Protecting Afghani Dancing Boys Culture – raping young boys- shouldn’t be our mission

George Spelvin, staff writer

  While our corrupt U.S. media bash every thing our military does, however minute, they spike any stories that depict the true Afghani culture that our soldiers are confronted with every day while in that country.  Ann

Barnhardt’s hard hitting four part series of youtube videos on Islamic sexuality brings home to  audiences what our media refuse to tell you.  Any type of charge against especially Catholic priests regarding pedophilia is reported  over and over, yet when it comes to Afghanistan media hypocrites aren’t telling it the way it really is according to Barnhardt. 

 BACHA BAZI is practiced by wealthy Afghani men, especially warlords, who appropriate poor little boys aged around 11 years to 16 for their own sexual exploitation, and the government just looks the other way.

 What our soldiers are up against could very well be the disgust and disillusionment over what’s known as the Dancing Boys Culture in which poor developing boys are taken from their homes, often with their fathers approval because the family needs the money generated from this sick practice.

  In this Clover Films documentary, at his own risk, the film maker takes viewers through just how these little boys are taught to dance, sing, ring bells taped around their little wrists and tiny ankles in front of grown men who vie for their company with money thrown at their feet!    Don’t watch this video if you get upset easily, but the average American just is not being told what really is going on over there.  No wonder some soldiers snap.

 America‘s Joan of Arc’s last video in her series shows the dark side of Middle Eastern sexuality that our media keep from us. ” There is no compromise for that,” she says.  Her 2011 series brought gasps from her audience when she described what was done to babies.     Going where no one else in our media will go, her strong Catholic faith is giving her protection and courage to expose the truth, the whole truth, and nothing else but to a public deceived by the media.  Stunted by far left ideologies and political correctness, our main stream media are building so much distrust that people are turning away from their drivel.

 The nation’s fastest declining industry is the newspaper industry, and unless broadcast news starts telling viewers the truth, they shall meet the same fate. Barnhardt’s expose of the Dancing Boys Culture of Afghanistan is a striking example of the media’s failure to inform with the truth.

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4 thoughts on “Protecting Afghani Dancing Boys Culture – raping young boys- shouldn’t be our mission”

  1. An Islamic culture so hateful of homosexuality can justify this perverse activity in the long held hope for the 12th Imam. Then they perform chlitorectomies on their girls so they will never enjoy the passion of the marriage bond. Some Afghani men are puzzled why their wives can't get pregnant. 2 guesses allowed.

  2. There are report on the 'net that relate that when Afgan men were told how to make babies, they were scandalized. The men wanted nothing to do with it. How backward does a culture have to be to refuse to propagate? They can't even get into the old saying of " Boys for recreation, women for procreation"

  3. The whole so-called "religion" was begun 1400 years ago by a pedophile. Why should it change now! But as George says, the story is only worth being reported by the media when the pervert in question is a priest. After all, Catholics don't blow up newspaper offices or TV studios.

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