Saying “Damn your Constitution!”CAIR is trying to stop Brigitte Gabriel’s TEA Party rally appearance

 By Geoff M. Ross: President Emerald Coast Tea Party Patriots.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has risen up from its cold damp oppressive basement in Washington D.C. and is attempting to use a press release attack to shut down the first Amendment rights of Brigitte Gabriel the President of Act For America and my organization The Emerald Coast Tea Party Patriots.

Mrs. Gabriel is the keynote speaker at our rally in support of our United States Constitution, being held this Saturday August 21 at the Emerald Coast Conference Center in Fort Walton Beach Florida.

Since learning of this event and its featured speaker, the President of CAIR has been trying to pressure me to disinvite Mrs. Gabriel and pressuring the invited scheduled political candidates to boycott the event.

 Due to a previous engagement United States Senatorial candidate Marco Rubio will be represented but not attending. He had declined before a CAIR press release demanding he not attend.

As the coordinator of this rally I responded to CAIR via phone calls and told them in the clearest language possible I will not bow down to their pressure and I will not cancel Mrs. Gabriel as our key note speaker. When I asked the CAIR representative if CAIR places Shariah law above the U.S. Constitution he compared Brigitte Gabriel to the KKK and added, “Practicing Muslims always place Shariah Law ahead of the Constitution when following their religion.”

I have offered the President of CAIR an opportunity to speak at our rally and debate with Mrs. Gabriel. I stated under the 1st Amendment of the U.S. Constitution I will give him an opportunity to explain why Shariah law permits the stoning of women. He has thus far not responded and I’m sure he will not respond any time soon.

Teaching CAIR a lesson in American courage

The bottom line is that I will not bend to the pressure from CAIR. This is an organization that has been investigated as a front for financing terrorism, but even if it had no terrorist ties CAIR’s demands are un-American. This bunch needs to understand that and learn what American courage and freedom is about.

The celebration of our Constitution rally will go on as planned. Any politician scheduled to attend, but cancels because of CAIR pressure should immediately step down and end his or her campaign, because we will make that cowardice known to our members. Politicians who won’t stand up and support our Constitution will not be supported by the genuine American patriots who will be at our rally.

Here’s The Emerald Coast Tea Party’s advice to anyone running for office in our part of Florida: We will not take any excuses: support and defend the principles laid out by our Founding Fathers under the U.S. Constitution and refuse to yield to Shariah law, or expect to be defeated in November.

God Bless America!

 About Geoff M. Ross, Nmcm, Afsm, Osr Senior Chief Petty Officer (Surface Warfare, Air Warfare) United States Navy retired, served from July 1982 until December 2002. Board of Directors. Combat Veterans for Congress (hon) President Emerald Coast Tea Party Patriots. He can be reached at 850-313-1893

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1915: Jewish American businessman Leo Frank was lynched for killing a 13 year old girl in Marietta Georgia. In 1986 the state of Georgia vacated Frank’s conviction and declared him innocent.

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  3. Shariah law above the U.S. Constitution he compared Brigitte Gabriel to the KKK . Give me a break. They are trying ever trick in the book.. Cair, we know who you really are. Brigitte Gabriel, smart person….My Best.

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