Question for the global warming crowd

Today, in the DC metro area, we will experience a nearly unprecedented 42 degree F temperature drop. This is explained by an large Arctic front moving in.

OK,  here’s my question: If the atmosphere has a supposed “greenhouse” effect, how is this possible in 24 hours?

Yes, yes, I know. Weather is not climate. Except, the Arctic front (weather) is clearly operating contrary to your ridiculous greenhouse concept. And, either your greenhouse theory applies, or it doesn’t.

How can climate be anything BUT the totality of weather?

Please explain. (And don’t bother with a begging the question answer such as “The temperature drop would be much greater without the Greenhouse effect.”)

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4 thoughts on “Question for the global warming crowd”

    1. Thanks. Perhaps the most depressing part of all this is how so many “scientists” bought into this nonsense.

      The greenhouse theory was promulgated in the 19th century, and it is those papers that are cited by the warmists, rather than the ones from the 1970s that disproved the notion.

    1. @Dempsey–

      Exactamundo! This whole warming thing is a sick joke, ranking right up there with the disproved for decades cholesterol/saturated fat theory of heart disease, that still guides conventional medical treatment.

      Sad to say, there is no science anymore. It has been replaced with pay-for-play psychobabble.

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