing between you and being a Senate super star should be the calendar. But real life has smacked her upside the head.

When her racist Baltimore City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby went “All Out Sharpton” and indicted the whole Baltimore Police Department for everything she could think of, real life smacked Rawlings-Blake upside her head. The cops are going dead and Rawlings-Blake is holding the bag.  

Baltimore’s police are not following the script that was supposed to get her to the Senate. They are refusing to put themselves in danger for her or her base. Her city is descending into a cesspool of violent crime that is worse than it was before Freddie Gray died. Now that she has to actually make decisions she hasn’t the faintest idea how to do that because she is a typical Democrat empty suit/skirt.

As Democrats have taken tighter and tighter control of America’s cities they have developed a dangerous addiction to electing people whose only qualification is being a good Democrat. Most of the time the fools they put in office can fake their way through; but in the case of Baltimore, New York, Chicago, Seattle, Los Angeles, Oakland and dozens of small and medium sized cities across the country, the Democrats’ disregard for qualification is catching up to them.  

Baltimore will be Rawlings-Blake’s last stop, not her launching pad – real life has smacked her upside her head.         


An American “Son of Fire” we must remember on this Memorial Day

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Let us never forget those who gave their life for our freedoms.

Remembering the brave men and women who gave their “last full measure of devotion” for our freedoms requires us to take a moment on this Memorial Day to focus on the individuals behind the numbers and remember they are not just names on a wall.

One of those individuals who gave everything he had for us was Marine Captain John J. McKenna IV who was killed on August 16, 2006 during an operation in Fallujah, Iraq.

The story of John McKenna’s life and death is the story of a genuine American hero. Having had the great honor of spending a day with John J. McKenna III, the Captain’s father, I learned the story of how the McKenna family got the awful news of his death.  It was a reminder that the heroes who step forward to defend us, come from America’s greatest asset: our families.

Captain McKenna lost his life trying to comfort one of his men, Lance Corporal Michael Glover. They were conducting an operation near Fallujah Iraq when Glover, who was the point man, was shot by a sniper. True to his nature as a great leader, McKenna wouldn’t order anyone else to go out to help Glover; he went himself. Witnesses say John had Michael Glover cradled in his lap when he too was shot and killed by the same sniper.

A few days after Captain McKenna’s death, John III was in the family’s old home in Brooklyn. They had recently sold it and he was taking one last look at the place where he and his wife Karen had raised John and his sister Allyson.

He was in Brooklyn for a final dental appointment and stopped at the house to make sure it was in order for the new owners. When the bell rang he thought it was neighbors coming by to wish him and his family well in their new home 175 miles away in upstate New York.

When he opened the door there was no need for words. He saw two Marine officers. He knew why they were there.  When the Marine officers heard Captain McKenna was a New York State Trooper on active duty as a reservist, they made arrangements to have the Troopers join in helping the McKenna family.

Soon a procession of government vehicles was taking John McKenna III back upstate to be with his wife and daughter. What happened when the motorcade turned onto his new street is one of those things that make us proud to be Americans.

He recalled that even though they had moved into their new home just nine days before, every neighbor on his street was outside on the roadway with burning candles quietly paying tribute to the fallen Captain McKenna and his family.

John McKenna IV “Son of Fire”

The name McKenna can be translated from the ancient Irish language to mean “Son of Fire.” The countenance of John J. McKenna IV was a perfect fit to this meaning. John had piercing green eyes and fiery red hair. He was the hard charger he looked like.

He was a brilliant student who was sent to Europe on an international fellowship.  He was a tough New York State Trooper, an Eagle Scout and a credit to his country his family, the Marine Corps and all freedom loving Americans.

We were honored to have had Captain John J. McKenna IV and Lance Corporal Michael Glover among us even for the too few years of their lives.

Where we get such patriots is no mystery. They come from fine families like the ones fashioned by McKennas and Glovers.  May God bless them today and always.

Do Not Underestimate the Islamic State: White House Denies Reality

by Jim Emerson, staff writer

This week the world received a wake-up call when the Islamic State seized control of Ramadi and Palmyra in Syria. Obama’s so-called JV team just made military forces abandoned the capital of Iraq’s largest province handing a defeat to team Obama’s strategy to defeat the extremist group. Not stopping to celebrate victory, ISIS forces are heading east to attack retreating Iraqi forces. While Iraq talks about gathering pro-government forces the Islamic State is heading to Fallujah to set up a launching point for Baghdad.

The world was shocked when the Islamic State militants captured the ancient Syrian town of Palmyra. The ancient city dates to the second millennium BC as a caravan stop. The city was mentioned in the annals of the Assyrian kings and may have been referenced in the Bible. It is listed as a World Heritage site serving as a center Aramaic Greco-Roman cultures. Syrians have been working feverishly removing ancient artifacts from the historic Syrian city before the extremists destroy or sell them on the black market. However, if the Islamic State takes a little time off from the slaughter of Christians, its sub-human members will destroy any artifacts which have been left behind.

General Dempsey summed up the situation, saying Iraqis weren’t driven out of Ramadi; they drove themselves. Iraqi security force commanders made a tactical decision to withdraw from Ramadi to a more defensible position near Habbaniyah, leaving behind Sunni civilians to the mercy of the militants. More likely than not the Iraqi forces are not ready to handle an organized attack without outside help. Sunnis will see this as tribal loyalty over nationalism so it will not end well.

The Pentagon is confident Iraqi security forces will take back the city in the near term. How? Obama has insisted that no American troops will be in the fight even though an aggressive force is taking the fight to a retreating Iraqi Army. Iraq has no choice but to recall its forces from other areas to protect areas closer to Baghdad and make a deal with Iran to save them. They know Obama won’t.

White House Mullah Barack Hussein and tribal clowns are under pressure to review their military strategy to defeat the Islamic State. The fact is Obama’s ISIS strategy is reminiscent of a child with ADD, consisting of a short attention span, poor concentration and occasional hyperactivity. The defiant Mullah Barack tells everyone his ADD-influenced strategy is a good one and that the loss of the Cities was a “setback”

But killing non-combatant leaders with drone strikes and commando raids is not good strategy. Typical of Barack Hussein, it is a political strategy, meant to convince the home crowd that the Chicago Mullah is a tough and courageous warrior. But when the laughter subsides, interested Americans will realize the Islamic State will not die with the removal of a single leader. Thanks to Barack it has grown into a Lernaean Hydra.

Obama was interested only in keeping a campaign promise to the far left when he abandoned Iraq and therefore lied about having no choice but to withdraw U.S. troops in the absence of a status of forces agreement. Though he will attempt to lay any future disasters at the feet of President Bush, history will blame Obama for calmly watching the Islamic State rise to power. He certainly did nothing to stop it.

The last Democrat President who ignored a global threat helped set the stage for 9-11. Of course, Bill Clinton was so busy launching attacks against Regime enemies such as gun owners, Christians and American patriots that he didn’t have the time or the interest to defend the nation from any real monsters. Just a bit reminiscent of Barack, Hillary and Benghazi, isn’t it.



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