Republican Wisconsin and Indiana straightening out while Democrat Illinois is still sinking

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

 The news from the Midwest is good. In Wisconsin the Democrats’ union masters seem not to be able to find a candidate who can beat Governor Scott Walker in the recall election they have forced with the help of Mickey Mouse and Adolph Hitler who signed the necessary petition.  Walker is ahead of Democrat Tom Barrett by about the same margin he beat him by in 2010.  He is anywhere between 7 to 10 points up on all of the rest of the possible candidates the unions may run in their attempt to reestablish the protection schemes  they use to extort money from workers they force to be unionized.

Wisconsin’s tax payers have seen a total reversal of the grave financial condition their state was in (going from a $3 billion deficit to a $300 million surplus in one year) and they like what Walker is doing.     

 In Indiana outnumbered Assembly Democrats have abandoned their childish antics and remained in their seats long enough to provide a quorum allowing a vote on a Republican sponsored right-to-work bill. Its 54-44 passage almost automatically means it will maker Indiana the nation’s newest right to work state. No longer will Indiana’s workers be subject to union shakedowns and as Indiana Republicans are saying the state is, “Open for Business.”  

 Illinois by contrast is mired at the bottom of the list of states – dead last – in job creation.

It is actually bouncing tax refund checks rather than start laying off  the “hard working” civil servants that really run the state.

Illinois saw its unemployment rise by .08% on the heels of its record breaking income tax increase and a Moody’s downgrade to the lowest rating in the country.

This means suave sophisticated urbane and oh so liberal Illinois has a lower Moody’s rating than states like Mississippi and West Virginia that are the butt of Democrat jokes  in Springfield’s bars each night.    

The lesson in the condition of these three neighboring states could not be clearer: get the unions out of the extortion business let people work without paying protection money to rich union goons in cahoots with Democrats and economic recovery is possible if not probable even under Obama.    

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