Rep. Issa chooses bloggers to replace “legacy media” in Fast and Furious reporting


By Doug Book, staff writer

   Fed up with the cover provided Barack Obama by a  “mainstream”  media intent upon minimizing or concealing Administration involvement in the murderous Fast and Furious scandal,  Congressman Darrell Issa has decided to provide the opportunity to cover this story of Executive branch corruption and abuse of power to those who broke it in the first place–bloggers and members of the  “new media.”

 The  “Gunwalking”  Operation Fast and Furious represents the most egregious abuse of Executive branch authority and disregard for the rights and security of the American public since the days of the power hungry Roosevelt Administration.

 Yet in the 9 months since the murder of Border Patrol agent Brian Terry last December,  the New York Times has published only 5 stories dealing even remotely with the roles of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms,  the FBI or the Department of Justice in this criminal affair.

 CBS News has relegated its coverage to the web. And neither NBC nor MSNBC have reported on Fast and Furious at all.

 So on September 20th,  Congressman Issa hosted a telephone conference call with bloggers and those members of the  “new media”  who have written extensively on the  “Gunwalking”  story since its inception.

 Issa told the on-line reporters that his House Oversight and Government Reform Committee continues to investigate a range of Fast and Furious related subjects,  including allegations of Gunwalking to Honduras from the Tampa ATF office;  Gunwalking by the Indiana ATF;  Administration violations of the Federal Arms Export Control Act and the involvement of numerous Executive branch agencies in the Fast and Furious affair.

 For example,  3 months ago it was revealed that the FBI had confidential informants working with Mexican drug gangs,  providing money–taxpayer money–for the purchase of firearms and helping to clear a path to smuggle them across the border.

 In fact,  the testimony of whistle blowers indicates the FBI might have been more critically involved in facilitating the Fast and Furious scheme than the ATF itself!

 And just a week ago,  FOX News reported that a 3rd gun had been secretly removed from the scene of Brian Terry’s murder,  also probably by the FBI,  which then quickly and inexplicably deported 3 Mexican drug gang members,   also discovered nearby.

 Yet other members of the legacy media have almost completely ignored these stories.

 But as David Codrea of the Gun Rights Examiner puts it,  thanks to Darrell Issa,    “if elite media  ‘authorized journalists’  can’t be trusted to report on  [Fast and Furious],  a means now exists to bypass the former exclusive gatekeepers and get the word out. This will hasten their descent into irrelevance…” 

 So when it comes to reporting on the Fast and Furious debacle,  Mike Vanderboegh of the Sipsey Street blog might be right when he quips,  “the era of big media is over.” 

 And the only stonewalling Congressman Issa will face now will come from Barack Obama,  Eric Holder and their Regime operatives.

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20 thoughts on “Rep. Issa chooses bloggers to replace “legacy media” in Fast and Furious reporting”

  1. I am passing this information on to friends, relatives and social sites to which I belong. Now we have to be diligent and prevent Obama from censoring the Internet.

  2. I too will be sending this along to friends and associates and I am furious at the notion that the Congress of the United States, especially the leader of the house, has not taken up the fight and demanded that Holder be brought before the house and questioned repeatedly until he finally caves in. If that doesn't work, then a Special Prosecutor is the only other avenue. And remember, Nixon only had people under him steal papers

  3. Join in the fight to expose Obama. Send a check to "Time for Change" po box 4722 Ocala, Florida 34478.. All donations go ONLY to seperate and secure bank account to expose Obummer for who he IS NOT-PRESIDENT!
    John Dummett-the only Certified candidate for President in 2012 to openly accuse Obama for being the FRAUD that he is- is preparing a court case-where he has been given tentative standing-to force Obama to produce documentation as to who he is(or is not). For proof of who John Dummett is, go to his website

    1. Dear leisural!
      I would certainly hate to see another decent, up-standing, American sacrificed at the alters of liberal court judges who protect the "Fraud-in-the-White- House" beyond any sense of decent law-practice.. Nothing is more sacred than God and the public trust, but the courts have ruled that Obama's "privacy rights" take precedence over the fulfillment of Constitutional requirements necessary for proper "vetting". Both Congress and the Courts have refused repeatedly, all attempts to verify the authenticity of the "Usurper-in-Chief's" claim of legitimacy
      So many fine people have been stone-walled, sand-bagged, and humiliated publicly, in their attempts to gain access to what ought to be public knowledge information regarding Obama's history..
      We do not operate under the "Honor System" of voluntary compliance with election criteria and laws. Yet the very Congresspersons and Court officers charged with the responsibility of enforcing the actual laws have been operating under the mistaken assumption that Obama is a man of honor; a man of his word; but of course, all of us know otherwise.

      1. RSVP: Joanne & Leisural
        Honor system? as in national security and the naive misunderstanding that we, as a nation of fools, can't withstand the truth.
        Our border in AZ is being fought by terrorists, not gangs, as most news media report..The recent connection not clearly exposed by most media of the terrorist plot aborted, with MX cartel terrorist, acting as assassins and the Iran connection mostly ignored. Do You think the primary reaction for national security would be, to immediately secure our border…but our governemt refuses to do it.. Meanwhile genicide is happening everyday and our own gov't is supporting the war on drugs here in North America. It has sabotaged their own Fed. law agencies , slammed lawsuit after lawsuit on border state that are protecting you, costing us millions in legal fees. Thank you, leisureal, my fellow American . Someone still believes in the truth instead of lies, " told as truths."
        From where I sit; I still know the difference and won't accecpt less from our Constitution and the laws within.
        It's the difference between being a coward and a "decent up-standing America." YOU have given me hope.

        1. Carol of Az.; I have absolutely no idea why you included me and my letter in your article.Though it appears as if , in your zeal to support the actions of the great State of Arizona (which I also endorse), you apparently are willing to turn a blind eye to the many fine, respected, people who have been damaged financially; their careers ruined, and who have been made a laughing stock by the Obama-media just because they had the nerve and the sense to try to remedy "the-honor-gone-missing" aura surrounding this President !
          Let me make it very clear to you: This country has NOT operated under the Honor-system when it comes to this sitting president ! He has NOT been properly vetted by Congress and the spineless news media. Nor has Congress seen fit, so far, to IMPEACH the fraud in the WH for his many unconstitutional actions.
          It is precisely BECAUSE we have been repeatedly lied to by this President and the past few Congressional sessions (in particular, but not limited to), that Americans are so P.Oed !! The anger and fury are palpable; not solely because of the immigration issue either ! Folks are sick to death of the coddling of Wall Street thieves, Obama-Care, The Fed, Obama-Motors, Bail-outs that couldn't work, The Democratic-caused (Dodd and Frank) Housing collapse, and the Federalization of far too many practices and procedures (School tuition loans), which used to be the exclusive domain of the States. I could go on and on; but you, Carol, know these issues as well as I do.
          When individuals who challenge a very questionable "Status Quo'; whether it be Obama's illegal intrusion into the affairs of States defying him on Immigration enforcement (more appropriately, refusal by Feds to enforce extant laws on this subject), or whether one is singly, or through a group, challenging the veracity of the WH occupant when he produces fraudulent birth documentation; then I have a huge, a MEGA problem with those "challengers" being rail-roaded, threatened, tainted by the abusive power of the WH, and cast aside as pariahs or "TEA Party trouble-makers"
          What, if anything, is your quarrel with me ?
          If I didn't STILL believe in the truth, would I allow folks like you to blind-side me just because you don't understand what I have written?

          1. Yes, we all agree this is madness_One of the the biggest cover-up since the Kennedy assassination _but many Americans are blindsided. It all started here, didn't it?_ War was declared on one state by our own Federal elected leadership_ We warn America saying_ " if this can happen to us_ it will certainly happen to the rest of you_" Thousands of us have volunteered sending mountains of proof to Fox News_The story started to change for some honest disclosure_ What you have described is _ American apathaty, compliance and blatant disregard for all Constitutional values shredded for two and half years, and the "fear"_ that has finally crawled across America into all backyards_ Yet where is the the American spirit to end this madness? to mobilize and demand the czar appointees, step down?
            That 's the "honor" we now expect.- to save what's left of our Democracy.
            We still fax_ email_ right now supporting Alabama for their state's rights. _Where's the rest of America? We've been at this far longer than most and frankly exhausted. Americans must wake up joanne. Stay safe. Carol , AZ

      2. Clayton:@qualityrkc You’re partly right: the Washington esibmltshaent, D or R, are mostly just in it to keep their comfy positions. However Issa is one of the good guys; he’s asking the right questions and keeping Holder and his boss Obooboo on the sweaty side (we can hope). Prison is still a possibility for these two pieces of you-know-what.

  4. Carol , I can certainly understand the Arizonian and Alabaman anger; and I empathize with your frustration; but surely you see that Congress isn't acting to tackle this problem boldly, as it so warrants. They cannot override B.O's. Executive Order with the Dream Act nonsense; and until there are enough TEA Party, or conservative Republicans elected to the Senate in November 2011, nothing, (on this issue anyway) , will move through that body! The Supreme Court has yet to rule on this issue and quite frankly, I don't see what else can be done right now.
    It feels as if we are all in this nasty "limbo". Sure, we can keep the pressure on our elected officials; we MUST do so; but what else would you have us do ?
    Please do not look to Fox News for genuine, honest-to-goodness support in this issue. While the commentators have been quite sympathetic to the Southern States' problems stemming from illegal entry. The owner of Fox, Rupert Murdoch, is firmly embedded with the "open borders" free access to America crowd, for his own asinine reasons; and has issued "marching orders" to Fox personnel to be real soft on the issues of Immigration problems.
    I was so personally offended by Murdoch's muzzling of the anti-immigration topics that I now refuse to watch Fox News.
    We are all facing stone walls on this issue for the time being. I detest this every bit as badly as you; but unless something catastrophic, related to this problem, happens, which shakes Congress to its' core and causes knees to jerk inside the Beltway. I am not hopeful of any dramatic changes until "The Supremes" make their ruling and until we have a truly conservative Senate and House.
    You also must remember that Congress has an agenda all its own which, too often, is at odds with the will of the people. Who knows what benefits there are to them to keep this issue unresolved ?
    We have been trying desperately, all of us, to save this Republic from the evils and calamities caused by our own Senators and Representatives. We can keep the heat on them; but ultimately they do what they bloody well want to do, despite our rage and protests.
    Sorry to be so cynical on this issue, gal; but no one in D. C. has shown me any backbone to deal with these border issues (which to me, are a matter of National Security as well as States' Rights and safety to the American Public), and I am at a loss to understand why.

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