Rural Mexican militiamen showing liberals guns in honest hands have nothing to do with shooting deer


By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Large pockets of Mexico are little more than a third world enclave. The streets run freely with the blood of honest and dishonest people alike. Many of the criminals in Mexico are armed with very dangerous guns given to them by Eric Holder through his Fast and Furious scheme to discredit all guns in America. Until now no one seemed able or inclined to stop this carnage, but that is changing in one besieged area of Mexico.  

The people of some of the towns surrounding Acapulco have witnessed the deaths of over 70,000 men women and children since 2006, some beheaded and carefully laid out on the resort city’s streets to send the message “We the drug cartels are in charge.”

They have watched as their police and courts have either become members of the drug gangs or found themselves powerless to do anything to give safety and freedom back to their fellow citizens.  

Nevertheless, since the beginning of this month the victims have turned on their tormentors. They have formed an 800 member militia of armed and angry men that serves as a vigilante army determined to wipe out the cartels by shooting them if need be.        

These armed militiamen, some carrying pistols and rifles others brandishing machetes, have set up check points to enforce a 10PM curfew. They have started to hunt down their tormentors and thus far taken custody of 44 people believed to be criminals.

A spokesman for the militia group said their captives will be judged by the “community police and a general assembly of all the towns.” He added, “We won’t hand any of them to any government entity. Their rehabilitation will be handled in the communities. The verdicts will come from there. Those who committed crimes will pay for it, and those who didn’t will be freed.”

Clearly these men are honestly interested in cleaning up their towns and making them safe once again. They well understand they cannot rely on the courts the police or their political structure to protect them. They know they can’t waste any more time waiting for “nothing” to happen.

Nowhere in the report on these brave militiamen was there any mention of shooting deer or competitive target shooting. These men know guns in honest hands are a good thing and no progressive liberal can tell them otherwise.           


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3 thoughts on “Rural Mexican militiamen showing liberals guns in honest hands have nothing to do with shooting deer”

  1. It is time the Mexican People take their Country Back. It is a Shame Erick Holder is not in Jail along with Obama and Napalotino. This should be a lesson to our Dumb Ass Elected Dirt Bags what America will look like should these Communist Democrats get their way!!!!!

  2. It is about time the citizens of Mexico stand up and take back their country. Americans have our hands full, with preventing our own maggots in government, from destroying 237 years of liberty. Often times it is required of simple citizens to rout the scum from government. It is way past time, that the citizens of Mexico rise and clean their own house. And it is time Americans start cleaning our own house, starting with the scumbags residing @ 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

  3. The movie “For Greater Glory” is about the common man fighting against Mexican dictator Portofino Calles. A friend of mine whose grandfather fought as a Cristero is convinced Obama is a repeat. Cristero’s got about as much help from the Roosevelt Administration as the Iranians when they had a chance and Obama refused. the movie is a must see and apparently very timely.

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