“Republican” governor tilts election in Obama’s favor!

by Doug Book,  staff writer

“(Obama) has been incredibly supportive and helpful to our state and not once did he bring up the election,” said an adoring Chris Christie of the president’s clearly selfless tour of New Jersey after hurricane Sandy. (1) Why of COURSE governor, politics couldn’t have been further from the mind of an individual who has campaigned literally each and every day since his inauguration in January of 2009.

Prior to Governor Christie’s slobbering display of man-live before an obviously delighted battalion of media cameras, Rasmussen had Mitt Romney leading in the national tracking poll. Now, however, it is tied 48-48. Romney has slipped in both Pennsylvania and Michigan. In Ohio, a 2 point Romney lead has evaporated and the opponents are now tied at 49. And Obama’s job approval numbers have risen from 48 to 50. (2)

Thanks very much, Governor, for helping Obama do what he could not do by himself—that is, look competent and involved. And all for a flock of media hacks who spent more time covering your public display of affection than the whole of the Benghazi betrayal.

Fortunately there is a fair amount of good news as well. According to the Washington Post, “…13% of likely voters who voted for Obama in 2008 plan to vote for Romney this time.” (3) National Review Online’s Jonah Goldberg applies this info to 2008 election results and rightly decides that, in order to make up for such a loss, Democrats will have to hope that a large number of McCain voters will now support Obama! Goldberg sums up with “…I can’t see how [Obama] can possibly win the popular vote if this (WaPo) graphic is true. And it also makes me very suspicious of the national polls that show this race being within a point or two.” (3) Jonah is not alone in being suspicious of some of the national polls.

Paul Ryan heads to Minnesota on Sunday for a campaign rally. And Mitt Romney will be in Pennsylvania at the same time. Breitbart rightly says, “You don’t waste a candidate’s time on a bluff in the final 48 hours,”  so the Republican team must believe these 2 states to be very much in play. (4)  And more importantly, the GOP team must consider Florida, Iowa and perhaps other states safe enough to abandon for trips to what was formerly, unapproachable enemy territory!

Yesterday, longtime political analyst Michael Barone wrote “Romney beats Obama handily.” (5) Barone bases this belief on a number of election “fundamentals.” Apart from the pathetic job Obama has done, “…both national and target state polls show that independents…break for Romney.” Also, Obama will NOT enjoy the 7 or 8 percent advantage in Democrat voter turnout which gave him the 2008 election. “That’s been apparent in early or absentee voting, in which Democrats trail their 2008 numbers in target states Virginia, Ohio, Iowa and Nevada.”

Barone gives the following states to Romney: Virginia, Colorado, Ohio, Indiana, North Carolina, Florida, Wisconsin and PENNSYLVANIA! The final tally, Romney 315 Electoral votes, Obama 223. Barone concedes Romney could lose Wisconsin and Pennsylvania yet still win the White House!

Here’s hoping Michael Barone is right on the money.

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2 thoughts on ““Republican” governor tilts election in Obama’s favor!”

  1. Just as I suspected all along Doug…Christie is just another wolf in sheep’s clothing; a Democratic/Socialist sympathizer who picks strategic battles to fight to make himself appear more conservative than he actually is.
    SHAME ON YOU CHRISTIE !!!; I hope the Conservative voters in your State “tear you a new one”…. and “Good On ‘YA, Doug” for bringing this treachery to everyone’s attention!
    Fine article….just nasty, betrayal-type content….Not shooting the messenger here!!
    Regards, Jo

    1. Im not sure how anyone in their right mind can call Christie anything but a conservative. He is honest, which is refreshing. More than I can say for Romney.

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