Roberto Micheletti and Honduras against the World

By Bruce Karlson

Immediately after Manuel Zelaya was deposed on the order of the Honduran Supreme Court, Hugo Chavez, blustered, fumed and threatened an invasion. Daniel Ortega, head thug in Nicaragua, pledged to be his “bff” (“best friend forever”, for those without teen aged children). Hugo did manage an invasion. He was complicit with the Brazilian government in spiriting Zelaya back into the country in car trunks.

An invasion of one.

Since Zelaya will be arrested the moment he is found on Honduran soil, he moved into to the Brazilian Embassy. In any event, his return has caused some perturbations in Honduras. The capital was shut down for a day and some of his ginned up and dwindling supporters were arrested. If Zelaya intends to keep up the front that he has support in country, he needs to part with some of the money he stole or get Hugo to pony up. These “protesters” expect to be paid (it is unclear if medical benefits are included in the standard payment for protest package).

Meanwhile at the UN, Zelaya’s choice for ambassador, Carlos Reina, has been seated. This is a tad bizarre as Reina’s US visa was pulled in 2006 after it was discovered in the late seventies or early eighties, he set bombs in an effort to kill US servicemen serving in Honduras. It’s commonly believed one of his botched efforts killed several Honduran base employees. Naturally neither Kerry nor Clinton have commented on this as they are reluctant to publicly criticize “leftist” tyrants. Mr. Reina will fit right in with the other criminals at the UN.

The UN and OAS are Hell bent on restoring thief, tyrant and buffoon Zelaya. His claims that Isreali mercenaries are poisoning the air apparently do not bother any of his coteries of international cheer leaders.

That suggestion is bizarre but consistent with his increasingly odd utterances. He compared himself with Jesus Christ earlier in this saga.

The grandees at the UN, OAS, and US State Department apparently have never met a man like Honduran president Roberto Micheletti. He actually has principles and has no interest in selling out his nation. This is simply not in the script. Heads of State in all small poor countries are supposed to accept whatever the bribe of the day is and cave in.

Further, grandees world wide have stated that they will not recognize the results of the regularly scheduled election in November. This is truly disgraceful as President Micheletti will allow international election monitors, and this offers a painless way out of this mess. Secretary Clinton and “war hero” Kerry were emphatic on this point. President Obama, however, never missing an opportunity to vote “present”, opined that recognition “would depend”. Which is it United States?? Perhaps a meeting to avoid mixed signals is in order.

The new leader of the Western Hemisphere, Panama, however, broke from the herd and stated that it would recognize the election results. Panama demonstrates world leadership while the US votes “present”.

Truly frightening…

About Bruce Karlson: Born New Jersey, enlisted in the Navy 1960, discharged in 1964, Kean College – BA, Fordham University – MBA. Sold computers in NYC’s financial district, retired 1992. Divorced, two high school aged children. Interests include bridge, history, politics and cooking.

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