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Rep. Issa chooses bloggers to replace “legacy media” in Fast and Furious reporting


By Doug Book, staff writer

   Fed up with the cover provided Barack Obama by a  “mainstream”  media intent upon minimizing or concealing Administration involvement in the murderous Fast and Furious scandal,  Congressman Darrell Issa has decided to provide the opportunity to cover this story of Executive branch corruption and abuse of power to those who broke it in the first place–bloggers and members of the  “new media.”

 The  “Gunwalking”  Operation Fast and Furious represents the most egregious abuse of Executive branch authority and disregard for the rights and security of the American public since the days of the power hungry Roosevelt Administration.

 Yet in the 9 months since the murder of Border Patrol agent Brian Terry last December,  the New York Times has published only 5 stories dealing even remotely with the roles of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms,  the FBI or the Department of Justice in this criminal affair.

 CBS News has relegated its coverage to the web. And neither NBC nor MSNBC have reported on Fast and Furious at all.

 So on September 20th,  Congressman Issa hosted a telephone conference call with bloggers and those members of the  “new media”  who have written extensively on the  “Gunwalking”  story since its inception.

 Issa told the on-line reporters that his House Oversight and Government Reform Committee continues to investigate a range of Fast and Furious related subjects,  including allegations of Gunwalking to Honduras from the Tampa ATF office;  Gunwalking by the Indiana ATF;  Administration violations of the Federal Arms Export Control Act and the involvement of numerous Executive branch agencies in the Fast and Furious affair.

 For example,  3 months ago it was revealed that the FBI had confidential informants working with Mexican drug gangs,  providing money–taxpayer money–for the purchase of firearms and helping to clear a path to smuggle them across the border.

 In fact,  the testimony of whistle blowers indicates the FBI might have been more critically involved in facilitating the Fast and Furious scheme than the ATF itself!

 And just a week ago,  FOX News reported that a 3rd gun had been secretly removed from the scene of Brian Terry’s murder,  also probably by the FBI,  which then quickly and inexplicably deported 3 Mexican drug gang members,   also discovered nearby.

 Yet other members of the legacy media have almost completely ignored these stories.

 But as David Codrea of the Gun Rights Examiner puts it,  thanks to Darrell Issa,    “if elite media  [1] ‘authorized journalists’  can’t be trusted to report on  [Fast and Furious],  a means now exists to bypass the former exclusive gatekeepers and get the word out. This will hasten their descent into irrelevance…” 

 So when it comes to reporting on the Fast and Furious debacle [2],  Mike Vanderboegh of the Sipsey Street blog might be right when he quips,  “the era of big media is over.” 

 And the only stonewalling Congressman Issa will face now will come from Barack Obama,  Eric Holder and their Regime operatives.

 Use this site to contact your Congressional Representative:

https://writerep.house.gov/writerep/welcome.shtml [3] 

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