Self Defense Ruled LEGAL in Chicago: For a Price

By Doug Book,  staff writer

   Two Super Bowl Sundays ago,  Elliot Mayfield,  his 15 and 11 year old daughters and a friend were waiting at a South Side Chicago bus stop.  A very intoxicated Samuel Fullilove approached the group and offered to sell drugs to Mayfield.  Although Mayfield had a 1990 drug conviction,  he was now a drug rehab counselor and informed Fullilove that he was   “…just trying to get his daughters home safely.” 

Undeterred,  Fullilove continued to press Mayfield,  yelling,  taunting him and according to the police report,  eventually  “getting into one of his daughter’s faces.” 

At this point, an angry Mayfield,  removed a pistol from his pocket and showed it to Fullilove. “I’ll use it,”   he told the overly aggressive drug dealer.

Fullilove walked away but returned seconds later,  took a swing at Matfield and began to chase him. Chicago surveillance cameras showed the entire incident.

Then,  moments after one of Mayfield’s daughters tried to get between the men,  Mayfield retrieved the pistol,  pointed it at Fullilove and fired one round.

In a panic,  Mayfield bundled his daughters into a car owned by the friend he had been talking to and drove home.  That evening,  he called police,  identified himself and upon their arrival,  gave them the .25 automatic he used in the shooting.

Charged by prosecutors with first AND second degree murder and jailed on February 7th,  2010 in lieu of $500,000 bond,  Mayfield finally had his day in court on July 15th…18 months after the shooting.

Cook County Judge Maura Slattery Boyle acquitted Mayfield of both charges and set him free,   saying that Mayfield,  “…wasn’t a murderer.  He was just trying to protect his family.” 

Now for the really interesting part of the story…unless,  of course,  you’re Mr. Mayfield or a member of his family.

Remember,  this is Chicago,  run for decades by the Daleys…a criminal family whose gun grabbing,  2nd Amendment trashing ways rival only those of Chuck Schumer and Barack Obama.

 The fact that Mayfield carried a concealed weapon in this drug infested,  gang ridden haven of thugs and killers was HIGHLY illegal. After all,  only the taxpayer funded,  24 hour security detail around the Mayors Daley were permitted arms!

Yet no weapons charges were filed against Elliot Mayfield. Not a one. Certainly this didn’t just slip the mind of a D.A. who brought two murder charges against a man who acted in defense of self and family.

And one other fact. Check the Chicago Sun Times website and you’ll find not a single mention of the story. Apparently the paper which provided decades of approving cover and lick spittle support for the Constitution shredding ways of the Daley Regimes can’t bear the thought of reporting that self- defense might just be an option in the Windy City. That could give the serf class ideas,  after all.

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This day in history July 22

1937: Democrat Franklin D. Roosevelt’s “court packing” scheme, which would have added six lackeys to the Supreme Court who would swing every new case in Roosevelt’s favor, was rejected by the Senate.

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11 thoughts on “Self Defense Ruled LEGAL in Chicago: For a Price”

  1. Good article Doug. Amazing honesty on the part of the father. Although it is not clear could it be the case that this poor guy spent 18 months in jail? Crimminals hate the right to bear arms that the citizenry exercise. Using deadly physical force, when called upon, helps make police work easier

  2. This was obviously a miscarriage of justice in that he was charged at all and had to spend 18 months in jail….the DA (who as the article says saw the entire incident on CCTV) should have known better than to charge him with murder in the first place… for not being charged for a concealed weapon…what's your point…I mean really what's the point… if it's not concealed you risk being harassed and or charged with brandishing….. or having some thug try to take it away from you…..what a ridiculous law….

    1. Mad Angel,

      The concealed carry point is that it's quite unusual for a gun-grabbing, 2nd amendment averse city like Chicago to have filed no gun charges against Mayfield for having carried a concealed weapon. Concealed carry is, after all, illegal in Illinois, the only remaining state in which that is the case. I just thought this was very interesting. Why not try to make an example of the man? That is what the left so often tries to do in order to intimidate others. Though Daley is gone, Emanual is also very much against the right to keep and bear arms. And the new Superintendent of Police is a gun hating psychotic! So anti-gun policy certainly did not change with the new administration.

      Doug Book

      1. As usual, wise words from "oldpuppymax". (I still want to know how you chose your moniker for CIR !!).
        I , however , wouldn't be so eager to say that Illinois is the only State in which concealed-carry is not "legal ".
        Perhaps as a technicality the word "legal" would suffice for many; but in actual practice and in the un-biased application or enforcement of the laws, California's laws merely give lip-service to the 2nd Amendment; making a de facto case for anti-gun rights status.

        1. Thanks much Joanne. Several years ago, our oldest puppy (10) was a chocolate Cocker named Maxwell. (They always remain puppies top me.)

          Wisconsin finally created a concealed carry ordinance this year, leaving Illinois the last state with no provision in place for that God given right. But you're right…only "shall issue" states recognize anything resembling a TRUE right to carry a concealed weapon. Kalifornia is certainly not among them.

          Please keep your comments coming. They grace Coach is Right.

          1. Oh! Mon Ami ! You are too sweet in offering the Kind comment ! Merci!
            I noticed right away that you used the past tense while referring to your pet. Am I to understand that your dear, sweet Maxwell "Puppy" has gone to puppy-heaven? Please, feel no need to respond if this is too painful a subject for you to speak of . What a kind and loving way however, to remember him in using his name as your own. You must have been most devoted to him. This tells me much about you, and I respect what I have learned .
            We seem to have established a mutual admiration society here in the pages of CIR, for I too look forward to reading your wise comments.
            Best wishes

          2. Joanne,

            Very kind of you to email. Yes, Max died 4 years ago along with my "foundling" Border Collie-both less than a week apart! I now have another Lab who is going on 4. I'm a true sucker for dogs and conservative politics.

            Thank you so much for reading my articles and my comments. I'll work to make them always worthy of your time and response.

            Doug Book (Oldpuppymax)

          3. It is good that you found another "fur-person" to love.
            I love dogs also and have had the honor of friendship with many over the years, but my great fondness is for the feline!
            I have not had a cat in the house since my dearest friend "Baby" passed away in 2006. Recently however, my husband said that it was long past the time when we should have another cat in our household. I balked and dragged my feet for I still missed "Baby" and could not believe it possible that I would ever be so fortunate to share a deep rapport with another cat (even remotely as close and affectionate a bond as that which was shared with "baby").
            Turns out I was right !
            This new addition to the family, a now neutered Rag Doll kitten, is everything Baby was not!
            I named him Cato (Cate-oh) for his insane, out-of-no-where sorties and attacks from places of ambush suitable only for the small and agile. He reminded me of the surprise onsets and fierce battles Peter Sellers used to have with his man-servant Cato (or Kato), in the Pink Panther films.
            He caroms off furniture, careens around the house as if the devil himself is at his tail, and is mouthy and demanding.
            He is not polite and well-mannered, in fact his first instinct when things don't go his way is to intentionally nip at the very hands which feed him. Rather a "Kitty-ingrate" at this young stage of his life.
            He was only seven weeks old when he came to us; much too early to have been removed from his momma and litter-mates Both would have taught him the manners we have, to date, been unable to reinforce in him. I tried so hard to get the breeder to keep him with his mother-cat for an additional three weeks, but she would not agree even when I offered to pay her more money for his continued "room and board" with her.
            And so, we are dealing with a brat who, in short order, will weigh somewhere in the neighborhood of seventeen pounds. I can only pray that with time and the proper mixture of love and discipline he will mature into a more pleasant pet.
            Early nurturing is everything to youngsters of any species or breed: and Cato didn't get it. He was essentially robbed of all the valuable lessons learned in kitten-hood. While beautiful and charming (when he wants to be), Cato is pretty "one-way" for now and hardly a good example of the people-loving, relaxed, laid-back reputation of his breed.
            Please say prayers that Cato will soon grasp the uniqueness and benefits of a relationship with his people !!

  3. I am SO glad I live in Idaho! Here, we are allowed to kill our own rattlesnakes. In 2005 when I was 66, a 24 year old man ran in my back door. He was a member of a Mexican drug gang, was high on methamphetamine. He resembled Mike Tyson. I resemble Granny from THE BEVERLY HILLBILLIES. Fortunately, I had a pistol handy. I did not have to shoot him, he saw the pistol and ran. As soon as I could call 911, I had 17 police officers in my yard. NOT ONE of them asked to see a gun permit or tried to disarm me! They knew I had just saved my own life and was within my rights. I LOVE "FLYOVER COUNTRY" where we have not let the Democrats take over. I AM FREE to defend myself! He left in the ambulance and I did not!

  4. First, why was the guy charged twice for the same bullet?
    Second, yeah, miscarriage of justice; clearly self-defense
    Third, so what? Why charge the guy with a weapon charge? Fullilove not seeing the gun may be the only reason that he didnt pull out one of his own.

  5. Incidents like these, along with so many other illegal, anti-common sense practices preceding it , now brings the number up to two States ( California and Illinois ), that I wish would collapse into their respective bodies of water ; never to be heard from again.
    Clearly, Illinois, in this matter, is setting itself up for a well deserved Appellate or Supreme Court thrashing.
    That Illinois hasn't "gotten around to" to altering its' laws on gun carrying rights, is testament to the Democratic Party's throttle-hold on civil rights.
    To its' credit , even the Democratic stronghold of Wisconsin just passed gun-carry laws; though they are weak and tepid compared to the laws of other States.
    The States of California and Illinois should have all Federal funding and grants withheld from them until and unless they fall into compliance with "The Supremes" ruling that Americans have the 2nd Amendment right to own and bear firearms; ESPECIALLY for individual self-protection!
    Both States are "proof positive" that neither is a "free State" according to the wording of the 2nd Amendment.
    Like "Eileen in Idaho", I am blessed to live in a State where the fight for gun rights was won early . We even have concealed- carry without a permit.
    If I was capable of administering to the Unites States a "Colonic Cleansing", I would begin with Washington D.C., followed quickly by the Constitutionally constipated States of Ca. and Ill.

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