Pictures of Obama’s illegal aliens lined up to steal American jobs will burn him in November

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

  A picture of “tens of thousands” of Barack Obama’s Chicago’s illegal aliens  lining up to complete the process to “legally” steal jobs from unemployed/underemployed Americans will prove the adage that “a picture is worth a thousand words.” For Americans searching for work this image has to be downright sickening. It will come back to bite Barack Obama in November.    

Initially when Barack Obama decided to use our money our jobs and our lives to buy Hispanic votes with his illegal amnesty of illegal aliens it seemed like he had produced a stroke of genius. The media fawned over the president (don’t they always?) and all was well in Leftistville.  There would be an influx of once illegal aliens who would now become newly registered Democrats. “So what if they’re not citizens – they’re Americans just like you and me!” the Democrats’ media cheerleaders told us. But alas for Team Obama, that was then and this is now. This scheme promises to be yet another example of how adept Democrats have become at stomping around in the tall grass and finding rakes whose handles come flying up to hit them in the face.

The law of unintended consequences

All the flowery heart breaking language about people “being forced to live in the shadows and now finally being able to step into the sunlight and reveal their presence” will do JUST THAT. They reveal themselves and remind us they are here and should be sent home.

  The latest polling on what is important to  likely voters done in June, shows that just 5% are concerned about immigration issues and it ranks fifth of eight issues. BUT the number one issue is JOBS a concern for more than 1/3 of those surveyed. 

This stunt has catapulted illegal aliens back into the consciousness of likely voters. Obama has taken an issue that was not on voters’ minds and slammed us in the face with it.   Coupled with worry over how to get back into the workforce,  pictures of tens of thousands of Obama’s illegal aliens lining up to now LEGALLY steal the  few hard to find jobs that still exist has elevated a nothing issue to  a major issue. 

This was another mistake by Team Obama.           

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One thought on “Pictures of Obama’s illegal aliens lined up to steal American jobs will burn him in November”

  1. The axiom is TRUE ! A picture IS worth a thousand words! Thanks for including such a graphic image of just a fraction of this nations’ illegal immigrants all lining up to receive the hype about an illegal act enacted solely for their behalf by an equally illegal resident in the Oval Office.
    Coach, I forwarded to Doug an article sent to me by ALIPAC (Americans for Legal Immigration-PAC), in which an INS-type federal employee was being ‘punished’ for refusing to release an illegal alien which this agent had deemed to be a menace to society….this is unacceptable !
    I realize that Americans have pretty well had their bellies full of federal agencies ‘across the board’; and that agencies like the Dept. of Der Fuhrer-Land Security, ICE, and others have had a very chilling affect upon how Americans view their government…but the border agents, customs and immigration agents are our ‘first-line’ defense against these massive over-runs of illegals at our borders; we’ve got to protect their backs and support them.
    ALIPAC is urging all Americans to contact their Senators and Reps. in Congress to stop this madness by the Obama admin….and to also alert friends, neighbors, and associates who are federal employees in customs, immigration, ect. to walk off their jobs rather than to enforce such illegal actions as have been encouraged and abetted by Obama.

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