Riots in Brooklyn show feral adolescents’ demand for entertainment is unquenchable


By Derrick Hollenbeck, staff writer  

Two weeks ago, while on routine patrol two New York City police officers saw a Black teenager named Kimani Gray acting in a manner they deemed suspicious. Gray had adjusted what they surmised was a gun in his waistband. When they attempted to stop and question Gray he pulled the gun up in preparation to use it. That was a mistake that cost the 16 year old his life.

Choosing to disregard the code of the streets (which requires non-cooperation with the police) three witnesses, speaking on the record, said they heard the police warn Gray but that Gray disregarded the warning. Gray was promptly shot dead.    

 This incident appears to be an open and shut case of a foolhardy criminal losing a gunfight to two trained police offers.  That interpretation has become meaningless to the feral adolescents who roamed the streets with Gray. His death has become an occasion for the type of dangerous yet quite entertaining party they crave to satisfy their demand for entertainment.  They are adrift in a sea of patronizing and hand holding, provided by New York City liberal Democrats who see to it that every need or want of these marauders has been provided in exchange for nothing but the votes of their elders.

Alas food shelter schooling clothing and free everything else they could ask for has become a stale “given” in the world of Kimani Gray’s friends. Looting local stores and attacking anyone who doesn’t look like them has becomes a kind of sport for their entertainment.  

Rhythmically chanting “NYPD, KKK, how many kids did you kill today?” is part of        the “fun.”  Nevertheless, it’s very doubtful that many of these revelers knows the Klu Klux Klan was formed by the Democrats they think are their friends, but what difference does that make when throwing bottles and playing “grown up tag” with the police is so much fun?

The taxpayer paid for goods and services they have been given all of their lives is never enough. They don’t care that their lifestyle is paid for by the tax money of the merchants whose stores they are destroying. They demand that society provide them with entertainment and if they are not given entertainment they will forcibly take their entertainment at society’s expense.  

With the Democrats holding their hands and encouraging them why should they think otherwise?


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3 thoughts on “Riots in Brooklyn show feral adolescents’ demand for entertainment is unquenchable”

  1. Coach coach there you go again. Though of course your staff writer wants to make it more suttle this time. Not all black teens are welfare recipients. Not all black teens are running around terrorizing their communities. Not all black people period view deomcrats as sainted individuals. It is apparent your not so suttle racist views can’t help but rear their ugly head again. This broad brush attitude has become par for the course for your site as of late. It appears you are the racist conservative that liberals constantly harp about. I just can no longer explain away. There is just no excuse. Yes this is a post from your friendly black, Catholic, female conservative. All credibility has been lost by this site.

    1. “There is just no excuse. Yes this is a post from your friendly black, Catholic, female conservative. All credibility has been lost by this site.” You clearly don’t understand statistics. The LARGE majority of crimes committed in this country are committed by young Blacks. My purpose is to speak to the other side – the side people like you and the media want to ignore. If you want hand holding this is not the site for you. If you want truth, however, uncomfortable it might be this is where you should keep looking. We don’t hate anyone here. We let people see the truth and let them decide. If you decide to leave so be it.

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