Julian Castro: La Raza’s warrior against America now runs HUD


By Kevin “Coach” Collins

No one can be certain if the amnesty fever that gripped the Republican establishment has passed, or if the conspirators are just laying low and waiting for their next chance to stab us in the back.  What is clear is that during the height of their self-induced mental paralysis over amnesty, Republicans in the Senate lined up to kiss the ring of Hispanics when they confirmed Julian Castro as the new Housing and Urban Development Secretary (HUD). They struck us last July 9th and now America has another vicious enemy in Barack Obama’s Cabinet. Castro has jumped from being the mayor of San Antonio to a policy making position by the cave in of Republican Senators. 

Few Americans could name Castro as the HUD Secretary let alone accurately describe his background and resume.

Castro is the son of Rosie Castro one of the founding members of The National Council La Raza, a group devoted to stealing large sections of America’s southwest so it can be colonized by socialist Mexicans. The phrase La Raza means “The Race” and it operates under the motto, “For the race everything, for outside the race nothing.” 

La Raza identifies as follows: “Chicano is our identity. It defines who we are as a people. We reject the notion that we should assimilate into the White Angelo-American melting pot. Aztlan was the legendary homeland of the Aztecs. It became synonymous with the vast territories of the Southwest that were brutally stolen from the Mexican People. Aztlan belongs to those who plant the seeds, water the fields and gather the crops, not to the foreign European invaders. We are Aztlan. For La Raza Todo Fuera de La Raza Nada.”     

Rosie raised Julian Castro and his evil twin brother Joaquin, a Democrat Congressman from Texas, who was named after a charter in an anti-America poem, to hate Whites and hate America. Joaquin and Julian are perfectly formed sleeper agents who have been groomed to destroy America from within. 

Julian Castro is quoted as saying, “My mother’s rabble rousing and political activisms were like war cries ringing in my ears. She would say things like Viva La Raza! Or Brown and Black unite! My mother’s fervor for activism was instilled in my brother and I at a very young age and has shaped and molded the people we are today.”  

The Castro brothers of America hate America just as much as the Castro brothers of Cuba. The difference is that at this point they are well situated to carry out their plans to destroy us.       

Sources: http://www.examiner.com/article/why-julian-and-joaquin-castro-could-be-worse-than-fidel-and-raul


PBS is running a Ken Burns documentary on “The Roosevelts.” Here’s what he won’t show

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Ken Burns is at it again. The Left’s favorite propagandist has put together a 7 part series on the two Roosevelt presidents. Leaving aside what he is likely to show about Teddy Roosevelt, without seeing a minute of this presentation I’ll go out on a short strong limb and guess what will not be shown about Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Even a very superficial study of FDR shows he was a consummate phony. He preached “There is nothing to fear but fear itself,” but everything he did was presented as a fearful crisis that could only be handled by giving him the power of a king. He was indeed the worst kind of demagogue.

From the first days of his reign as king of America FDR acted like a tyrannical monarch. Without Constitutional power to do so he closed banks and confiscated personally owned gold. This destroyed the lives of Americans who were holding gold for their retirement.

He ordered farmers to produce less food which forced starvation and disease on millions of innocent Americans and wiped away the livelihoods of millions of farmers.

Because he knew better, FDR forced religious Jews (the Schecter brothers) to reduce the kosher quality of the meat they sold. They later beat him in the Supreme Court.

To combat the Great Depression, he turned our economy over to the fraudulent English economist John Maynard Keynes who stupidly maintained that to get America working again prices would have to rise. This fool did everything he could to force the price of consumer goods upward in the ridiculous belief that higher prices would yield greater profits to manufactures who would then in turn have more money to hire new workers. It didn’t occur to either FDR or Keynes that if the prices were too high, no one could afford to buy things. This vicious stupidity brought about government spending on nothing tangible and greatly prolonged the Depression.

Keynes was also a sick pedophile who vacationed in certain countries where he could rent little boys.

I’m pretty sure Burns won’t show Eleanor Roosevelt for what she was. Here is what is likely to be left out. Keep in mind the media knew every one of these facts.

On the night before FDR’s first inauguration Eleanor slept in a room with Lorena “Hitch” Hickok a 5’ 8” 200 pound cigar chopping lesbian. The famous picture of Eleanor at the ceremony shows her wearing a ring Hitch gave her. FDR didn’t mind since his “secretary” Missy Lehand was living at the White House and often walked around in her pajamas at 10:00 AM.  

Eleanor had an affair with Joseph Lash a Communist leader and was caught on tape in a Chicago hotel room with him. When FDR heard of this he ordered that every man who knew about the tryst be immediately sent to the Japanese front and kept there, “until they get killed.”

FDR had dozens of Communists in his administration and many of them did serious damage to America and the free world. There is a good case to be made that Dean Acheson helped the Chinese Communists and Harry Dexter White gave printing plates for our money to the Soviets.      

There is of course much more to tell about Franklin Roosevelt but the nature of this format will only allow just so much.

All of this information and more can be found in my book “Crooks, Thugs and Bigots the lost stolen and changed history of the Democrat Party.”

If you are interested in a free PDF copy of  CT&B drop me a line at kcoachc@gmail.com



Sharia is here whether we see it as a threat or not

 By Kevin “Coach” Collins

There isn’t any nice way to say this so here goes: A Muslim skunk who owns a Subway sandwich shop denied entry to an American disabled veteran and his service dog. This lowlife piece of garbage, who came to our country from some third world pig sty, decided that our laws covering special treatment for our disabled citizens especially our disabled veterans, mean nothing to him. This creep actually said, “I don’t care,” when a reporter asked the hateful punk if he knew about the regulation covering an exception for service animals in restaurants.

 This is a case of a mongrel insulting one of our vulnerable veterans because he is a Muslim and Muslims hate dogs. They don’t just hate dogs in the Middle East or Europe or wherever these vermin are nesting; they hate dogs here and when their numbers grow enough they will make their move and start to kill our dogs as they work their way up to killing us.    

The idea that this piece of garbage, Subway store manager, Mitul Ahmed had the nerve to pull this stunt should serve as a strong warning to all Americans. Sharia Law is here and Muslims will keep pressing for acceptance of their savage ways.

Federal Law clearly states that dogs that are declared service animals cannot be blocked from entry to any business or public accommodation including a restaurant. The only problem here is purely the making of the skunks that own and operate the Subway sandwich shop in Paterson New Jersey. They hate dogs and hate our way of life. They are not here to become Americans; they are here to remain Islamist savages in America.     

The sneaky savages actually had a sign on the store’s front door saying, “Service animals are welcome,” but of course they detest us and everything we hold dear so it meant nothing to them.  

When a local television news reporter followed up on this story she noticed the dog is clearly identified as a service animal and she was shocked to hear the manager say, “I don’t care [about your laws].”

While the reporter was at the store the sign was removed, offering more proof that all of this is a joke to these savages. The manager even said, “I can refuse service to anyone I want.”

If you still think Sharia is not here, or does not represent a threat to the American people and way of life, please think again.

Source:   http://www.barenakedislam.com/2014/09/12/new-jersey-disabled-army-veteran-thrown-out-of-subway-restaurant-by-muslim-manager-because-he-had-a-service-dog-with-him/

Vote for Buddy: Because there’s still a few bucks left to steal

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

There is a long standing argument about which state is the most corrupt. Is it New Jersey or New York? Is it Louisiana or Illinois? Maybe any one of these Democrat controlled states could take the crown, but it would be hard to overlook little Rhode Island. To use a boxing phrase, “pound for pound” Rhode Island might be the most corrupt of all.

Last January 1st marked the seventy ninth anniversary of what is known as “Rhode Island’s Bloodless Revolution.” In this totally lawless power grab, carried out on January 1st 1935, the Democrats decided that they could not wait for the moribund Republican Party to actually die so they merely passed regulations effectively stripping the few remaining Republicans in their state government of any power. Rhode Island went “deep Blue” before anyone knew what that phrase meant. If it wasn’t sitting in the shadow of corrupt Democrat Massachusetts the little commune would have its rightful reputation as the most corrupt state of all.

This said, we cannot be surprised that twice convicted grafter and corrupt Democrat Vincent “Bubby” Cianci, the former mayor of Providence, seems to be ready to make new run at his old seat.  By way of background, Buddy’s resume includes a conviction under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) and he has also racked up a conviction for attacking his ex-wife’s lover with a fire log and a lit cigarette. That was in 1984, but in 2002 Buddy came back to office and eventually was slapped with a RICO conviction for which he was sent to federal prison.

Buddy has been out of prison for a while now and these days he hosts a radio show that has many listeners.  In spite of his two felony convictions and four years as a guest of the government, he is as they say, “tanned, rested, slimmer and ready for a comeback.”  He has even ditched his stupid looking toupee known by its own nickname “the squirrel.”

While no actual public polling has been done, a top Rhode Island political insider is saying, “You can never count Buddy out. He can absolutely win the race.”

And why not!  It’s corrupt Democrat controlled Rhode Island, Buddy Cianci and there must be a few dollars left to steal.

Sources: http://blogs.wpri.com/2013/01/01/new-years-day-marks-78-years-since-ri-bloodless-revolution/



Porn star making campaign ads for Pennsylvania Democrat and would-be Governor Tom Wolf

By Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

The most heinous depictions of evil perversion to and upon women are the themes of a torture porn film made by an actor who also starred in campaign ads for Pennsylvania’s Tom Wolf, a Democrat who is running to become that state’s governor.  Porno film actor Alan Benyak had the lead role of “Mr. Cannibal,” in a horrific film which describes how four friends are kidnapped by a man only to realize they are part of his BREEDING FARM!  “These women are milked, bred, and sold for a psycho’s pleasure,” says the promo on the front of the porno vid.  The sick, twisted, freak collected money for making this outrage, but he also was paid by the Wolf campaign to advertise the candidate’s message of I Stand With Women.  (1)

Somehow, this challenged Democrat politician sees no comparison between a law signed by Governor Corbett that gives women the right to make their own health care decisions and his make believe subjugation of women as pitiful creatures subjected to the vilest types of abuse and perversion.  In the video entitled “Breeding Farm,” Benyak’s character “tortures a half-naked woman, buys another, force-feeds yet another, cannibalizes a fourth.”  This disconnect between the message this actor’s employer, Candidate Wolf sends about women and what this porno film depicts is stunning, to say the least.

In typically hypocritical, Democrat rhetoric, Wolf is quoted as saying, “equal work should be rewarded with equal pay.  And Tom will fight salary discrimination based on gender and work to ensure that women are treated and paid fairly and equally in the workplace.” Can you believe this?  A terse disclaimer says, “Wolf’s team has deep-sixed the ad.” (2)

How about promising to pass measures which will block vile pornography in Pennsylvania!  How about blocking images of young women being abused in the most grotesque ways imaginable. How about outlawing videos of women being used as “breeders.”  Well, so much for the War on Women which according to the Democrats’ play book is all the fault of the Republicans.   What about Democrat party chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz remarking something to the effect that the GOP want to grab women by the hair and drag them off stage.  Gee, at least the “girls” would have their clothes on, own their own lady parts and maybe even be able to hurl some epithets at those old meanies who oppose the DW-S-Pelosi line of BS.

One need only spend thirty years in academia to realize that Democrats truly are mental and Democrat females have never moved out of their kitchens and bedrooms.  How can those silly “Haavahd girls” have the temerity to claim their feelings had been hurt by some non-remark from Bill O’Reilly while attempting to discuss national security or some other truly important topic? Ladies, are we in over our head here, or at least to the upper limit of our pay grade?  How can ostensibly educated female academics stand in front of impressionable young people and run on and on about how bad men are (especially those awful white males)?  Have you ever read the titles and descriptions of “Women’s Studies” courses offered at these bastions of male income re-distribution?

How can fathers write checks or help their daughters and sons fill out student aid forms to pay for classes that teach all intercourse is rape, that lesbian lovers are preferential to those guys that bat for the other team and that anything a woman does to a man can be excused because  ”he did her?”  From a personal perspective, after about thirty years of listening to this stuff–twenty of which were spent rearing a girl child without a strong male presence–this writer is beginning to come to the conclusion that maybe men aren’t all SOBs after all.

Well, Pennsylvania, you’re doing your country proud.  You busted open the Good Old Boys network formerly known as the Big Ten; you’ve given us the Jerry Sandusky saga of a white guy as major pervert; and now you just may elect a Democrat governor who paid some man to tell us equal pay means describing women as breeders, but maybe not as Haavahd foreign policy experts.

SOURCE: (1) (2)  http://libertyunyielding.com/2014/09/09/actor-featured-ad-pa-dem-gubernat




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