Protect Marriage vote results and turnout will tell the story for North Carolina Democrats

By Derrick Hollenbeck, staff writer
The results and turnout in tomorrow’s Primary Day voting in North Carolina will be an important indication of Barack Obama’s chances for holding the Tar Heel State in his column next November.

Aside from the usual array of primary candidates from both Parties voters will be able to cast a ballot for or against Amendment One which will protect traditional marriage by banning same sex “marriage.”

Already plagued by a Gay sexual harassment scandal hanging over the head of the outgoing Democrat State Chairman, the decision of its Democrat governor not to run for reelection and the specter of a grossly underfunded Democrat National Convention held in an anti union Right To Work state it doesn’t seem that things could get worse for North Carolina’s Democrats. But, a resounding victory for the pro marriage Republicans could because it could take North Carolina off the board for Obama’s reelection campaign.

No matter how it is presented same sex “marriage” is essentially a religious matter. Those who are more religious are more likely to oppose these unions while the less religious are more sympathetic to them.

A recent Gallup poll found that the most religious states in America are South and North Carolina. Moreover a Pew survey found, that by a 54/35 margin Republicans are viewed as the friendlier toward religion between the two Parties. The view of the two Parties has been steady for more of the past ten years.

Although there are no hard data to support asserting it, Democrats are probably associated with the effort to defeat Amendment One. The head of the State’s NAACP The Rev. William J. Barber III, a leading Democrat, has characterized Amendment One as being supported by “ultraconservative forces….seeking to place hate and discrimination and division into the very heart of our Constitution.”

A Public Policy Polling (an admitted liberal Democrat firm) survey sees a landslide victory for Amendment One’s supporters. PPP’s final poll found the Amendment was ahead 55/39 with 6% undecided or not interested.

If Amendment One carries with a large percentage and a large Republican turnout in spite of the dampening effect the end of the Republican Presidential Primary process may have, it could be devastating blow to the Democrats.
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2 thoughts on “Protect Marriage vote results and turnout will tell the story for North Carolina Democrats”

  1. Difficult to believe that pro-homosexual marriage legislation would pass in North Carolina. Obama might use this as a test run for his voter fraud forces in November. That is, compare the number of Democrat Party generated "absentee ballots" with the percentages Obama thinks will be necessary to carry the state. We'll know Barack is in trouble if there is a sudden, massive call for absentee ballots after tomorrow's results are posted.

  2. Not only is same sex marriage wrong from a religious point of view, but it makes no sense from the secular side either once the societal function of marriage is properly understood, which is to produce and raise the next generation of civil society.

    In fact, the civil/secular aspect of marriage actually is primarily a contract between the marrying couple and the state for this very reason. The couple receives state recognition and monies (which are taken from the general tax paying population and given over to the couple and their children in the form of tax breaks, school funding and other benefits). For their part, the couple make an implicit good faith agreement to remain bound in matrimony and to attempt to produce and responsibly raise any ensuing children. This simply has no parallel in (non-existent) homosexual marriage. No matter what they are called, same sex unions simply are intrinsically unable to bring an equal value to the table in this regard, so there is absolutely no reason why society should be expected to provide their relationships with equal recognition and support.

    If same sex couples wish to hold private commitment ceremonies and privately call themselves "married" that should be their right, but they, in turn, must respect my privacy rights and stay well out of my face about it, let alone expect the community at large to be forced to be an unwilling party to their private agreements.

    Sadly, as part of the ongoing assault on our way of life as free and sovereign citizens under our Constitution, the forces of the "progressive" left have been attempting to diminish or kill the nuclear family and replace it with the nanny state. They denigrate and trivialize traditional marriage by attempting to reduce it to simply one of many "equally valid" hedonistic cum se cum sa relationships (if same sex marriage, why not plural marriage, sibling marriage or even parents marrying their grown children?). People born with their sexuality truly cross-wired are a very small percentage of the population, so what these people do privately really doesn't have much of an impact one way or another, but allowing them and their "cause" to used by the left to knock out the very foundation of civil society must not be tolerated.

    One of the other great crimes against society by the left along this vein has been the attempt to assassinate fatherhood (at first primarily in the black community) by the insidiously named "welfare" system. What evil premeditated hypocrisy! First the "do-gooder" left places one hand upon your shoulder, looks you in the eye and coos, "but I care and my intentions are so good" and then slips the knife between your shoulder blades with the other.

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