Republican congressman accuses Party elders of cowardice

by Doug Book,  staff writer

Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert has admitted what most Republican voters have known for a very long time—that the Republican Party leadership is more concerned with the dictates of political correctness and scorn from a liberal press corps than with fighting for the rights of the American people.  

Though Gohmert maintains Republican big-wigs like John Boehner and Mitch McConnell really are committed to the defeat of Barack Hussein Obama, he stated in a January interview with Rush Limbaugh that Party elders believe the only way to accomplish it is “by being nice.” (1)

That’s why Republicans were told to “handle [Nancy Pelosi] with kid gloves,” said Gohmert. “She’s the first female Speaker of the House,” he and other Republican congressmen were warned by the Republican leadership. So naturally she had to be above criticism and insulated from rebuke in SPITE of her Marxist leanings, lavish spending of taxpayer dollars and ludicrous treatment of Air Force personnel ordered to have all of her favorite liquors on the many jets made available at her beck and call. (1)

And as for Barack Obama, courageous Party elders were quite unconcerned with his deliberate trampling of the Constitution, destruction of the economy or trading billions of tax dollars for campaign kickbacks. “Look, if you go after the president, you’re going to be called a racist,” said the Mitch McConnells and John Boehners of the Party.

Gohmert tells of 2005 Republican leaders John Boehner and Dennis Hastert informing House Republicans that the eagerly anticipated tax reform bill would not be taken up. Afraid the majority might be lost in 2006, Boehner told his devastated troops, “look guys, there’s a chance we might not win the majority next November so we changed our minds. We just want to try to get through this year as best we can…” (1)

Of course it was because Party leaders avoided what was important while spending like Democrats in the interim that they lost the House in 2008. But don’t tell that to John Boehner. He was doing the SMART thing…“playing it SAFE!”

From advising members of an eager, conservative incoming 2010 freshman Republican class to “be a team player” and “just play along” to putting the skids on any hope of filing criminal or contempt of congress charges against Attorney General Eric Holder for his many Fast and Furious misdeeds, John Boehner and the rest of the Republican hierarchy have done everything in their power to destroy the spirit of a Republican majority whose duty should be the exposure and removal of a criminal Administration.

But Louie Gohmert has not lost hope. “When somebody is destroying the country that you’re sworn to protect…it’s time to stand up no matter who gets offended,” he told Rush. (1)

Congressman Gohmert and many young Republicans are doing just that. Voters must help them by removing the spineless Republican elders who stand in their way.

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2 thoughts on “Republican congressman accuses Party elders of cowardice”

  1. Holy cr@p! A Republican with a set! Gohmert for President! That is, IF he is a natural born citizen! I have suspected for a long time now that Boehner and McConnell were the "go along to get along", spineless types and have recently begun to say so, but finally, someone in the party grew a set! Lets hope the idea catches on. If it does, we may end up with a Republican party again. We might even get some REAL conservative candidates next presidential election (2016). Also, Boehner publicly denied putting any pressure on Issa over Fast & Furious. Guess we now know that he is right there with the Liar-in-Chief! Boehner can now be considered an accomplice in any future shenanigans of the DOJ and Eric Holder

    1. I agree!! This was refreshing to read….meaning the truth for a change. I would shake my head and wonder where MY Republican leadership is during all of the outrageous policies being set by BHO, Pelosi, and Reid. I'm sick and tired of the "Be Nice" policy. Get mean, get tough, stop pandering to the left. Show some spine for crying out loud. Believe me when I tell you that you will be more respected by your constituents (spell). Otherwise….Boehner and McConnel have to go. SImple!!

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