Phony birth certificate drives Obama eligibility lawsuits in Alabama and Florida

by George Spelvin

Obama being born out of an apple pie in the middle of a Kansas wheat field as Toby Keith sings the National Anthem—such are the contents of an amicus brief filed by an Alabama Democrat Party which has resorted to ridicule in responding to the Obama eligibility case McInnish-Goode v Chapman which will be held in front of Judge Roy Moore and the Alabama Supreme Court!  In an exclusive story reported by WND reporter Drew Zahn, (1) the flippant nature of this brief indicates that the Obama team will be unable to brush off legitimate questions about how he can serve as a U.S. President without showing legitimate and verifiable evidence of eligibility! 

Brought by Virgil Goode and Hugh McInnish, the case seeks to force Alabama Secretary of State Beth Chapman to verify eligibility of all candidates on the 2012 ballot.  Reporter Zahn points out that in 2010 Judge Moore, the Ten Commandments judge, remarked to WND about people who rely on their feelings to ascertain the fact that Obama is U.S. born.  “This is the strangest thing. . .the president has never produced evidence in the face of substantial evidence he was not born in our country,” said Judge Moore. (2)

A Florida eligibility lawsuit brought by Attorney Larry Klayman on behalf of his client Michael C. Voeltz was filed on April 29, 2013, case no. SC 13-560, in Florida’s First District Court of Appeals. (3)  “No physical paper copy has ever been presented to firmly establish Respondent Obama was indeed born within the United States,” maintains Klayman in the suit which asks the Court to direct Florida Secretary of State Ken Detzner to issue an opinion regarding BHO’s eligibility to serve as president!  This latest action asks for reinstatement of Voeltz v. Obama “which was improperly dismissed by court order dated 2-8-2013.”  The Florida case points out that Obama’s father was a British subject born in Kenya which was a British colony at the time of birth of Obama, Jr.  “The U.S. Supreme Court has defined this term (NBC) to mean a child born to two citizen parents (R.245-260). . .Obama is not an NBC as required by the U.S. Constitution and therefore ineligible to be President.”(4)

Earlier court filings include the sworn affidavit of Sheriff Joe Arpaio, dated June 12, 2012, (5) stating that Obama’s online birth certificate is a “computer generated document, manufactured electronically, and that did not originate in paper format as claimed by the White House.”  Arpaio swears under oath that he and his investigators have found probable cause of document forgery, meaning that the certificate cannot be used as a legal verification for Barack Obama’s date, place, or circumstances of birth!

“It would be paradoxical beyond measure if the real and grave question of the legitimacy of the de facto President, a question which lies at the very heart of our American Constitutional Government, were left unresolved for want of the simplest of documents, a birth certificate,” states Klayman in the Alabama suit. (6)

We’ll soon find out if the State Supreme Court agrees with him.


Television show “Inside Edition” is up on youtube with a picture of Barry Soetoro’s Catholic Grammar School (ASISI) records in Jakarta, Indonesia stating he was of Indonesian nationality and that his religion was Islam! (6)

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24 thoughts on “Phony birth certificate drives Obama eligibility lawsuits in Alabama and Florida”

  1. I guess that the democrats and other liberals think it’s good for their plan to destroy the United States with a foreign president who is also a Moslem (older spelling) and a socialist. Oh yeah, I also need to mention his borrowed Eastern US SSN and his non-existent school and legal records. He’s a mystery man, a true Manchurian Candidate.

    He’s come a long way from the Madrassa,


  2. The leftist frauds in the socialist democrat party support the eligibility scam because in his acting out his REVENGE and HATRED for this country he is also LINING THEIR POCKETS WITH OUR MONEY.

  3. I think it’s more likely than not that the Lucas Smith Amicus Brief Kenyan BC was entered so that the Alabama Supreme Court could appear to be even-handed when they threw out the Smith Amicus Brief as well as the Democrat Amicus Brief. I believe the Court will remand the case back to the Circuit Court with an Order for that Court to hold a hearing on the merits. Should Klayman lose that Hearing, he will again Appeal to the Alabama Supreme Court, this time with an evidentiary record. If the Alabama Supreme reverses the Circuit Court and finds for Klayman, I do not think the Alabama Democrats will Appeal to the SCOTUS, for fear that SCOTUS may not grant certiori. They would rather let the Alamaba ruling be an anomaly, standing alone. Should the Alabama Supreme Court uphold the Circuit Court’s Ruling, Klayman will Appeal to the SCOTUS.The SCOTUS will finally be on the horns of the dilemma they hoped to avoid. Will they grant certiori? If so, how will they rule? If not, their decision will be of grave historical importance; it will legitimize the unraveling of the Constitution.

    1. ibarkahn,

      I can’t imagine the Supreme Court would under ANY circumstances agree to grant cert. The proper constitutional ruling would be to remove Obama from the White House, both on NBC grounds AND given his lawyers might ignore the Court’s wishes as they have those of all other courts throughout the eligibility process. But would the court “conservatives” want to place themselves in such a position? No way.
      Doug B.

    2. > I do not think the Alabama Democrats will Appeal to the SCOTUS, for fear that SCOTUS may not grant certiori. They would rather let the Alamaba ruling be an anomaly, standing alone.

      You mean, like birthers did with Ankeny vs. Daniels?

      > Will they grant certiori?

      It’s “certiorari”.

  4. Coach Collins,

    You are probably correct. It’s a real struggle to keep my lifelong optimism from coloring my analyzes. But….if the SCOTUS denies certiori, wouldn’t it be responding to a specific ruling? Wouldn’t they would be denying certiori to one of two possible Alabama Supreme Court rulings: in one case they would be refusing to review a ruling in Klayman’s favor; in the other, they would be refusing to review a ruling that renders Amendment II, Section 1, void and of no effect. If I’m correct, and I were Obama’s attorney, I would not respond to Plaintiff’s plea in a a Circuit hearing on the meritis; I would let Klayman take a default judgement, which would deny Klayman a Circuit Court evidentiary record, and preclude an Appeal to the Alabama Supreme Court, Obama’s attorneys and supporters could then continue in their claim that the evidence of Obama’s ineligibility had never been adjudicated. What do you think?

  5. Coach Collins,

    The pseudonym “George Spelvin” is familiar. I know the industry in which it originated, and the reason for using it. It’s been years since I’ve seen it used, and I’m happy to see it.

    I BarKahn

  6. Coach Collins,

    My friendly response to your reply has disappeared, instead of being there, “awaiting moderation.” I hope it re-appears. I wouldn’t like to think someone deep-sixed it. If, in fact, it has been scuttled, I’d like to know why.

    I BarKahn

  7. “the Obama team will be unable to brush off legitimate questions about how he can serve as a U.S. President without showing legitimate and verifiable evidence of eligibility!”

    How anyone with a brain can still a write a sentence like this defies logic. The President released the official birth certificate of Hawaii, and then went so far as to release the long-form version, both of which the state of Hawaii has verified. No other President has ever released so much birth data.

    Will the sickness called birtherism ever heal?

    1. Gary Miller,

      You mean the Arpaio group analyzed the actual, physical copy of Obama’s birth certificate rather than a computer generated form? That really IS news.
      Doug B.

  8. The Hawaii documents are bogus. They are Photo-shopped. There is ample proof of this. The other legitimate birth certificate is from Kenya. It is the real one.

  9. I BarKahn
    ay 16, 2013 T 11:07 pm – Reply

    Gary Miller:

    The Birthers were right at the beginning, right to continue, and will be proven right at the end.
    God Bless the brave Birthers.

    This is the saddest and most shameful period in American history since the Civil War. Barring a national epiphany, the Birthers, and only the Birthers, will emerge from this episode with their integrity and honor intact.

    Gary Miller, the value of your opinion on a subject is measured by your knowledge about the subject: If you know nothing about the subject, your opinion is worthless; if you know only a little about a subject, that is what your opinion is worth. I doubt that you have much knowledge about American history and Constitutional law. You are better off to remain silent and risk being thought of as stupid, than to speak and remove all doubt.

    Coach Miller:

    It is possible, but just barely, for one’s mind to accept that each morning virtually every Municipal, State, and Federal employee goes to work pretending that Obama is the legal President of the United States.

    The damage that Obama has done is immense but clarifying. It has dispelled any illusions about the courage of the Conservative media, which has fled from its obligations to its readers, viewers, and listeners. Knowing it cannot dispute the indisputable, or deny the undeniable, it has chosen a cowardly silence about Obama’s citizenship status, and pretends that Obama is a legal President. It has become an Obama enabler. And just to be safe, it has publicly scorned and ridiculed those who protect and defend the Constitution.

    There are very few places left where I can say things that need to said. I hope this is one of them.

    I BarKahn

  10. A reporter realizes timing is everything in politics/you have to question the timing of three of these big scandals breaking w/i a short period of time/this action is very significant and, I think, speaks to the fact that the Obama nativity drama is getting very close to at least being addressed/a lawyer told me once to “chip away,”/well, these 3 scandals are doing that very thing/

  11. Bubbah, Yes and that’s why we don’t allow racist, even reverse racists like you on our site,
    Bye and thanks for reading CiR

  12. The term “birther” is used only by those who want a socialist government led by a foreigner. It is a term of derision. More correctly, those who want the matter of Obama’s birth investigated should be called “Constitutionalists”. They want any prospective president to be a natural born citizen instead of an foreign born impostor.

    I’m not alone in the opinion that all acts performed by a person who was not eligible for the office of president in the first place are void. Once the truth is out, correcting this will be the first order of business.

  13. One the truth is out, GNM? Any day now, huh? Do you really need to be reminded that birthers have lost over 200 lawsuits? 200! Yes, I know, the judges were all bought off or threatened. The media was threatened as well!

    Birthers not only deserve to be ridiculed, they are unmerciful gluttons for punishment.

    1. Gary you are genuine dope. You understand nothing about the type of pressure a judge is under not to be the first judge to allow the truth to come out and you don’t want to even think your way through this. We’ve been down this road before. You can’t explain the birth certificate’s numbers and the fact that your president has never released his actual birth certificate. Ridicule from you is a badget of honor.
      Thanks for reading CiR Gar

      1. 200 cases, Coach! My goodness, how obtuse can you be!

        The state of Hawaii has verified both birth certificates several times now. These people are not lying to you, Coach, and they are not out to make a buck.

        Now on the other hand, Jerome Corsi, Mike Zullo, Orly Taitz et al realize that sponging bucks off gullible birthers is a lucrative business. And you don’t have a problem with enabling their nonsense.

        1. I guess becuase you don’t believe that Obama uses threats and intimidation to get his way you’ll never understand what is so clear to actual Americans.

  14. Many of the suits regarding BHO’s birth certificate where never litigated. They were dismissed on techincalities such as lack of ripeness, lack of standing, etc. The judges in federal court have many tools at their disposal if they don’t want to hear a case.

    Lets’s face it, getting rid of Onama won’t help a judge’s career. They fear retribution and rightfully so. We’re talking about a president who sells guns to the Mexicans to make legitimate gun owners look bad, who fails to secure embassies while our representatives are being killed and then covers up his stupidity by firing whistle blowers and stonewalling and lately, who has approved the auditing of Right Wing groups by the IRS.

    I almost forgot the AP telephone wiretaps due to a leak that’s so secret Holder won’t even tell us what it was about.

    Yeah, vote against Obama at your own risk. Shades of the other Hussein. LOL.

    1. Actually, the Judges in quite a few of them have looked at the evidence and found it wanting…the latest from Judge England:

      “Courts do not deal with what are just simply allegations. There has not been one credible allegation of a piece of evidence presented other than what is hearsay and people that quite frankly the plaintiffs believe are experts. Plaintiffs don’t determine who experts are, the court does. And not one person that has been presented to come forward has been shown even closely reassembling an expert. They are simply citizens who have their own opinion, which they are free to express, and I respect that opinion. But that does not mean that their, quote/unquote, evidence is admissible.

      The only admissible evidence is that which is under the rules of evidence. And at this point, the indication and the notification from secretary — or from Hawaii, let’s see, the director of the Hawaii State Department of Health has indicated and stated that the birth certificate of President Obama is accurate, is acceptable. That’s –”

      So, the only piece of real evidence that’s been submitted, is the notification from Hawaii that the President was born there. What is evidence, and what you THINK is evidence is 2 very different things.

  15. The birth certificate went to trial in Atlanta, Tisdale v. Obama, and the judge looked at the evidence and said the same thing every sensible persons says: the witnesses weren’t qualified. Sorry, but there’s nothing at all wrong with Obama’s birth certificate, social-security number, law license, college registration, Selective Service application, or anything else about his birth and presidential eligibility.

    The LAST thing you want is for this to go to trial again, because you’ll lose again (and again, and again).

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