If Hillary Clinton had a lesbian affair with Huma Abedin then everything in Weinergate fits

Written four years ago, this prescient piece by Coach Collins has led the discussion on a relationship which may have cost American lives and provided state secrets to the Muslim Brotherhood.  It is re-posted here just as it appeared on June 6th of 2011.

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

People are motivated to follow their darker instincts by lust for money power or sex.

 In mid 2007 rumors started to circulate about Huma Abedin a stunningly beautiful staffer working for Hillary Clinton. The wagging tongues of Washington asked logical questions about Huma.  “If Hillary is bisexual (as had long been thought and occasionally uttered in public), what is the nature of her relationship with the dark eyed enchanting Abedin, a young lady from a strict Muslim family?”

“Is the fact that Huma was never seen twice in the same designer outfit and lived in a $649,000 condo explainable because she was trading sexual favors with Hillary for a fabulous lifestyle?” “If so what does that make Huma?”

“How did Huma, whose government salary was listed as $9,999, live as she did?”

 “Is Hillary Clinton a lesbian?”

 Is Huma Abedin her lesbian “kept woman?”

 In 2007 Michael Musto a Village Voice columnist who writes about gay issues commented that Hillary might be “Gayle King-ing” Huma, that is getting her a higher profile in order to head off media scrutiny about her and why Clinton would be “hiding” Huma and the true nature of their relationship.

 In her tell all book about her affair with Bill Clinton Gennifer Flowers wrote  that when she asked Bill if Hillary is a lesbian he laughed and made reference to her being more experienced with women then he is.  

 The purpose of this essay is NOT to prove Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin are lesbians, but to raise the question: If they are daughters of Sapphos wouldn’t it have been a good deal for Anthony Weiner to become Huma’s beard or faux husband?

Killing any rumor of a lesbian relationship between Hillary and Huma would be very helpful to Hillary’s drive to be elected president, and a  “President Hillary Clinton” would be enormously helpful to Weiner’s long held dream of being elected Mayor of New York City.

The coverage of Weinergate has nibbled around the edges. The reports have carefully avoided mentioning the scandal’s “third rail”: the relationship between Huma Abedin Congressman Anthony Weiner’s wife and her former boss Hillary Clinton.  Nevertheless, if this is the root of the relationship between Huma and Weiner the whole ugly affair falls into place.

Bill Clinton understands all too well what it’s like to live with a women like Hillary. He knows what it can drive an ordinary man to do.  Anthony Weiner’s tweets to a porn star may be motivated by more than mere curiosity.

The biggest motivators driving human behavior are money power and sex. This one has all three.  

To contact your Congressional Representative use this link: http://www.contactingthecongress.org/

To unravel this story for yourself use these links:










This day in history June 6

1944: D-Day: Operation Overlord is launched. Europe is invaded by the Allies and its success led to the defeat of Nazi Germany.

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Who is Donald Trump and what does he really stand for?

By Ed Wood, staff writer

When interviewing those who work for him (or who have or have had business dealings with him) negative stories about Donald Trump are curiously lacking. After all the employees he has had and all of the business deals made, there is an unmistakable lack of criticism. In fact, long term employees call him a strong and compassionate leader and say he has far more integrity and higher moral standards than many people may think.

And while it may surprise many, he’s actually humble when it comes to his generosity and kindness. A good example is a story that tells of his limo breaking down on a deserted highway outside of New York City. A middle-aged couple stopped to help him and as a thank you he paid off their mortgage, but he didn’t brag about that. Generous people rarely talk of the charitable acts they bestow on others.

But interesting as this may be, the thing that people want to know is Donald Trump’s plan for America. It’s funny how many people say they don’t know what it is, or act as though Trump is hiding it. The information is readily available if people would just do a little homework. But as most Americans won’t do their own research, here, in no particular order, is an overview of many of Trump’s positions and plans:

1.) Trump believes that America should not intervene militarily in other country’s problems without being compensated for doing so. If America is going to risk the lives of her soldiers and incur the expense of going to war, then the nations we help must be willing to pay the tab. Using the Iraq War as an example, Trump cites the huge expense to American taxpayers (over $1.5 trillion, and possibly much more depending on what sources are used to determine the cost) in addition to the incalculable cost in human life. He suggests that Iraq should have been required to give us enough of their oil to pay for the expenses we incurred. He includes in those expenses the medical costs for our military and $5 million for each family that lost a loved one in the war and $2 million for each family of a soldier who suffered severe injury.

2.) Trump wants America to have a strong military again. He believes the single most important function of the federal government is national defense. He has said he wants to find the General Patton or General MacArthur who could lead our military back to proper strength. While he hasn’t said it directly that I know of, Trump’s attitude about America and about winning tells me he would be quick to eliminate rules of engagement that handicap our military in battle and put our soldiers as risk. Clearly Trump is a “win at all costs” kind of guy and I’m sure that would apply to our national defense and security, too.

3.) Trump wants a strong foreign policy and believes that it must include 7 core principles:
a. American interests come first. Always. No apologies.
b. Maximum firepower and military preparedness.
c. Only go to war to win.
d. Stay loyal to your friends and suspicious of your enemies.
e. Keep the technological sword razor sharp.                                                   f. See the unseen. Prepare for threats before they materialize.
g. Respect and support our present and past warriors.

4.) Trump believes that captured terrorists should be treated as military combatants, not as criminals, which is the treatment they receive from the Obama administration.

5.) Trump makes the point that China’s manipulation of its currency has given them unfair advantage in our trade dealings with them. He says we must tax their imports to offset their currency manipulation, which will cause American companies to be competitive again, drive manufacturing back to America and create jobs here. Although he sees China as the biggest offender, he believes that America should protect itself from all foreign efforts to take our jobs and manufacturing. For example, Ford is building a plant in Mexico and Trump suggests that every part or vehicle Ford makes there be taxed 35% if they want to bring it into the U. S. This would cause companies like Ford to no longer be competitive when using their Mexican operations. They would therefore move manufacturing back to the U. S. where jobs would once again be created.

6.) Trump favors passage of NOPEC legislation (No Oil Producing and Exporting Cartels Act – NOPEC – S.394), which would allow the government to sue OPEC for violating antitrust laws. According to Trump, that would break up the cartel. He also wants to unleash our energy companies to drill domestically (sound like Sarah Palin’s drill baby, drill?) thereby increasing domestic production, creating jobs and driving domestic costs of oil and gas down while reducing dependence on foreign oil.

7.) Trump believes a secure border is critical for both security and prosperity in America. He wants to build a wall to stop illegals from entering and help put controls on immigration. (And he says he’ll get Mexico to pay for the wall, which many have scoffed at, but given his business successes I wouldn’t put it past him.) He also wants to enforce our immigration laws and provide no path to citizenship for illegals other than that which is currently included in the law.

8.) Trump wants a radical change to the tax system to not only make it better for average Americans, but also to encourage businesses to stay here and foreign businesses to move here. The resulting influx of money would do wonders for our economy. He wants to make America the place to do business. He also wants to lower the death tax and the taxes on capital gains and dividends. This would put more than $1.6 trillion back into the economy and help replace the 1.5 million jobs we’ve lost to the current tax system. He also wants to charge a 20% tax on companies which outsource jobs overseas. Those willing to move jobs back to America would not be taxed. And for citizens he has a tax plan that would allow Americans to keep more of what they earn and spark economic growth. He wants to change the personal income tax to:
a. Up to $30,000 taxed at 1%
b. From $30,000 to $100,000 taxed at 5%
c. From $100,000 to $1,000,000 taxed at 10%
d. $1,000,000 and above taxed at 15%

9.) Trump wants Obamacare repealed. He says it’s a “job-killing, health care-destroying monstrosity” that “can’t be reformed, salvaged, or fixed.” He believes in allowing real competition in the health insurance marketplace to allow competition to drive prices down. He also believes in tort reform to get rid of defensive medicine and lower costs.

10.) Trump wants spending reforms in Washington, acknowledging that America spends far more than it receives in revenue. He has said he believes that if we don’t stop increasing the national debt once it hits $24 trillion it will be impossible to save this country. Even though he says we need to cut spending, he does not want to harm those on Medicare, Medicaid, or Social Security. He believes as citizens have faithfully paid into the system, these services should remain available. The American government has an obligation to fulfill its end of the bargain and provide those benefits. Therefore, he wants to build the economy up so that we have the revenue to pay those costs without cutting the benefits to the recipients. He disagrees with Democrats who believe raising taxes is always the answer for when that is done, the economy is stifled. On the other hand, lower taxes create an environment which will help businesses grow. More workers will be hired and those new workers will also pay taxes. Together it generates more tax revenue for the government.

11.) Trump also wants reform of the welfare state, saying that America needs “a safety net, not a hammock.” He believes in a welfare-to-work program that would help reduce welfare rolls and encourage people to get back to work. And he wants a crackdown on entitlement fraud.

12.) Trump believes climate change is a hoax.

13.) He opposes Common Core.

14.) Trump is pro-life, although he allows for an exception due to rape, incest or the life of the mother.

15.) He is pro-2nd Amendment rights.

16.) Trump’s view on same-sex marriage is that marriage is between a man and a woman. He also believes that this is a states’ rights rather than federal issue.

17.) Trump supports the death penalty.

18.) Trump believes that there is a lack of common sense and innovative thinking in Washington. (Hmmm… looks like he believes in horse sense!). He says it’s about seeing the unseen and that’s the kind of thinking we need to turn this country around.

He tells a personal story to illustrate the point:

“When I opened Trump National Golf Club at Rancho Palos Verdes in Los Angeles, I was immediately told that I would need to build a new and costly ballroom. The current ballroom was gorgeous, but it only sat 200 people and we were losing business because people needed a larger space for their events. Building a new ballroom would take years to get approval and permits (since it’s on the Pacific Ocean), and cost about $5 million. I took one look at the ballroom and saw immediately what needed to be done. The problem wasn’t the size of the room, it was the size of the chairs.

They were huge, heavy, and unwieldy. We didn’t need a bigger ballroom, we needed smaller chairs! So I had them replaced with high-end, smaller chairs. I then had our people sell the old chairs and got more money for them than the cost of the new chairs. In the end, the ballroom went from seating 200 people to seating 320 people. Our visitors got the space they desired, and I spared everyone the hassle of years of construction and $5 million of expense. It’s amazing what you can accomplish with a little common sense.”

On top of saving years of construction and $5 million in expenses, Trump also was able to keep the ballroom open for business during the time it would have been closed for remodeling. This allowed him to continue making money with the space instead of losing revenue during construction.

Donald Trump’s entire life has been made up of success and winning. He’s been accused of bankruptcies, but that’s not true. He’s never filed personal bankruptcy. He’s bought companies and legally used bankruptcy laws to restructure their debt, just as businesses do all the time. But he’s never been bankrupt personally.

He’s a fighter that clearly loves America and would fight for our nation.

Earlier I quoted Trump saying, “I love America. And when you love something, you protect it passionately – fiercely, even.” We never hear that from Democrats or even from most Republicans. Donald Trump is saying things that desperately need to be said but which no other candidate has shown the fortitude to stand up and say.

Looking over this list of what he wants for America I see a very necessary set of goals that are long past due. Before we criticize someone because the media does, maybe we should seriously consider what he has to offer.

“Why the Dogs of Hell have been Unleashed on Donald Trump”

It isn’t often that Coach is Right publishes an entire piece not written by one of our own staff.  But author Wayne Allyn Root has done such a masterful job exposing the fear Donald Trump has elicited from members of the Washington D.C. “Uniparty” and the sheer panic which drives their every response that it would be an injustice to excerpt only the occasional remark.

Americans of every political stripe will recognize the truth of Root’s presentation. Some may not like it or admit it, but there is no getting around it—Donald Trump has turned the political world on its head.

By Wayne Allyn Root

Some people are getting very nervous, including Barack Obama, Valerie Jarrett, Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton and Jon Corzine, to name just a few. And I know why.

I wrote a book titled “The Murder of the Middle Class” about the unholy conspiracy between big government, big business and big media. They all benefit by the billions of dollars from this partnership, and it’s in all of their interests to protect one another. It’s one for all and all for one. It’s a heck of a filthy relationship that makes everyone filthy rich — everyone except the American people. We get ripped off. We’re the patsies.

But for once, the powerful socialist cabal and the corrupt crony capitalists are scared. I’ve never seen them this outraged, this vicious, this motivated or this coordinated. Never in all my years in politics have I seen anything like the way the mad dogs of hell have been unleashed on Donald Trump. When white supremacist David Duke ran for governor of Louisiana , even he wasn’t treated with   TRUMP 7 this kind of outrage, vitriol and disrespect. When a known fraud, scam artist, and tax cheat like Al Sharpton ran for president, I never saw anything remotely close to this. The over-the-top reaction to Trump by politicians of both parties, the media and the biggest corporations of America has been so swift and insanely angry that it suggests they are all threatened and frightened like never before.

Why? Duke was never going to win. Sharpton was never going to win. Ron Paul was never going to win. Ross Perot was never going to win as a third-party candidate. Those candidates either didn’t have or couldn’t spare the billion dollars it takes to win the presidency. But Donald Trump can self-fund that amount   A Sharpton tomorrow and still have another billion left over to pour into the last two-week stretch run before Election Day. No matter how much they say to the contrary, the media, business and political elite understand that Trump is no joke. He could actually win and upset their nice cozy apple cart.

It’s no coincidence that everyone has gotten together to destroy The Donald. No, this is a coordinated conspiracy led by President Barack Obama himself. Obama himself is making the phone calls and giving the orders; he’s the ultimate intimidator who plays by the rules of Chicago thug politics.

Why is this so important to Obama? It’s because most of the other politicians are part of the “old boys club.” They talk big, but in the end they won’t change a thing. Why? They are all beholden to   Obama-sweat-550x358 big-money donors. They are all owned by lobbyists, unions, lawyers, gigantic environmental organizations and multinational corporations like Big Pharma or Big Oil. Or they are owned lock, stock and barrel by foreigners like George Soros owns Obama or foreign governments own Hillary with their Clinton Foundation donations.

These run-of-the-mill establishment politicians are all puppets owned by big money. But there’s one man — and only one man — who isn’t beholden to anyone. There’s one man who doesn’t need foreigners, or foreign governments, or George Soros, or the United Auto Workers, or the teachers union, or the Service Employees    SEIU International Union, or the bar association to fund his campaign.

Billionaire tycoon and maverick Donald Trump doesn’t need anyone’s help. That means he doesn’t care what the media says. He doesn’t care what the corporate elites think. That makes him very dangerous to the entrenched interests. That makes Trump a huge threat. Trump can ruin everything for the bribed politicians and their spoiled slave masters.

Don’t you ever wonder why the GOP has never tried to impeach Obama? Don’t you wonder why John Boehner and Mitch McConnell talk a big game, but never actually try to stop Obama? Don’t you wonder why Congress holds the purse strings, yet has never tried to defund Obamacare or Obama’s clearly illegal    executive action on amnesty for illegal aliens? Bizarre, right? It defies logic, right?

Well, first, I’d guess many key Republicans are being bribed.

Second, I believe many key Republicans are being blackmailed.    BOEHNER AND MCCONNELLWhether they are having affairs, or secretly gay, or stealing taxpayer money, the National Security Agency knows everything. Ask former House Speaker Dennis Hastert about that. The government even knew he was withdrawing large sums of his own money from his own bank account. Trust me: The NSA, the SEC, the IRS and all the other three-letter government agencies are watching every Republican political leader. They know everything.

Third, many Republicans are petrified of being called “racists.” So they are scared to ever criticize Obama or call out his crimes, let alone demand his impeachment.

Fourth, why rock the boat? After defeat or retirement, if you’re a “good boy,” you’ve got a $5 million-per-year lobbying job waiting. The big-money interests have the system gamed. Win or lose, they win.

But Trump doesn’t play by any of these rules. Trump breaks up this nice, cozy relationship between big government, big media and big business. All the rules are out the window if Trump wins the   TRUMP MAKE AMERICA GREAT presidency. The other politicians will protect Obama and his aides — but not Trump.

Remember: Trump is the guy who publicly questioned Obama’s birth certificate. He questioned Obama’s college records and how a mediocre student got into an Ivy League university. Now, he’s doing something no Republican has the chutzpah to do. He’s questioning our relationship with Mexico; questioning why the border is wide open; questioning why no wall has been built across the border; questioning if allowing millions of illegal aliens into America is in our best interests; questioning why so many illegal aliens commit violent crimes yet are not deported; and questioning why our trade deals with Mexico, Russia and China are so bad.

Trump has the audacity to ask out loud why American workers always get the short end of the stick. Good question.

I’m certain Trump will question what happened to the almost billion dollars given in a rigged no-bid contract to college friends of Michelle Obama at foreign companies to build the defective Obamacare website. By the way, that tab is now up to $5 billion.

Trump will ask if Obamacare’s architects can be charged with fraud for selling it by lying. He will ask if Obama himself committed fraud when he said, “If you like your healthcare plan, you can keep it.”   obama_lies

Trump will investigate Obama’s widespread IRS conspiracy, not to mention Obama’s college records.

Trump will prosecute Clinton and Obama for fraud committed to cover up Benghazi before the election.

How about the fraud committed by employees of the Labor Department when they made up dramatic job numbers in the last jobs report before the 2012 election?

Obama, the multinational corporations and the media need to stop this. They recognize this could get out of control. If left unchecked telling the raw truth and asking questions everyone else is afraid to ask, Trump could wake a sleeping giant.

Trump’s election would be a nightmare. Obama has committed many crimes. No one else but Trump would dare to prosecute. He will not hesitate. Once Trump gets in and gets a look at “the cooked books” and Obama’s records, the game is over. The gig is up. The goose is cooked.

Holder could wind up in prison. Jarrett cCLINTON OBAMA ARRESTould wind up in prison. Obama bundler Jon Corzine could wind up in prison for losing $1.5 billion of customers’ money.   

Clinton could wind up in jail for deleting 32,000 emails, or for accepting bribes from foreign governments while secretary of state, or for “misplacing” $6 billion as the head of the State Department, or for lying about Benghazi.

The entire upper level management of the IRS could wind up in prison.

Obamacare will be defunded and dismantled.

The Obama crime family will be prosecuted for crimes against the American people. And Obama himself could wind up ruined, his legacy in tatters.

Trump will investigate. Trump will prosecute. Trump will go after everyone involved — just for fun. That will all happen on Trump’s first day in the White House. Who knows what Trump will do on Day 2?

That’s why the dogs of hell have been unleashed on Donald Trump.

An Elective Despotism: the Tyranny We’ve Brought on Ourselves

By Rod & Sherri Dodsworth, staff writers

It is no secret that over recent decades, constitutionally defined powers reserved to Congress or the states have swirled into the Executive branch. As a result, no matter the name or the party, the next President will possess and put to use the autocratic power secured by Barack Obama. His will be a broad authority associated far more with the likes of brute strongmen like Hugo Chavez than with George Washington.

But don’t put the entire blame on Obama, for he didn’t pull the keystone to the Framers’ division of powers and claim them all for his own. Blame early 20th Century Progressives for democratizing the Senate and concentrating power in Washington DC. Just as the Roman Republic didn’t descend into a tyrannical empire overnight, the slide of the American Republic into its current misery has been long in the making. Obama and his party simply took advantage of a hundred year trend.

Congress began to relinquish its Article I powers upon ratification of the 17th Amendment in 1913, a process which accelerated under the New Deal and Great Society as the Executive branch pursued the pinnacle of raw and arbitrary power.

And now our government relies increasingly on Executive and Judicial precedent rather than legislative statute or the Constitution for the supreme law of the land. Every Executive and Judicial excess since the New Deal has been built on prior outrages. Ask the coiffed and pedicured lawyers who convinced SCOTUS to rewrite Obamacare and they will claim that it was entirely constitutional all along. After all, the high court Justices have revised legislation to their own satisfaction since FDR. The limits to governmental authority are now determined only by those in power, based on what they believe they can get away with.

We have an elective despotism in which the people every four years elect a near-autocrat rather than a constitutionally limited president. This soon to be mortal wound is self-inflicted by a people too wrapped up in election year personalities and inanities to understand that corrupt institutions must be torn down and rebuilt if liberty is to be restored.

Should events continue along their present course we run the serious risk that a future president will decide elections are no longer necessary or are too great a threat to public safety.

Reform cannot emerge from Washington, DC. If this nation is to return to free, limited government, “We the Sovereign People” must take the lead through our states. And that is to be accomplished through Article V of our Constitution. The Framers’ precious bequest of Article V formalizes the right of the people to frame their government, to define its responsibilities and set the boundaries of its power.

Contact your state assemblyman and senator. Demand that your state makes the Article V application to Congress for a convention of the states to propose structural amendments that limit the size and scope of government.

Time is short. We must do this now, before corrupt politicians prevent the exercise of our rights in the future.

American Admiral exposes the treachery and treason of Barack Hussein Obama

By Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are planning a D.C. rally to expose the dangers of the Iran Nuclear Deal as cobbled together by Barack Hussein Obama and Executive branch minions. It is reportedly scheduled for September 9th and will be held near the Capitol Building.   TRUMP AND CRUZ PIC

A very prescient video has surfaced of a retired U.S. Naval Commander who is revealing his opinion about where President Barack Obama’s loyalties may really rest. “Barack Obama is anti-American, anti- West, pro-Islamic, pro-Iranian, pro-Muslim Brotherhood,” says Ret. Admiral James “Ace” Lyons. Lyons was introduced to a private meeting on 2-11-15 by of all people, Secretary of State John Kerry! (1)

Admiral Lyons continues to detail the many chances our military had to take out Iran’s monstrous Khomeini regime but failed to do so. The esteemed former Commander of the U.S. Pacific fleet gave one principle reason for these many failures, that being leadership going all the way back to Jimmy Carter.  

Admiral James Lyons
Admiral James Lyons

Even though President Reagan gave the go-ahead for a strike after the bombing of our Marine Barracks in Lebanon, then Secretary of Defense Caspar Wineberger WOULD NOT issue the strike order! From the Gulf Tanker War in 1987 to far-east island threats, “we failed everyone!” the highly respected U.S. Navy commander told his audience. Lyons was especially chagrined about President Carter’s refusal or reluctance to act in the face of the Iranian regime’s taking and holding innocent American citizens hostage.

“Islam is a political movement masquerading as a religion,” said Lyons emphatically to his private audience in this very important video. every American needs to view, as long as it stays up.

James Aloysius “Ace” Lyons, Jr., born 9-28-1927, served as Commander of the U.S. Pacific Fleet from 1985 to 1987. In addition, he served as Surface Warfare Officer, Senior U.S. Military Representative to the UN and Deputy Chief of Naval Operations.   

Admiral Lyons at the Press Club
Admiral Lyons at the Press Club

(2) A graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy with post graduate degrees from the U.S. Naval War College and the U.S. National Defense University, this patriot served our country in the United States Navy for 36 years! How upset and how concerned must he be to find his beloved Navy has been cut back so severely by the current Commander in Chief. The U.S. Army has also been diminished to WWI levels!

For more information about the Donald Trump-Ted Cruz rally against Congressional passage of the dangerous Iran Nuclear Deal, go to www.DonaldTrump.com and/or watch the news. Trump told his South Carolina audience this week that he and Cruz are going forward with this rally and that they are firming up details of time and place. He is warning us about passage of such a dangerous to America treaty!

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