Senator Leahy attacks Supreme Court, threatens Chief Justice Roberts

by Doug Book,  staff writer


Two months ago, Barack Obama decided he could intimidate the United States Supreme Court into finding his namesake healthcare plan Constitutional. Overturning the Affordable Care Act “…would amount to an unprecedented, extraordinary step of judicial activism” said the President at a rare White House news conference, adding “…I’m confident that the Supreme Court will not take what would be an unprecedented extraordinary step of overturning a law that was passed by a strong majority of a democratically elected congress.” (1)

Though someone with the hyper-arrogant mentality of the Manchurian Candidate doesn’t really need a reason to direct this sort of psycho-babble at a presumptive enemy, Obama was probably responding to information provided by far left Justice Elena Kagan that the Court’s closed-door, preliminary vote on ObamaCare had not gone very well. Each Friday the 9 justices gather for an initial vote on the cases heard during the week. And although these weekly conferences are to be strictly confidential, it’s a safe bet Obama’s Court stoolie was on the phone with the White House minutes after its conclusion.

However, as this preemptive strike on the court was met with a nationwide flurry of criticism even from a number of his media supporters, Obama made no further reference to the prospective ruling.

But on Monday a new county was heard from. Dedicated leftist Senator Patrick Leahy directed a 2000 word dissertation at the Court from the Senate floor, selecting as his principle target Chief Justice John Roberts. “The constitutional challenge to the Affordable Care Act is the current instance in which narrow ideology and partisanship are pressuring the Supreme Court to intervene where it should not,” claimed Leahy, making clear his view that the Court has no business interfering with a congressional assault on the Constitution. The senator advanced the 2000 Bush/Gore decision as an example of the sort of “judicial activism” which “shook the confidence of the American people in the Supreme Court.”  He ridiculed conservative justices for their tough questioning of principle ObamaCare advocate, Solicitor General Donald Verilli during oral arguments, stating “their action will not help restore American’s confidence in the Court to fairly apply the law.” (2)

And he alternately praised and threatened the Chief Justice, literally claiming that if Roberts joined other conservatives in a 5-4 decision against ObamaCare it would “…undoubtedly further erode the reputation and legitimacy of the Supreme Court.” (2)

But what prompted Leahy’s sudden decision to lecture the Supreme Court as to its proper role in government? Was it a last ditch effort to intimidate justices into finding ObamaCare constitutional? Or has Kagan perhaps advised Democrats that Roberts is “wavering” a bit, leading Leahy to believe his misguided, nonsensical claims might persuade the Chief Justice to decide in favor of passage?

Since its enactment in 2010, liberals have believed the Affordable Care Act to be a sure thing to pass Constitutional muster. They were stunned when Justices took offense at the law’s contempt for individual liberty during oral arguments. After all, how could forcing Americans to purchase something they don’t want be unconstitutional if it’s for their own good!

If 5 Justices rule the ObamaCare individual mandate unconstitutional the American people will hear a wailing and gnashing of teeth unequaled since the pro-Gore efforts of the Florida Supreme Court were undone after the 2000 election. We will be in for some very entertaining days.

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11 thoughts on “Senator Leahy attacks Supreme Court, threatens Chief Justice Roberts”

  1. The little fascist prigs are indeed hard at work to usurp the administration of justice.

    To do this they engage in crimes against the constitution.

    It is a crime for Kagan to disclose anyything about preliminary votes. She should be clapped in irons and tried, if that is what she is doing.

    Leaky Leahy has been a threat to the security of the American people ever since he was elected.

    Leahy is one of Vermonts village idiots, of the former triumverate of Vermont Village idiots, Leahy, Jeffords and Dean. Of these three only Leahy is left, and it is past time this liberal fascist was GONE.How dare they even TRY to use undue influence on the Court, and it is a reason why Kagan should have recused herself. Now she needs to be arrested if she is leaking facts to interested parties.It goes against the Canon of Judicial ethics, and she can be arrested for it.

      1. Hey Puppy !
        I changed a few words of Leahy's above mentioned quote to illustrate the supreme arrogance, and "the pot-calling-the-kettle-black-" mentality which exists among so many members of Congress (especially with the RINOs and Marxists of Leahey's ilk in the Senate).
        It was SO easy to turn Sen. Pat's own words against him in the 're-write'.
        "The constitutional outrage of the Affordable Care Act is the current Congressional insistence, by a narrow ideology and partisanship, to take coercive action against American citizens and institutions by intervening where it should not"
        "Such legislative Marxism and unprecedented "activism", which has shaken the confidence and trust of the American people in the behavior of Congress, is JUST the sort of Un-Americanism, treason, and sedition, which has appalled and disgusted the American electorate….and will most certainly not help restore Americans' confidence in Congress to fairly….and with Constitutional vigor, craft the laws of this land."
        If Justice Roberts joins other conservative Justices in a 5-4 decision against ObamaCare it would "….undoubtedly further restore and heighten the reputation and legitimacy of the Supreme Court….while simultaneously "tanking" what little remains of Congressional
        honesty, loyalty to oath of Office, patriotism, and simple decency."
        Doug, Raymond, Suzanne (if she's still on board), and all…have a very safe, but fun-filled Memorial Day…and PLEASE, for a truly moving experience… look up the legend, poem and meaning behind the "Poppy" we all USED to receive on nearly every street corner in America: ..Google the poem "In Flanders Fields" …written by Canadian Lt. Colonel John McCrae in 1915.

  2. Oops! Senator Leahy "forgot" to mention the following concerning the constitutionality of Obamacare. Congress "forgot" to petition the states for an amendment to the Constitution as required by Article V of the Constitution, which, if the states had chosen to ratify such an amendment, would have granted Congress the specific power that it needed to establish Obamacare. So Obamacare was established with constitutionally nonexistent federal government powers, a "minor" oversight on Congress's part.

  3. > "If 5 Justices rule the ObamaCare individual mandate unconstitutional the American people will hear …"

    Oh they may very well strike down the individual mandate but leave other provisions in place such as the Title IX taxes (not Title IX CFR!). The Title IX taxes are the ace in the hole for the universal care scammers, they are the back up to the red herring and sacrificial provision known as the 'individual mandate'. The Title IX taxes of PAACA will complete the job it was intended to do.

    The people that wrote the PAACA legislation knew they needed an Ace in the hole and that Ace is Title IX of PAACA. The individual mandate is not important to them, it's Title IX that they want.

  4. When Senator "Leaky" Leahy finally bites the political dust, I will raise a glass in memory of his years of undermining liberty.

    1. I raised a glass to political sanity and freedom when both Tip O'neill and Teddy Kennedy bought the farm….
      I'll buy the "bubbly" again when Leahey, Dodd, Barney Frank, Biden, Shumer, and Reid finally all go to Hell.
      Not enough rotten things can be said about them now…so by the time they die, it will be heartwarming to hear their elegies all peppered with four-letter words.

  5. "leahy you are wrong", by striking down obamacare would give the people hope in the working of our government, because right now the people have very little confidence in our government and the courts to fairly applying the law, thank to hussein obama. "Maybe there is hope after all!"
    When leahy reelection come up, I hope the Tea Party goes all out to stop leahy from getting reelected.

  6. Hi Mr. Doug Book,

    You have have made a new "for me" English as we never knew it.
    Physco babble? You gotta love. I do.
    Coach's Sis.

  7. Dear Joan,

    I wish I could claim ownership of the term, but it is really Rush who deserves the praise. I heard it on his show some years ago and I would imagine he still uses it. You're right…it is a great word.


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