Paying Taxes is An Option (If you’re the ruling elite)

 By Basil Irwin, staff writer

 Well, once again, another key Obama administration official got caught not paying his taxes. This time it was US Attorney General Eric Holder. Holder along with his brother failed to pay property taxes on their childhood home in Queens New York, which they inherited last August when their mother passed away.

 You’d think these chumps would have learned their lesson about taxes by now. But no, paying their own taxes isn’t a priority for the Obammunists. They’re far more worried about we little people paying up. But themselves? Fuggedaboutit.

 The Holders did finally cough up the bucks when the New York Post confronted them about it. Great! Apparently Marxists will pay their taxes, but only if the press makes them.

A spokesman said the brothers “weren’t aware of the initial missed payments, which happened in the last months of their mother’s life when she was battling illness.”

 Fine. But what about the subsequent payments missed by the Holder estate? The spokesman had an excuse for that one too: the subsequent unpaid taxes “occurred during a time period in which the disposition of the estate is still being resolved”. Really? In other words, more taxes came due while the Holder estate was responsible for paying them, but it didn’t pay them.

 Even that buffoon Robert Gibbs could have come up with a better excuse than that one. When I settled my dad’s estate no one cut me any slack on paying bills and taxes, and I certainly didn’t have a “spokesman” to dole out lame excuses just in case I was so unconcerned that I failed to render unto Caesar. But then again, I’m just one of the little people.

 So we can now add Holder to the Obama administration’s Tax Scofflaw Hall of Infamy: US Treasurer “TurboTax” Timmy Geithner, HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis, failed HHS nominee Tom Daschle, failed Chief Performance Officer Nominee Nancy Killefer, and failed United States Trade Representative nominee Ron Kirk.

Clearly, paying your taxes is mandatory only if you’re one of the little folk. For the Marxist ruling elite, paying taxes is apparently merely an option.

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