Professors forcing students to support a political cause; not just unconstitutional it’s criminal


By Emma Karlin, staff writer

The next time we hear about a conservative college professor forcing his/her students to support a political position will be the first time such news comes to us. Pulling stunts like that is the province of the Left. 

Like most people of the Left, college professors are cowards and bullies who will do anything to force Americans to support their causes. Leftist college professors have created a “hostile” environment in our college classrooms.

From first-hand experience I know this has been the case for at least forty years. Being one of only three straights (of 25 students) in a cynically labeled “English Lit” course “taught” by a Black Lesbian was not a pleasant experience.

Last year a Leftist professor in Florida forced his students to sign a pledge to vote for Barack Obama.
Now we hear news that an attorney for the Alliance Defending Freedom has charged a professor at a little Community College in Tennessee with forcing her students to wear “Rainbow Coalition” ribbons for a day to show their support for gay and Lesbian causes. When some students protested this humiliation she mocked them with references to the Bible. Liberals don’t believe in the Constitution. They mock and hate those of us who do.

Isn’t it time we held these people accountable and treat them like criminals who have willfully violated federal laws against cohesive deprivations of constitutional rights?    

Forcing powerless students to kowtow to one’s liberal views or risk an F grade is a serious violation of the Constitutional right of these students. It is a crime under Title 18, U.S.C. Section 242 “Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law and such a violation calls for a fine or imprisonment of up to a year in federal prison.

The surest way to bring these liberal stunts to a screeching halt would be to start prosecuting these lowlifes. That would let our young people know we take their Constitutional rights seriously. Of course no such thing will happen. We can’t get the Justice Department to prosecute club brandishing Black Panthers who chase old White people away from polling places.

Who we vote for and whether we vote does matter.


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3 thoughts on “Professors forcing students to support a political cause; not just unconstitutional it’s criminal”

  1. “Who we vote for and whether we vote does matter.”

    I disagree…the people we voted for over the last 100 years is what got us into this mess to some extent. We voted for & set the conditions for allowing Progressives to take over public education, while ignoring the benefits of both private & homeschooling.

    Personally, I didn’t have the problem w/ leftist professors back when I went to college. I attended the U of AR @ Monticello back in the late 80’s, & was part of a group called Christians In Action (CIA) that had weekly meetings on campus that were led by at least 2 professors, one of whom was named Virginia Fox (she was a sweetheart & yes, was kinda cute, too).

    My algebra/trig teacher was from Iran & he had no problem w/ the ladies of the class. My chem teacher was from China & her husband (also from China) taught Forestry classes. ALL of them were decent people & treated their students w/ respect. I’ll NEVER forget my other Forestry teacher, William McCoy — a GREAT man, a wonderful teacher who was tough as nails but had a heart of gold. I don’t know if he is still alive these days, but I sure would love to meet him again & shake his hand.

    1. WOOPS!!!! I made a major mistake! I thought the original quote by the author said that it DOESN’T matter who we vote for.

      MY BAD. I read the quote wrong, & I apologize for doing so.

  2. This is precisely the reason our ballots and polling places are supposed to be PRIVATE! Each individual has the right to vote his/her conscience that way. NO ONE; not the professor, the union leader, the party, the NBPP goon, NO ONE has the right to coerce your vote for ANY office at any time! One who does so should be charged criminally and tried for his/her crime! It’s the individual’s prerogative to disclose or not whom he/she has or plans to vote for, and no one else’ right to interfere! That would include both political parties too!

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