RINO Orrin Hatch forced into first ever primary; Lugar’s situation worsening

by Doug Book,  staff writer

After 6 terms in the United States senate, long time RINO Orrin Hatch will face his first primary battle after failing to attain the necessary 60% of delegate votes at Saturday’s Utah Republican convention. After falling 32 votes short of the required total on the final ballot, Hatch will take on conservative Republican Dan Liljenquist on June 26th.

In 2010 Hatch watched nervously as Utah colleague Robert Bennett was removed from the Senate in his own primary contest, a victim of having too often sold-out the conservative Republican base. Concerned with mounting criticism of his own predilection for confirming Marxists to the Supreme Court from his seat on the Senate Judiciary Committee, his perpetual votes to raise the debt ceiling and his vote in favor of TARP, Hatch has spent much of the past 3 years feigning the role of dedicated conservative and champion of the right.

He voted against Supreme Court confirmation for both Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor once the strength of the Tea Party movement had become apparent and trouble appeared on the horizon for Bennett, even though he had earlier helped to confirm Kagan as Solicitor General and put Sotomayor on the federal bench. He also introduced a Balanced Budget Amendment, though it was of course little more than a gesture as he knew full well it would not come to pass with Obama in the White House.

But this sudden conservative bent has neither fooled nor deterred members of Freedom Works Utah which led the way to Bennett’s defeat and spent $700,000 over the past 2 years to rid the Senate of Hatch as well. “I despise these people,” said Hatch of the conservative Freedom Works. “These people are not conservatives. They are not Republicans. They’re radical libertarians and I’m offended by it,” continued the 78 year old senator as he seeks a 7th term. It seems authoritarians who spend a lifetime in power expecting the little people to bow, scrape and support their every whim become a bit incensed when they are actually challenged.   (1)

And it’s no wonder Hatch has such contempt for his detractors. After all, he has been forced to spend some $6 million in defense of a Senate seat which Orrin believes he should literally OWN outright until death! How dare some unwelcome group mount a challenge to what is “his” apparently by divine right!

Indiana Senator-in-name-only Richard Lugar is in an even tougher position than Hatch, trailing primary opponent Richard Mourdock in the latest polls. Lugar’s favorability rating has fallen 10 points since the beginning of the year, now barely matching that of his opponent. And Mourdock’s campaign raised more than Lugar’s over the last quarter.

Of course the fact that it has been 35 years since Obama’s favorite Republican actually lived in the state he purports to represent in the U.S. Senate might have something to do with Lugar’s failing popularity. And as a supporter of the Assault Weapons Ban in 1993 and one of only 4 “Republicans” voting to confirm BOTH the gun-grabbing Sotomayor and Kagan to the Court, Lugar earned an “F” rating from the NRA.

Conservatives must continue to remove RINOs from elected office. Relics like Hatch and Lugar who vote only to ensure their continued acceptance by members of the liberal D.C. media must be replaced with true conservatives sworn to embrace the Constitution and remove by any means those who would destroy it.


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(1) http://www.digitaljournal.com/article/322920

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4 thoughts on “RINO Orrin Hatch forced into first ever primary; Lugar’s situation worsening”

  1. I lost Hatch years ago with his views on American's intellectual property. Bad enough the Chinese, Russians, Iranian's and others steal and reverse engineer our ideas, but, like Clinton, to give away our technology for short term personal reward or political gain is unconscionable.

  2. The Mourdock signs outnumber the Lugar signs by about 10 to 1, where I live. Mourdock voters are very motivated; Lugar voters not so much.

    1. mustknowhistory,

      That's great to hear. Although Liljenquist is not expected to defeat Hatch, Mourdock has a very real chance of finally replacing Lugar with a genuine conservative. We all know how tough it is to displace longtime members of the RINO hierarchy, especially when the liberal, DC Party machine gets in their corner. But conservatives have done it before and we have a good chance of doing it again. Super-RINO Snowe is quitting. Maybe Lugar can be forced to join her.

  3. Orrin Hatch was the man who tried to buy off Bill Benson over his book 'The Law That Never Was" that described how the 16th amendment was never passed but the federal government passed it anyway.Even the government records admit the the amenment never got the votes.

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