Rasmussen or Gallup: Who’s wrong on Catholic support for Obama’s speech at Notre Dame?

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

The number of Catholics who don’t want Barack Obama to speak at Notre Dame’s May 17th graduation ceremony is growing and has now reached the tipping point.

A new Rasmussen survey shows that by more than 2 to 1 (60% to 25%) Catholics don’t want Obama to speak at Notre Dame. Only 19% had no opinion. Catholics know the issue and don’t want him there.

Because of the particulars of this situation it’s safe to assume Catholics object to Obama’s appearance at “America’s Catholic University” because of his grotesque position on POST BIRTH disposal of infants who miraculously survived abortions. You don’t get 60% of Catholics objecting to a run of the mill liberal Democrat abortion supporter. Democrat support for abortion is a given.

This isn’t just about abortion or the laughable suggestion that Catholics don’t want Obama speaking at Notre Dame because he supports “stem cell research.” Instead Catholics are taking a well considered step toward confronting the evil Obama represents.

At a rate of 60% Catholics don’t want Obama to receive an honorary Law degree from Notre Dame. That’s more than twice the number who approve of the honor.

When juxtaposed, Rasmussen’s and Gallup’s new poll results make one wonder who’s right and who’s wrong about Catholic attitudes toward Obama.

Gallup’s new poll found that 67% of Catholics favored Barack Obama. This begs two questions: what if any issues did Gallup’s Catholics have in mind when two out of three expressed approval of Obama? Moreover, since November what issues, that Catholics care about, has Obama been good on that would explain the increased Catholic approval ratings from 54% to 67%?

Someone’s research is faulty. Someone has this issue seriously wrong. As May 17th gets closer we will see who has it right.

Based on the more than 340,000 petition signatures collected by those against Obama’s Notre Dame speech, the smart bet is that Rasmussen has it right.

This is a growing problem for Father Jenkins and his school. While Obama will do his damage and walk away largely untouched, Notre Dame will suffer for this decision for years to come. It will never again be seen as “America’s Catholic University” by many people, some of whom will be alums who will no longer donate. In the end Notre Dame will be left with its reputation in tatters and its fundraising goals ever so much harder to reach.

Don’t bet on Barack Obama being classy enough to back out with some transparent excuse. He is after all, no George Bush.

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