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Today’s fraudulent journalists should be ashamed of destroying a noble profession

By Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

“What I’ve got is F*****G Golden,” said jailed Democrat Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich. He was referring to his opportunity to appoint an IL senator to Congress after then Senator Barack Obama became President in 2009. Well, pardon my hubris, but what I have is Golden also, in today’s Hades of Politically Correct Journalism. I have a FIFTIES JOURNALISM DEGREE from that same state, Illinois. Therefore, permit me to advise you budding cub reporters and “J Skul” students of some imperatives I was taught way back when Dinosaurs roamed Wright Street into Greg Hall.

“Just the Facts, ma’am; Just the Facts,” said Jack Webb’s Sgt. Joe Friday in another media offering known as the detective genre. My professors stressed over and over, “Be OBJECTIVE” in your news stories! “Get the facts.” You may NEVER EDITORIALIZE in your news stories! “If you misspell words, if you misplace commas, if you EDITORIALIZE in NEWS PRINT, I will FLUNK you,” I remember one professor telling us. We spent time discussing the difference in meaning between objective and subjective. “You are reporters, not opinion columnists,” we were told. “Don’t mix the two.” (Today, I write with a right bent, but I do so quite obviously and NOT with an intention of fooling anyone.)

Dear Cub Reporter; get used to being called a PITA, that is a Pain in the A$$. After low these many years, I finally have grown comfortable walking into a cocktail party and watching as smiling clutches of attendees head to the corners. Back in the day, the last thing that cops, politicians, administrative or government operatives wanted to see–or horror of horrors, share a glass of white wine with–was a REPORTER. “You may NEVER associate with the subjects you cover,” was another professorial dictum.

But today that J Skul degree is a license for admittance into private, D.C. enclaves, halls of power and alphabet bowls of soup shared with wordsmiths and wordy politicians. “Be sure to Socialize With the People You Cover,” is now an absolute necessity in the foggy bottom, for “Socializing with the People You Cover Gives You Access You’d Never Get Otherwise.”

One of my professors told us that a well written news story, a well turned phrase in simple, easily understood language will never be replaced. “Just having something in Print carries much more weight,” he said. While the Old English, oral tradition provided the story teller a method of selling his wares to little hamlet dwellers, the telling and re-telling of a story does not match the authority of the word in print.

We budding 50’s journalists spent countless hours in our workbooks, taking apart crime details. One student had a hard time understanding why he was graded down for saying “a man pulled the trigger,” when the outline of facts we were given to construct the story said merely that “someone pulled the trigger.” Over and over our professor emphasized the importance of minute details.

But now, I appreciate that untiring attention to specifics, to getting the story correctly told, to being ethical, honest, trustworthy. And yes, we had to take courses in ethics back in the day. Just because something is legal, does that make it ethical? Our discussions became heated. But at last I get it. We were told as reporters that we must remain objective, never write with subjective overtones. What is the difference between denotation and connotation? Keep Factual reporting separate from the Opinion pages.

But our professors also told us to “never ignore a rumor.” “There’s truth in every rumor you hear…you just have to dig out the truth…that’s your job as a reporter.” Getting our facts straight, backing up what we wrote with credible sources, verification of fact, keeping the newsroom separate from the advertising department, these words of professorial wisdom were hammered into us. For without meticulous attention to fact and truth, we didn’t get to graduate with a degree from the University of Illinois’ great School of Journalism, way back when fellow dinosaurs sat next to me.

BTW, I very frequently was the only female in my classes. I never felt discrimination, but my male classmates, after one especially difficult classroom lecture and Q-A session, stopped after class to ask me, “Are you OK? How did you handle it today?”

Today, I appreciate how my male professors insisted I learn their J Skul precepts. Feeling offended by their toughness simply never would have occurred to me. I was there to learn my discipline. Tell me how one is expected to teach today when a college classroom is merely a gotcha chamber of leftist babble and PC nonsense? We had to know the difference among eye-witness sources, heard on background, first background, second background, deep background. Tell me how today’s professor would be able to demand from his students such precision if half of the class is Smart Phoning his every lecture up on a social media site?

Look, Political Correctness today, along with the very offensive lunacy of micro-aggression on campuses, actually form the censorship that is dumbing down students and destroying the worth of undergraduate degrees.

There are things the brain simply has to do when it transforms thought into words for use by another human being. A perpetual fear of giving offense will never allow journalists to be comfortable with the true value of the written word.

I must repeat what my professors told us so many years ago: “There can be no substitute for the TRUTH.” Oh how we need that rule in journalism today.

“Benjamin Franklin, an American Life”

By Ed Wood, staff writer

Sometimes the rigors of daily life just get too overwhelming, causing me to turn to other less stressful items of interest. So I am now reading, “Benjamin Franklin — An American Life,” by famed biographer, Walter Isaacson.   Ben Franklin

It is already an amazing story about an amazing man, and I am not half way through its 586 pages — small type, no pictures!

Benjamin Franklin: author, inventor, scientist, politician, raconteur. But he considered himself, first and foremost, to be a printer. And would generally sign his name, “Benjamin Franklin, printer.”

For in that Colonial period, a printer was a person of great esteem and influence. There were no newspapers, as such, so the local printer controlled most what the people read and therefore much of what they thought. It was through many of his printing ventures that he became highly regarded as an authority on most everything.

“Poor Richard’s Almanac,” although probably the best known, was only one of his many publications. He had a habit of writing an article, then, under an assumed name, writing a response to his own article and on occasion, using a third name to write a rebuttal to his previous comment. Such was Franklin’s way of exposing many sides to a given topic or question.   Franklin statue

So I suppose it only natural that eventually he turned his thoughts to what was then termed “the fairer sex.” One such article, suppressed by his grandson and others throughout much of the nineteenth century as being too indecent to print, was entitled, “Advice to a Young Man on the Choice of a Mistress.” In it he advised that “in all your amours you should prefer old women to young ones,” and then proceeded to provide eight reasons to back up his reasoning:

1. They have more knowledge.
2. They make better conversation.
3. As they lose their looks, they learn a thousand useful services to “maintain their influence over men.”
4. There is no hazard of children.
5. They are more discreet.
6. They age from the head down, so even after their face grows wrinkled, their lower bodies stay firm, “so that covering all above with a blanket, and regarding only that which is below the girdle, it is impossible of two women, to know an old one from a young one.”
7. It is less sinful to debauch an older woman than a virgin; there is less guilt, because the older woman will be made happy, whereas the younger one will be made miserable.
8. Lastly, they are so grateful!

Please understand I take no credit for, nor do I offer any comment on, the above. They are the words of a far wiser man than I!

Our Government’s Jihad Against Israel

By John Velisek USN (Ret), staff writer

I can think of many ways to describe our relationship with Israel. Bipartisan is not one of them, although that is what Susan Rice–that paragon of veracity and honor–told Charlie Rose. However, because Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu spoke to Congress at the invitation of House Speaker John Boehner, it has become a very partisan affair and, according to Rice, there would be repercussions.   Netanyahu

On its face this is a laughable statement coming from someone who knows better. Rice’s boss, the White House Mullah Obama, has directed her to denigrate Israel at every opportunity and in every possible way. Obama’s refusal to support Israel may mean the eventual destruction of our long-time ally. Such has been the agenda of Obama and much of the America/Israel hating world.

During the Clinton reign, Israel’s Shimon Peres discussed moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, thereby solidifying the claim of Jerusalem as the Israeli capital. The idea was put to a halt by National Security adviser Sandy Berger because it had originally been a Republican idea. No partisanship there. Peres didn’t win, in large part because Bibi Netayahu could not see Yasser Arafat as a partner for peace.

Bibi would be proven right, as the Camp David accords–the best deal the Palestinians could ever hope for–was turned down. The Al Aqsa intifada began, resulting in massive loss of life on both sides and no progress in the so called two state solution. With the departure of Clinton, George Bush provided as much support for Israel as possible, intervening to get the Middle East under control. During the past 6 years, American foreign policy has been dangerously–perhaps deliberately– bungled by our community organizer in chief, a Marxist Muslim whose only goal is the creation of chaos, both domestically and overseas, to rid the world of the Jewish problem.

So now we have Barack Obama accompanied by John Kerry, a delusional “hero” of the Vietnam War; Susan Rice, an anti-Semitic Susan Riceharridan and Valerie Jarrett, an Iranian-born American who has control over all foreign policy. What could possibly go wrong?

Well so far, Muslim Brotherhood members occupy a growing number of important positions in Washington, DC where they accuse Benjamin Netanyahu rather than fellow Muslims of being the great obstacle to peace; Obama rolls over like a kicked puppy to Iran’s nuclear ambitions and Susan Rice, a shameless, unrepentant liar, tells Israel that their security demands are unachievable.   Muslim Brotherhood

This is the same Susan Rice who told Israel to stop criticizing John Kerry for the job he has done as Secretary of State. Apparently the famous Vietnam war hero cannot defend himself. It is the same Susan Rice who appeared on 5 news programs for the purpose of blaming the Benghazi murders on a video, knowing the story was false as she trivialized the death of four Americans at the hands of Muslim terrorists.

Barack Hussein is making a one-sided deal with Iran that will forever change the Middle East. The very existence of Israel may lie in the balance. Why is the Jewish state not a participant in these talks?

And how did our petulant, Muslim/Marxist president “get back” at Israel for Netanyahu’s address to the American Congress? He declassified important details of Israel’s nuclear program, of course! I guess if you don’t play by the boy president’s rules he will find a way to get even, preferably on the world stage.

Isn’t it interesting that only Israel’s secrets were revealed, not those of any other American ally such as West Germany, France or Italy. All of the “Critical Assessment of Israel and NATO Nations” was blacked out except the sections dealing with Israel. This is an administration that is doing the best it can to destroy the only democracy in the Middle East.

Leftist Jews, both in the United States and Israel, are dedicated “progressives” before they are Jews. They’ll not care in the slightest about the destruction of Israel and murder of millions of Jews.

But those who DO care need to wake up to the fact that the Muslim, community organizer in chief plans to leave no one behind that will find fault with his plans to fundamentally change the Middle East for his Muslim friends.

John Velisek USN (Ret.)
Twitter: sjspcialist
Facebook: facebook.com/onepatriotsopinion

Charleston –the Pain and the Glory

By Ed Wood, staff writer

I believe it was the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. who expressed the opinion that true racial harmony would come to the South before it comes to the North. The reaction of the people of CHARLESTON CHURCHCharleston, SC, and more specifically, the bereaved family members of the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church where such a heinous crime was committed, may give credence to Dr. King’s assessment.

If we compare the recent Baltimore circumstance to the tragedy in Charleston and forget, for the moment, that the Baltimore incident was triggered by the arrest of a suspected drug dealer while in Charleston, the victims were attending a prayer seRIOT BALTIMORE PICrvice in their church—if we do these things and consider only the number of victims, the Charleston incident was at least 9 times worse.

But look at the difference in community reaction. In the northern city of Baltimore, Maryland there was looting, burning, and pillaging. In Charleston, South Carolina there was an outpouring of Christian forgiveness. Or as was stated by one of the bereaved family members, “We are handling it with grace and love, not hatred.”

And their word to the world was:

“Hey Ferguson. Hey Baltimore. This is South Carolina. This is how we do it. We are family. No riots. No looting. Nobody acting like A Sharptonanimals. What do you see here? Multi-racial. Multi-ethnic. All colors. All races. Banding together to defeat evil. No Obama. No  Sharpton. We don’t need Obama’s patronizing, politicizing attitude. We don’t need Sharpton’s divisive presence. Both of you, STAY AWAY!”

Dr. Alveda King, niece of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said it this way: “Evil knows no color. My grandmother, Alberta King, was shot down & killed by a crazed black man while playing the organ in Church.”

But that wasn’t enough for the race hustlers and politicians. Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) wanted to use the incident to promote his favorite issue, gun control, “I do not know how much longer we can thwart the views of the American public on taking reasonable gun safety measures.”

Others, remembering the words of Rahm Emanuel, Obama’s first Chief of Staff, “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”

Since the bereaved families, specifically and the Charleston community, in general, have demanded that opportunistic carpet-baggers stay out, it has become necessary that professional race-baiters invent some other way to take advantage of this heinous crime.

So they selected a Confederate flag, flying from a Confederate monument on the grounds of the South Carolina state capital, 114 miles away.   Confed Flag So Caro

You know the story. Or at least part of it. The end is not yet in sight.

Politicians are taking over for the race hustlers as all Confederate memorabilia are being banned, from Virginia license tags to Wal-Mart to the emblem on the Dodge Charger toy cars like Jefferson Memthe real one used in the TV series Dukes of Hazard. Next to be    targeted will be the likenesses of historic figures, such as Generals Robert E. Lee and Nathan Bedford Forrest, along with the names of highways, buildings and the like. Even the Jefferson Memorial and   the Washington Monument are being questioned, since both Washington and Jefferson are reported to have owned slaves.   robert e lee

The objective, sadly, has nothing to do with erasing the memory of the tragedy that occurred in Charleston’s Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church. But it has everything to do with dismantling the healing legacy of the postwar South and the current, Conservative political influence that goes with it.

It seems the reaction in Charleston was far too grown up and cordial to suit the tastes of our “post-racial” president.

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