Phony Luis Gutierrez (D Mexico City): Living with Hispanics good for your family but not for mine

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

During Saturday’s illegal rally supporting illegal aliens outside of the White House Congressman Luis Gutierrez was arrested chanting “Si se puede” (Yes, it is possible) and wearing a shirt saying “Arrest me not my friends” in English.
Gutierrez has made a career out of helping illegal aliens drain whatever they could out of America. Here’s some information about the hypocritical Luis Gutierrez .

Gutierrez doesn’t live in the district he represents. This is legal but it raises suspicions. He’s recently moved his family from Chicago’s 60647 zip code which has become saturated with Hispanics.

The racial breakdown of 60647 is 68% Hispanic and just 23% White a ratio of three to one. An overwhelmingly Hispanic neighborhood is apparently something Luis wants for us but not for himself. Zip code 60647 has a crime victim risk more than double the national average with an almost 4 times higher murder rate and 5 times higher robbery rate. Luis now lives in 60641.

Zip code 60641 has a White to Hispanic population ratio of 52% to just 39%. It also has a crime victim risk that is 20% LOWER than national averages.

Daddy’s little girl doesn’t like living with Hispanics either

In the “Chicago way” getting a building permit meaning agreeing to include at least a single unit of what is known as “affordable home” in his plan.

In June of 2008 a condo project in Humboldt Park, including just a single “affordable home,” was completed. That single “affordable home” was purchased by Omairo Figueroa, Gutierrez’s daughter. With $140, 000 from her father she paid $155,000 for the two bedroom two bathroom unit located at 1834 N. Kedzie Avenue 60647.

Little more than one year later Ms. Figueroa sold the unit for $239,000 and turned a 55% profit. Living in a high crime neighbor didn’t suit her it seems.

Daddy’s little girl needed a job too

An investigation by the Chicago Sun Times reveals that Luis Gutierrez arranged for the Blagojevich administration to give Omaira a job as a consumer counselor with the Illinois Commerce Commission in June of 2004. This is established fact because it is contained in a secret hiring database maintained by Blagojevich under the heading “Gutierrez, Luis (CONG-D-4th Dist.).” A Supreme Court ruling upheld a law banning this type of hiring. A Gutierrez spokesman denied everything.

Resolve today that you will make history and not become history. Stand up and fight back. You are much more powerful than you think you are.

If you and I don’t save America, who will save America – the Democrats?

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