Vietnam Era Déjà vu as College Imbeciles Spit on Vets

By Jim Emerson, staff writer

Twice a year Panama City Beach hosts Warrior Beach Retreat were wounded Warriors for an all-expense-paid vacation. Local businesses cover the expenses of more than a 100 combat-wounded warriors and their spouses or caregivers. During this the time the local community honors the vets to the beach for a time of relaxation and appreciation. Unfortunately, this event during Spring break, young punks from the Zeta Beta Tau fraternity had a Vietnam era liberal flashback and started insulting and spitting on wounded American vets.

Warrior Beach Retreat was founded by Linda and Philip Cope in 2009 when their son Joshua lost his legs and damaged his hands in Iraq after an IED explosion. The retreat is an eight day event during which local businesses and the community support the organization by providing a free vacation for the wounded heroes. There is a two year waiting list for the retreat. Linda Cope remembers how Vietnam veterans were treated upon their return home and her goal is to remind Americans what vets have done for this country.

Genius Zeta Beta Tau fraternity members from the University of Florida and Emory University, too young to remember 9-11, proceeded to taunt the solders, insult their wives, urinate on an American flag, and spit on a wounded vet and his service dog. (1) They may have no memory of 9-11 but it’s a fair bet they are learning from the military haters of the 60’s. At the time of this writing the Universities haven’t taken any actions against the fraternities, but given the negative publicity the frats have expelled a few token members and suspended activities at the universities.

Zeta Beta Tau Executive Director Laurence Bolotin admitted that members had participated in the ugly behavior and issued a personal apology to the Veterans, their families and the Warrior Beach Retreat organization. W. Kent Fuchs, the president of the University of Florida wrote a personal apology to Linda Cope and promised to take ’’appropriate action and prevent similar incidents from occurring again.” (2) Emory University is doing its best Sergeant Schultz imitation by claiming “I know nothing, I see nothing.” This compound of leftist misfits insists it hasn’t found any students who participated in the events. At least the U of Florida went through the motions, even though its higher-ups undoubtedly believed and supported none of them. The president/Dean/ringmaster at Emory lack the courage and decency to follow suit.

The founder of Warrior Beach Retreat and the community that is home of Naval Support Activity Panama City and nearby Tyndall AFB were shocked at the despicable behavior of the college students.

The incidents of Spring Break and Warrior Beach Retreat are a wake-up call to a 9-11 generation which may be imitating the pathetic radicals of the 60s. The only thing missing is the draft. It’s doubtful that this is an isolated incident and probable that a few old hippies are smoking a joint while sipping Geritol and saying “right on”.

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2.) http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2015/04/23/frat-boys-spit-on-wounded-vet-urinate-on-american-flag/

Foundations. Everybody needs one!

By Ed Wood, staff writer

Have you established your family “foundation” yet? Everybody who is anybody seems to have one these days. There is the Ford Foundation, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Mellon Foundation, the Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Foundation . . . on and on. Why even my grandmother had a “foundation.” I knew she wore one, because every Spring she would wash the thing and hang it out on the clothesline to dry. But I digress.

What is the big deal about establishing a “foundation” that it should attract so many wealthy people? Well, you guessed it. It’s a money-laundering tax scam!

Here are some of its benefits, as provided by Hurwit and Associates, who describe themselves as “legal counsel for philanthropy & the nonprofit sector.”

Effective Philanthropy. The foundation vehicle may facilitate organized, systematic, and targeted giving.” Great idea. Must have made it easier for the Clintons to distribute the 15% of their donations to what they called charitable institutions. The remaining 85% went to pay Foundation “expenses.”

Expanded Giving Opportunities. Individuals may not claim tax deductions for gifts made to other individuals or non-charitable organizations. But, they may claim tax deductions on donations to a family foundation, and then give it away — tax free.

Deductibility Plus Control. Family members may make tax-deductible donations to their own family foundation and still, as foundation trustees, remain in control of the funds. One of the few situations we know of where you can give it away, and still have it.

Sheltered Income Plus Control. Foundation investment income is exempt from taxation (with the possible exception of a 1-2% excise tax in some situations).

Payment of Reasonable Compensation. Family members and others may receive reasonable compensation from the foundation in return for services rendered.

Reimbursement of Travel and Other Expenses. Reasonable and direct costs of site visits and board meetings may be paid by the foundation to family members, employees, and trustees, tax free. Thus all the board meetings being held in Paris, Hawaii, Bali, etc.

Double Capital Gains Tax Benefits. First, no capital gain is realized when appreciated property is donated to a foundation. Second, donors may claim a charitable deduction for the full market value of appreciated stock held in publicly traded companies when donated to the foundation.

Estate Tax Reduction. Assets transferred to family foundations are generally not subject to estate taxes. This may provide triple tax savings when combined with the benefits above.

So the next time you hear of a “charitable foundation,” just remember that charity generally begins at home. And in the Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Foundation, 85% of it apparently stays there!

Sources: http://www.hurwitassociates.com/index.php


Coach is Right, Friday Short Stories

By John Velisek, USN (Ret), staff writer

1.) Dingy Harry Strikes Again

Senate Democrat Leader Harry Reid’s disdain for his Republican colleagues is on full display as he aims to force a vote on the nomination of Loretta Lynch as U.S. Attorney General. In fact, the former Majority Leader is threatening to hijack the Senate. Given the weakness of the Republican majority, why not!

“I know parliamentary procedure around here and we’re going to put up with this for a little while longer, but not much,” Reid said in an interview on MSNBC. “Absolutely we can force votes. If we don’t get something done soon, I will force a vote.”

The Huffington Post reports that Lynch’s nomination was delayed because it was “tied” to a “controversial” bill on combating human trafficking currently under consideration in the Senate.

Unsurprisingly, both those statements from HuffPo are untrue. The Lynch nomination is “tied” to the trafficking bill only to the extent that it is scheduled to take place after work on that legislation is completed. This is like saying Friday is “tied” to “Thursday.” The trafficking bill is only controversial because Senate Democrats have united to push for changes in the bill that would erode decades-old federal policy on abortion funding. Reid’s threats aren’t as much about getting a vote on Lynch as they are continuing to intimidate Senate Republicans in the public arena. Inexplicably, Republicans have largely avoided the public debate on the trafficking issue, giving Reid a free reign for his demagoguery.

My Opinion: Does anyone have any doubt that the Republicans will cave without getting anything out of the process? They hide in corners and give us excuses about why they can’t get anything done. When a corrupt, perpetual liar like Harry Reid can run roughshod over the Republican Party using both legal and illegal means, it is time to look at that party again. Grow a backbone Republicans. Either join the conservatives to get things done or–preferably–get out of their way.

Source: http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2015/04/17/harry-reid-threatens-to-take-over-senate-for-lynch-vote/November 2014

2.) Reparations? Again?

On Thursday’s broadcast of Fox Business Network’s “Making Money,” host Charles Payne made a bold prediction when he suggested that President Barack Obama would make a push for slavery reparations. Payne said: “I think that there’s going to be an official apology from the White House to slavery in America and then a major push to get cash, and I’m talking lots of cash.” “Many including those closest to President Obama will push him to make this happen,” Payne continued. “I actually think it would be a major mistake. Instead, Obama should really discuss and focus on all of the progress we have made and how all Americans need to move forward for better days for all of our kids.

My Opinion: Good Idea! Let’s take more money from the productive and give it to those that have spent decades—generations–being victims. Mine was a family of poor farmers in Eastern Europe, so why should I owe reparations? Of course, that won’t matter, I’m White, therefore guilty and I have to pay. And what about the Blacks and Muslims who sold slaves, will they pay? Just another government handout to keep the victims of Democrat policies voting Democrat. Taking even more money out of the pockets of producers is not going to make things better. When that production system runs out of money, where do they cut first? JOBS. Affirmative Action, quotas and being given permission to break the law with impunity because Eric Holder won’t prosecute “his people” are reparations enough.

Source: http://www.breitbart.com/video/2015/04/17/fbns-charles-payne-obama-will-make-a-push-for-slave-reparations/

3.) Immigration will Happen by Hook or Crook

Monday on Newmax TV’s “America’s Forum,” political commentator Dick Morris said the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPA) fast track being supported by many Republicans has a provision that allows for the “free flow of workers” between countries, essentially creating a backdoor to “unrestricted immigration.” Morris said, “This is huge. I hope everybody listening takes action call your senator about it. If he is a Republican he is voting wrong.

“I don’t think that people understand that in this deal which is a trade agreement among Australia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Japan, Canada, the United States, Mexico, Peru, and Chile, there’s a provision for free flow of workers, just like in the European Union. What it means is unrestricted immigration. It means literally that congress would not have the authority to restrict immigration because a treaty supersedes a statute under our constitution.”

My Opinion: We are going to have a massive, unrestrained influx of illegals into the United States no matter what the people want. Our Muslim in chief will do his best to end the exceptionalism of this country and cause the United States to devolve into another third world nation of welfare and ignorance. Our liberty has been grossly and unconstitutionally restricted. We are being forced, literally at the point of a gun, to accept the demands of political correctness. And when freedom of speech no longer exists it can only mean the country is on the brink of becoming a socialist state. It once again falls to Congress to take up the reins of leadership, and say “No More”. Unfortunately, with Republicans in charge, can we hold out much hope? Call your Senator and tell him in no uncertain terms that this cannot stand.

Source: http://www.breitbart.com/video/2015/04/20/morris-obama-sneaking-in-unrestricted-immigration-in-tpa-trade-deal/

4.) Clinton: ‘I Am Tired Of the Mean-Spiritedness In Politics’

Hillary Rodham Clinton found herself on the defensive during her first presidential campaign visit to New Hampshire this year as she had to push back against swirling questions about her family foundation. She spent much of her time dismissing accusations that foreign governments which made donations to the Clinton Foundation received preferential treatment from the State Department while she served in the Obama administration.

“We will be subjected to all kinds of distractions and attacks,” she told reporters during a stop in the liberal bastion of Keene. “I’m ready for that. I know that that comes, unfortunately, with the territory.”

In her early campaign stops, Clinton has cast herself as above the political back-and-forth, vowing to change the harsh partisan tone in Washington. “I am tired of the mean-spiritedness in politics,” she told voters who gathered in a supporter’s living room in Claremont. “Enough with the attacks and the anger, let’s find answers together and figure out what we’re going to do.”
My Opinion: Poor Hillary, being treated like a candidate. Doesn’t everyone know that after King Obama, we must vote for Queen Hillary? I am being asked to vote for a woman who ran a bimbo eruption team out of the White House, let four men die in Benghazi and still hasn’t answered those or countless other questions. A woman who took foreign money to do the bidding of our enemies, and who can’t give a straight answer to anything. She says she wants to talk about the everyday problems our country faces. The main problems are the efforts of Hillary Clinton and her ilk in the Democrat party working to transform a great and free nation into a Socialist dictatorship. Go away Hillary, nobody but the Kool Aid drinkers, Muslims, socialists and welfare recipients believe you anymore. Will the Republican Party elite have the courage to nominate a candidate who can defeat the most corrupt female in the history of politics?

Source: http://washington.cbslocal.com/2015/04/21/clinton-i-am-tired-of-the-mean-spiritedness-in-politics/

John Velisek USN (Ret.)

The American Dream ended (on November 6th, 2012) in Ohio.

by An American Veteran. Semper Fi

The second term of Barack Obama will be the final nail in the coffin for the legacy of the white Christian males who discovered, explored, pioneered, settled and developed the greatest Republic in the history of mankind.

A coalition of Blacks, Latinos, Feminists, Gays, Government Workers, Union Members, Environmental Extremists, The Media, Hollywood, uninformed young people, the “forever needy,” the chronically unemployed, illegal aliens and other “fellow travelers” have ended Norman Rockwell’s America. The Cocker Spaniel is off the front porch… The Pit Bull is in the back yard. The American Constitution has been replaced with Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” and Chicago shyster, David Axelrod, along with international Socialist George Soros will be pulling the strings on their beige puppet to bring us Act 2 of the New World Order.

Our side ran two candidates who couldn’t even win their own home states, and Chris Christie helped Obama over the top with a glowing “post Sandy” tribute that elevated the “Commander-in-Chief” to Mother Teresa status. (Aside: with the way the polls were run, he didn’t need any help!) People like me are completely politically irrelevant, and I will never again comment on or concern myself with the aforementioned coalition which has surrendered our culture, our heritage and our traditions without a shot being fired.

You will never again out-vote these people. It will take individual acts of defiance and massive displays of civil disobedience to get back the rights we have allowed them to take away. It will take Zealots, not moderates & not shy, reach-across-the-aisle RINOs to right this ship and restore our beloved country to its former status.

Those who come after us will have to risk their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor to bring back the Republic that this generation has timidly frittered away due to “white guilt” and political correctness.

An American Veteran………Semper-Fi

Sustainability: A Fable For Our Time

We must journey back to March, 1987, and the United Nations document entitled Our Common Future: Report of the World Commission on Environment and Development, to discover what is probably the only universally agreed upon—if nebulous and contradictory—definition of “sustainable development,” the precursor of “sustainability,” viz.

Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. It contains within it two key concepts:

  • the concept of ‘needs’, in particular the essential needs of the world’s poor, to which overriding priority should be given; and
  • the idea of limitations imposed by the state of technology and social organization on the environment’s ability to meet present and future needs.

Notably, this document is much more about reducing the gap in standard of living between rich and poor countries than the environment, although it is difficult to separate the two. The report also stipulates that increased energy production will be needed to improve the plight of the poor. Nonetheless, it does pay due deference to all manner of Green issues, including population control and climate.

As with many UN documents, there is an ominous world government, nay totalitarian foreshadowing in such statements as “Ecological interactions do not respect the boundaries of individual ownership and political jurisdiction.”

28 years later, how does this sustainability play out in real life? A perusal of several corporate and academic websites on the matter of sustainability reveals a depressing, almost eerie similarity in mission, not to mention the paint-by-numbers details. The following precepts are virtually always present:

1.     Waste and recycling policies, with few specifics on what happens with all the recycled material.

2.     Energy management, replete with questionable strategies that may reduce demand, but affect safety and comfort.

3.     So-called “sustainable dining,” which favors small local growers, despite the obvious energy and land use saving advantages of larger-scale producers.

4.     Water conservation policies, which are often are nothing more than installing low flow devices—a facile solution at best.

Given the apocalyptic nature of the Green movement, it was inevitable that a “sustainability is not sustainable” faction would emerge. Its acolytes range from reformers like Jianguo (Jack) Liu of Michigan State University’s Center for Systems Integration and Sustainability; to doom profiteers epitomized by Guy McPherson, Professor Emeritus of Natural Resources and Ecology & Evolutionary Biology at the University of Arizona.

Liu’s holistic approach to addressing complex human-environmental challenges integrates multiple disciplines, uniting ecology and social sciences. He enjoys linking seemingly unrelated issues, such as divorce and environmental sustainability.

McPherson believes that industrial society will collapse as oil becomes scarcer and more expensive, but that’s all good since it’s the only way to stop catastrophic climate change, continued pollution, and human overpopulation.

In 2012, during a speech at Muskegon (MI) Community College, he ruled out technology as a means of saving the world, since it would promote “climate chaos.” Channeling a repurposed version of Josef Mengele, he noted that medical technology is bad for the future of humanity as it allows unchecked population growth. No word if he personally would forgo medical treatment.

McPherson boasts that he lives an off-the-grid sustainable lifestyle, but is strangely silent on his round-the-world book tours. His nonsensical pseudoscience—as updated frequently on his blog—has been deconstructed by many writers, including Scott Johnson and Michael Tobis.

Indeed, the science behind the deep ecology/”doomer” fringe of the hard Green movement is so relentlessly awful as to beggar belief. For example, those who hold that our planet is running out of oxygen will cite the work of Mae-Wan Ho and the ludicrously overrated Ervin Laszlo.

In a 2009 paper, Ho informs us that it is difficult to measure changes in oxygen because there is so much of it in the atmosphere compared with carbon dioxide; and that global carbon dioxide records go back more than 50 years, but oxygen measurement in combination with carbon dioxide goes back barely two decades. I guess she never heard of paramagnetic oxygen analyzers, dating back to the 1940s, which show no interference from carbon dioxide; or non-dispersive infrared analyzers for carbon dioxide, which show no interference from oxygen, and are even older.

But for sheer idiocy, no one tops Laszlo, who stated in his 2001 book Macroshift: Navigating the Transformation to a Sustainable World that the once familiar 21% oxygen content of the atmosphere has been affected, such that it “[d]ips to 19% over impacted areas, and it is down to 12 to 17% over the major cities.”

Never mind that a simple measurement at sea level anywhere in the world would yield 20.9%, or that 19.5% is essentially the universal safety standard for oxygen deficiency. All Laszlo had to do was consult any industrial hygiene reference book to discover these symptoms of oxygen deficiency:

19%      Some adverse physiological effects occur, but they may not be noticeable.

15–19% Impaired thinking and attention. Increased pulse and breathing rate. Reduced coordination. Decreased ability to work strenuously. Reduced physical and intellectual performance without awareness.

12–15%     Poor judgment. Faulty coordination. Abnormal fatigue upon exertion. Emotional upset.

Airline passengers are temporarily exposed to oxygen concentrations that can dip to 16%, and this is surely noticeable, even as they remain sedentary, or take a nap. Rest assured that you would notice 12-17% ambient oxygen in your everyday environment! Yet, Laszlo’s numbers, created out of whole cloth, and making no stoichiometric sense whatsoever, have been cited repeatedly.

Junk science must be sustainable.

Conservative Blogging from Coach Kevin Collins