Planned Parenthood’s “Negro Project” ;planned extermination of Black babies

 By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Margaret Sanger one of the original “I am a liberal therefore I know better than you” liberals was no friend of America’s Black population.

In fact she favored exterminating unborn Black infants as “unfit” to live among us.

In 1939 when Sanger created the “Negro Project” she observed, “The mass of Negroes, particularly in the South, still breed carelessly and disastrously, with the result that the increase among Negroes, even more than among whites, is from the portion of the population least intelligent and fit, and least able to rear children properly.”

Extermination of Blacks therefore, was the “founding mother” of Planned Parenthood’s driving purpose. This is why it is so puzzling that Blacks are the willing victims of abortion in proportions that would cause a race war if even suggested publicly today.

Sanger’s insidious Machiavellian “Negro Project” plan called for sterilization, contraception and abortion to keep the number of “Negros” from growing. This monster, who is a worshiped icon to the abortion loving Left, was as cunning as she was dangerous. Her scheme included the cynical use of the African American Church to promote the genocide of those she deemed to be “undesirables.” She would have loved Barack Obama’s support of infanticide to “correct” the results of failed abortions.

Sanger brought African American ministers into her plan because she believed, “The most successful educational approach to the Negro is through a religious appeal. We do not want the word to get out that we want to exterminate the Negro population, and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it occurs to any of their more rebellious members.” “Get on the train!”?

Today’s “Negro Project” Judas goat

The leading “house slave” on today’s Planned Parenthood plantation is Reverend Carlton Veazey a Black Baptist minister who founded the National Black Church Initiative, which promotes abortion as a means to solve the problems of the African American community. He is the heir to the “Negro Project.” Last December Veazey described abortion as a woman’s God-given right.”

Carlton Veazey is especially dangerous because he holds such a high profile in the American Black Church and this enables him to continue Sanger’s “Negro Project.” preaching abortion as THE Black answer.

Silence in the face of tyranny is collaboration with that tyranny.

Work every day to help America, we need everyone.

Do you want to trust your family’s future to Democrats? It’s November or never. We may never get another chance to undo the damage Obama has done.

Pray for America.

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