Sharia comes to our streets Part 12: Why Sharia has to be stopped in its tracks

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

If you think the hate filled rallies organized by Islamist terrorist only happen in the Middle East or Europe think again.

Just last week, Sharia driven Hamas sympathizers have taken to America’s streets. In Miami they chanted “We are Hamas” and “Death to Jews.”  To make certain that their message was as unambiguous as possible they gathered one block from the Israeli consulate.   

Sponsored by such groups as the Al-Awda Coalition, CAIR and the National Lawyers Guild, the demonstrators used the subtle but chilling chant “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free,” meaning their aim is the wipe Israel off the map.     

As the protest got revved up the crowd of Sharia robots screamed their threats in Arabic saying, “The martyr is God’s love,” in praise of suicide bombers and “Khaybar Khaybar meaning, “Oh Jew, Muhammad’s army will return.”

In Chicago thousands of Palestinian supporters threaten a group of pro-Israel demonstrators. We are seeing hard core Jew haters screaming in Arabic and even Hebrew. They are no longer hiding in the shadows because they understand that Barack Obama has set a tone of anti-Semitism that has been fully embraced by the American media and Leftists throughout the country.

By the way, watch for a truce in Gaza to be arranged soon. This is one of the Islamists oldest tricks. Called a “Hudna,” a truce like this is what the cowards in Islam call for when they are getting their heads handed to them. They are hoping John Kerry can do their bidding and get the Israelis to stop pummeling them so they can start a new offensive, regroup and recruit more halfwits willing to blow themselves.

And be very watchful of “spontaneous” demonstrations in support of “peace” on American streets.  They are not spontaneous. They are merely tricks designed to secure the support of Americans for the savages in Gaza.

When Islamists driven by Sharia Law get a head of steam under them they are hard to stop. Do what you can to keep them from gaining a foothold in your town.            




By Doug Book,  editor

 On July 24th, Dr. Lee Silverman, a Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital Psychiatrist from Darby, Pennsylvania saved the lives of uncounted hospital workers and patients by shooting Richard Plotts, a mentally disturbed patient and felon.  While in Silverman’s office, Plotts pulled a hidden gun and killed Theresa Hunt, a 53 year old hospital caseworker who had accompanied Plotts to Dr. Silverman’s office.  Upon the shot being fired by Plotts, Silverman ducked behind his desk, pulled a pistol he keeps in a drawer and returned fire, hitting Plotts three times and ending the criminal’s would-be killing spree. Plotts was in critical condition and undergoing surgery on Thursday night.

 “Without a doubt, I believe the doctor saved lives,” said Donald Molineux , Chief of the Yeadon Police Dept.

 “Without that firearm, this guy (the patient) could have went out in the hallway and just walked down the offices until he ran out of ammunition.”

 So Dr. Silverman is a HERO, right? Well, maybe not so much. This is how Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital officials responded to the incident:

 “It was not clear why Silverman, a doctor for nearly 25 years, was armed at the office. Bernice Ho, a spokeswoman for Mercy Fitzgerald, said Thursday it was against hospital policy for anyone other than security guards to carry weapons.”

 ”We are grateful for the efforts of the emergency responders, and we are working with the Delaware County police departments to understand fully the details of the event and to do all we can to assist those affected,” hospital officials said in a statement.   

 Not one mention or word of thanks for Dr. Silverman, except, of course, to wonder why he had a gun stowed in his desk! By the time the “Emergency Responders”–to whom hospital officials were so grateful—arrived on the scene, Plotts could have killed an additional 5, 6, 8 people? Who knows!

 Instead, according to hospital witnesses, “Guys with helmets and automatic weapons kept jumping out of their cars;” “They came in with guns drawn…”

 But it was all over. The SWAT teams no doubt scared the Hell out of everyone on the scene, but accomplished nothing else.

 It will be interesting to see how Mercy Fitzgerald handles the episode. Will they dismiss a hero who saved God knows how many lives because he refused to follow the “gun free zone” policy of his place of work?






With the Uniparty rearing its ugly head in Kansas its emergence can’t be denied

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

The members of  the Uniparty, both Democrat and Republican, no longer feel it is necessary  to pretend  there are two political Parties in our country.  They have no qualms about acknowledging the truth: There is only one Party, the Uniparty which is aligned against us, the American people. The Uniparty continually works against us in its effort to rule every aspect of our lives.  New evidence of how pervasive the Uniparty is has just come from the plains of Kansas.

If “Fly over country” had a capital state it would probably be Kansas. The Sunflower State has been among the most reliable Republican states for many years. Now even Kansas has fallen prey to the clutches of the growing Uniparty as it consolidates its power across our nation.

Next November Kansas will re-elect conservative Republican Governor Sam Brownback or elect Democrat challenger Paul Davis.

Davis has just announced he has been endorsed by a group calling itself Kansas Values comprised of over 100 Republicans. This sounds impressive as a boost to Davis but it won’t be much help in November. Not surprisingly the Kansas Republican wing of the Uniparty rejects Brownback’s cuts in personal income tax rates and conservatism as a dangerous “experiment.” As loyal Unipartiests, they use the discredited U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics to try to convince Kansans the state is an economic freefall.   

Probably without the slightest bit of self-consciousness, a  Republican former State Senate president proudly proclaimed his change of allegiance to Uniparty with this capitulation to liberals, “This election should not be about electing a Republican or electing a Democrat, but it should be about electing a moderate, common sense [Unipartiest] Kansan as governor.”

The stink of Uniparty’s infiltration into the Republican Party’s Kansas base can be smelled from three states over.  Fortunately this time around, Brownback should not have trouble being reelected because Barack Obama is so damaging to the Democrat brand name.  Nevertheless, the Uniparty is here to stay and they won’t stop until our elections are as fake a wrestling match with the “winner” selected  well before each November. To stop it we have to recognizing its existence. Now you know about the Uniparty; it is up to us to fight these people.    


“Snakehead” Carville admits Obama doesn’t care what we think of him and agrees with him


Watch as even a devoted leftist hack like James Carville has to admit his president doesn’t care what the American people think about him.

“Former Democratic strategist James Carville sounded a little exasperated Thursday when he admitted President Obama “doesn’t really care” what the American people think about his presidency.

“The Fox News contributor sat down with Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly and “The Five” host Andrea Tantaros to discuss President Obama’s consistently depressed poll numbers.

“Carville noted that the president’s low numbers have been “stable” at about “43.6 [percent approval] — which is not very good, but not collapsing.”

“O’Reilly — seeking to cut through the “technical                         garbage” — asked Carville whether the public’s perception of a failed presidency was accurate or “fair.”

“Carville tried to dodge a value judgment. “You know what, whether it’s fair or not, that’s public opinion,” Carville said. “And I further think that — honestly — I don’t really think he much cares what we think. And I don’t think he much cares about his poll numbers.”

“I think he thinks he’s done and is doing a good job and history will record him, that’s he’s going about his business,” he concluded. “He doesn’t really care.”                                                                       

Read more:

The people in Israel could easily be our families

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

In her all-out battle with Hamas terrorists, Israel is fighting for the entire civilized world. The Israelis are our side, our family in this war.  

Call it the “great grandparents” factor: The vast majority of those of us who enjoy the blessings of living in America can trace our good fortune to a decision by our great grandparents to come to America instead of staying where they were or going elsewhere.

At the turn of the 20th century, millions of people came to America to build a country and contribute to its greatness. The list of American achievements since then is virtually endless. Almost all of us can trace our participation in America’s stunning success to a single decision we had absolutely no influence on. We weren’t even thought of when the people who struck out to live free and productive lives in the “new world” said, “Enough, let’s go to America.”

In four generations we have grown apart from the families and friends that were left behind, but in our blood and our soul, in our heart and our very being we are the same as those whose great grandparents did not come to America or went elsewhere.

The Jews of Eastern Europe emigrated almost exclusively to America, but a small band of maybe 40,000 went to what is now Israel to build their new land. Some poor Irish went to Canada and Australia but most came here. The Italians, Germans and Poles did the same.  The Jews here and the Jews in Israel are the same people. The Irish the Italians the Germans the Poles and others who did not come to America are the same people as those who made their leap of faith.

The Jews who went to Israel took a dry desert wasteland and made it an economic and cultural powerhouse just as the Jews and others who came here have done for America. When given the rare choice of being a Communist satellite nation or a democracy, Israel chose to align with American democracy as most of Europe has. Now Israel stands alone as the only truly free nation in the Middle East.

Regardless of where they actually came from, isn’t it easy to see the faces of our forefathers among the endangered people of Israel who are so like us? If the families our forefathers left behind were in trouble wouldn’t we help them anyway we could?  If Israel falls the countries of our origins may very well fall as well.  

You don’t have to be a Jew to see your great grandparents in the plight of Israel today. Think about helping to save a democracy and maybe in a way, helping those of your family and friends who were left behind when your family landed here.          

There are a number ways to help. Please search one out and lend a hand or Israel may actually disappear.    

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