Very predictably, de Blasio’s Animal Farm is becoming dangerous for his victorious comrades

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

When Comrade Bill de Blasio’s band of revolutionary socialists took control of America’s largest city the outcome was predictable. Makers would move out; takers would move in and crime would go up.

Because they represent criminals, the Blacks and Hispanics in the City Council demanded an end to Stop, Question and Frisk the very effective tool for reducing gun related crimes in the city of New York’s worse neighborhoods. Because they run the City now, these people got what they demanded and surprise, surprise things are not going as they thought.  Now these Comrades are “outraged” about rising crime rates in THEIR “hoods.” Since their Stop, Question and Frisk victory isn’t at someone else’s expense, they don’t like it.  

As another notable America-hater has said, ‘The chickens are coming home to roost!” And crime is climbing in their neighborhoods.   

In the brief few months since the end of Stop, Question and Frisk crime in Black and Hispanic neighborhoods has gone up 7% because the criminals who hunt in them are no longer afraid of being stopped and arrested for carrying guns. They are undoubtedly happy even if the honest people in those areas are not.  

All of this was so predictable as to make one’s head explode. This is what happens when the loony Left takes over. They tend to demand what they want and don’t care what you want.

When governments are taken over by people with no qualifications other than their race or ethnicity, they are dangerous. These fakes destroy what they touch and don’t care about the consequences until they are forced to confront their own incompetence.

We can only speculate how much the viciously cold winter kept crime down in New York. But that was yesterday.  Summer is here. And summer is hunting season for urban criminal predators.     

It’s nice to see hypocrites get their noses rubbed in their own mess and schadenfreude is a delicious dish, but the honest people these fakes represent are getting punished.

This is yet another example of Comrade Bill’s America. It shows us what happens when dopes vote for Democrats and let them rule our lives.

Comrade Bill will continue on his unintended mission to remind America why Democrats should never be trusted with our lives.

I say let’s bring the 2016 Democrat Convention to New York; can I get a second on that?


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