As predicted, Comrade de Blasio will show the nation what Democrats REALLY want to do to us

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Keep talking Comrade Bill; keep talking. There is now no question about whether this devoted Communist will damage the Democrat brand; the question is by how much?

Comrade Bill de Blasio, New York’s mayor, is living up to predictions that he will serve as the foul mouthed three year old at the family Thanksgiving table. The child keeps saying embarrassing things while his parents act shocked and wonder out loud where he learned such words. Make no mistake about him he is a true Communist not a Democrat. But the D behind his name will hang him around Nancy Pelosi’s neck like a millstone.

De Blasio is a true believer in the destruction of America. He will continue to be a reminder to America of why Democrats must never be given power over us at any level.

Last week, de Blasio rolled back welfare reform regulations for New York City’s able-bodied childless adults.  Now, thanks to Comrade Bill’s largesse with our money, they will be required to do exactly nothing but stick out their hands to receive the food stamps we pay for. Under Comrade de Blasio, Food Stamps for anyone have just become an absolutely unconditional entitlement which demands nothing in return.  

New York City has discontinued putting about 40,000 able-bodied food stamp recipients into any kind of work program. The Comrade has ended the rule that these people, who have no dependents, be enrolled in a work placement program performing assigned tasks for 20 hours a week.  

Although federal law restricts childless people who refuse to work, to just three months of food stamps during a three-year period, Barack Obama regularly waives this rule merely for the asking. Democrats don’t want anyone to escape poverty.

This is the Democrat plan; cheat and steal from the makers to cripple their taker slaves so they can NEVER leave their plantation.  De Blasio is putting this Democrat plan on display and there will be more examples to come.   

De Blasio is on record as saying New York’s 1.9 million food stamp users (which represents 21% of the town’s population), should be expanded by at least another 250,000 recipients. 

National Democrats are considering bring their 2016 convention to New York City. Won’t that be fun? Comrade Bill will be hiding the homeless and arresting “Occupy” protestors every day. The Democrats may even give us a glimpse of the 1968 Chicago convention. How did THAT one work out Nancy?


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2 thoughts on “As predicted, Comrade de Blasio will show the nation what Democrats REALLY want to do to us”

  1. @Coach–

    What if the slaves DON”T want to leave the plantation? Not sure why you think the Dems giving more and more free stuff is a bad thing for them.

    Of course, morally, it is reprehensible, but since giveaways are all that the Dems have EVER been about, where’s the beef?

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