Residents of key battleground state whoop it up as Romney calls Obama “out of touch”

by Suzanne Eovaldi,  staff writer

  “Governor Romney respects our Flag and would be for an amendment honoring our American Flag,” said chief spokesman Eric Fehrnstrom in response to this reporter’s question about pictures of Barack Obama’s crotch salutes making the rounds on the internet.  In sharp contrast to the current President’s Muslim education in Indonesia, Mitt Romney, standing in front of a huge American Flag, proved to his Orlando audience of over 600 this week he is steeped in the principles of our American education and history.  Founded on Life, Liberty, and Freedom, the United States is Free Enterprise, he said.

“He’s so out of touch,” Romney went on, saying “Obama doesn’t understand how his policies have hurt our country. This president doesn’t understand the power of a free people pursuing their dreams; he attacks success and divides people,” Romney stated but was nearly drowned out by his audience’s big round of applause in one of many standing ovations.  When Barack Obama said those six words last week that “The private sector is doing fine,” Romney said his opponent revealed a leader unable to relate to private, small businesses, choked by big governments’ many regulations and oppressive policies.

  “My plan is to protect Medicare; the President cut $500 Billion from Medicare, the GOP standard bearer said.  In outlining what he would do about America’s health care crisis, Governor Romney said up front he’d repeal and replace Obamacare if the Supreme Court does not dismantle it this month. 

   Here are his main tenets for putting the American citizens in charge of their own health care, instead of the huge government bureaucracy pushed through by Obama and the Nancy Pelosi juggernaut in Congress.  “Let the states care as they know best,” Romney explained as he spoke to the out of control spending now in play.  He favors letting each of the 50 states handle their most in need Medicaid citizens because the states, not the far off impersonal federal government, are in better positions to take care of their own.

  Secondly, Romney wants to “level the playing field so individuals can buy on the same level as businesses” who now enjoy tax breaks single insurers do not have.  This tenet met with big applause as did Romney’s plan to protect patients with pre-existing conditions.  “I don’t want them to lose insurance, so they don’t have to worry about not getting health care.”  Applying free enterprise policies to health care involves buying across state lines and allowing smaller groups to join like associations to gain bargaining power for lower rates.

  The GOP presidential candidate expressed great concern over the present administration’s Obamacare law “which added not one trillion, but two trillion to our debt.”  Drill here, drill now is a major Romney initiative as he mentioned how Obama’s moratoriums on drilling in our Gulf, Continental Shelf and ANWAR are killing American jobs for Americans.

  “We Americans were granted our rights by Our Creator, not by government,” Mitt Romney said in closing. “I love America; let’s keep her strong.”


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One thought on “Residents of key battleground state whoop it up as Romney calls Obama “out of touch””

  1. It's about bloody time that Romney started to come out with some hints of what he intends to do for the American people!
    But he had better become more specific than all the "Motherhood and Apple Pie" issues he's been addressing to date.
    Ever since the Kennedy oath of office speech; in which he said , "Ask not what your country can do for you..but what you can do for your country"….this federal government has done little else than TAKE from America and Americans…I've always hated that portion of JFK's address…
    Especially with Obama's entry into the Oval Office, the "taking" has felt like armed robbery and rape of the populace…not to mention the pillage of all that is decent , law-abiding, and of traditional value to our National ethos.
    I've heard many commentators state that Romney cannot hope to seal Obama's political doom and demise unless he can convince voters that he has specific plans by which the damage (economically, divisively, morally and spiritually), caused by the lying, cheating, out-right thievery, and lawlessness of Obama's reign as "Caliph-in-Chief ", is righted….and done so as a priority !
    I want to know, in detail, which of Obama's many Executive Orders Romney will repeal and remove as "laws of the land" not made by Congress.
    Removal of these fiats is imperative to the re-establishment of trust in government….and vital to both citizen morale and businesses because it would send the clear, unmistakeable message that NO president can run this country of our as if it was some grimy, sleazy Banana Republic.
    Fear of what the government has done, and is further capable of doing, to its' own citizens has been an eye-opening experience these past four years….and the overriding concern of all those who value freedom.
    Romney also needs to remind Congress that its' own behavior toward Americans has been appalling as well.

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