Radical Sick and the Occupigs of Wall Street: Part 1

 By James Lewis, staff writer

 That Occupy You, M-F! “movement” being whipped up by the media and the Left — but I repeat myself — just begs for satirical treatment, like Jonathan Swift gave for the Irish Potato Famine, and Mark Twain did to racial abuse and tyranny in Missouri.

 There’s nothing as basically comical as thousands of over-fed, over-sexed, over-indoctrinated, over-dosed, over-exploited, and ‘way over-indulged trust-fund kids, who are basically FUNemployed, as one of them just wrote on his Facebook page — staging Days of Rage against their own mommies and daddies, who have raised them as adorable puppies all their lives.

 Having been infantilized and crippled for a normal adult life in the Land of the Free, they now feel deprived and lost.

And yet, having somehow floated into their 20s and 30s, they still can’t figure out what to do with their lives. All the trust-fund Lefty kids know they are personally grand and historic, because they’ve been told. Their mission is to Save the Planet.

 But they are — how shall I say it? — so utterly ignorant and delusional after years of brainwashing that they can’t keep a real job, much less save a single square yard of Holy Mother Earth. You can trace their moral confusion straight to the demagogues and truth-twisters in the media, echoed every day in every classroom in the land.

 Fortunately, the Earth will survive their self-glorification just as it has managed to survive egomaniacs like Napoleon, Bismarck, the Czars, fascism, the Soviet Empire, Mao Zedong, and all the rest.

 It’s a tragedy that we need to watch the same madness of crowds being exploited by the same kinds of demagogues over and over again. But as Marx said, that tragedy turns into a farce as it goes through yet another cycle.

 Today we can see the worst example of misrule and delusion in the New York Times-anointed “Arab Spring” — triggered by another Left-celebrated mob in Tahrir Square, Egypt. According to the military news site StrategyPage.com , an estimated 25,000 people have died in the “Arab Spring” — a bloody Spring indeed.

 Not a single democracy has emerged.

 If Greece goes bankrupt, you can be sure that basket-cases like Egypt and Syria are in much worse shape. In the never-ending cycle of Arab politics, tyranny is followed by anarchy which is followed by another tyranny. The new generation of Egyptian corruptocrats are already jostling to control the next Caliphate of Cairo.

 As Jonah Goldberg has pointed out in his book Liberal Fascism it’s always the same alienated, goose-stepping kids, wearing different funny-looking hats, chanting self-glorifying slogans in perfect unison, and carrying slightly different battle flags. The “Arab Spring” mobs in Tahrir Square were chanting Allahu Akbar!, but they were just young men (no women allowed) who fell for the glory of Saving the Planet — saving Mother Earth from you and me, as it happens.

 Lots a luck, kids.

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