Raising unemployment rates will threaten even “safe” Democrats and they ARE coming

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

The decline of the fortunes of Congressional Democrats hasn’t been the straight line some of us would like to see. Nevertheless, there’s no denying the Democrats are in trouble. The polls bring them consistently bad news. Support for the new Arizona anti illegal alien law is growing beyond what anyone could have predicted, and the Democrats are seen as the face of the “enemy” by huge majorities of voting Americans.

However slim the chances of it happening, things could improve for Democrats if the heat surrounding SB 1070 were to die down. Things could possibly get better for them but the almost certain jump in unemployment coming in the next several months, makes that doubtful even for “safe” Democrats.

The Democrats will have brought this on themselves through distorted reporting of unemployment numbers designed to bring them short term boosts in the polls. Those distorted numbers will become disasters next November.
Telling people things are improving even when they aren’t will certainly bring more workers back into the job hunting market and swell the unemployment rate past the psychologically explosive 10% rate.

Missing workers

Unemployed workers who have stopped searching for work no longer show up on unemployment figures and are classified as “Missing workers.” Because Obama is telling these “Missing Workers” there are now jobs to be found, 10% unemployment rates will be with us as far as the eye can see.
A private economist doubts the “improving” job market, he points to figures from the private Institute for Supply Management whose latest non-manufacturing survey sets the actual private sector job growth at 100,000 per month instead of the reported 200,000 per month level. It says [in May] 805,000 “missing workers” re-joined the labor pool, causing the unemployment rate to jump to 9.9 percent even as the economy created jobs.

If 800,000 “Missing workers” start showing up every month we could see 10.6% unemployment by October. The news couldn’t get worse for the Party in power.
More “missing workers” will come forward and it won’t be good news for the Democrats.
What did you do to support and defend American freedoms yesterday? What will you do today and tomorrow?
Keep the pressure on the Democrats.
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Yesterday’s Rasmussen Presidential Index had Obama at – 13

This day in history May 15

1776: The Virginia Convention instructs its Continental Congress delegation to propose a resolution of independence from Great Britain paving the way for the Declaration of Independence.

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