Senator Menendez likes his hookers young and new to the trade


by George Spelvin

“That senator likes the youngest and newest girls,” said a young Dominican Republic hooker as she described in detail what allegedly went on at sex parties involving Miami ophthalmologist and high-dollar campaign donor Salmon Melgen and New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez.  Of course Menendez is denying everything, something not difficult to do with the majority of the mainstream media covering up for the liberal democrat.  

When she heard the code word “chocolate,” a young sex worker said she and other females knew they were being summoned to various homes.  She even preserved the phone number from which the “chocolate” summons came. (1) But she now fears something may happen to her, saying “if they know that I spoke with someone; they will find me.”   Another young underage female claims she “had sex with Menendez three times at least in 2009,” and that she remembers the June visit well because her 17th birthday was in June.  These news stories are being carried by The Daily Caller news blog which is posting information from Spanish translations and reports by tipsters and informants.  One such informant noted that the girls remember being checked medically more often “because of him.” (2)

 All of these “allegations by unnamed sources” are being piously denied by a spokesman for Menendez.  Calling failure to pay for one trip an “oversight,” the aide said the senator reimbursed Doctor Salomon Melgen more than $58,000 on January 4, 2013, two years after these denied trips took place!

On February 9th, the Cuban news source Progresso Weekly revealed that a drop dead gorgeous, 26 year old Ukrainian theatre, film, and TV actress named Svitlana (Ukrainian spelling) “Lana” Buchyk was “one of the most regular participants in the activities.”  (3)  “She has traveled with them in the jet, sailed with them in the yacht, and has repeatedly visited the Doctor’s house.” According to a MIAMI HERALD story of 2-04-2010 -as reported in PROGRESO-, when Lana was involved in a car wreck in Coral Gables, FL, she gave Melgens’ address “as her own,” saying that the car belonged to the eye doctor’s wife.  Lana tweeted, “I feel like Moroccan having my hands painted with Henna and wearing a beautiful silk traditional Caftan.”   But in another tweet, Lana stated, “The truth always comes out. Love and Peace to all of ya. . .The best Miami in the World”  

Of course, Lana is not talking, only subtly alluding to the connection she had with the doctor.  And the watchdog group CREW-Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, DC,- could not confirm the validity of any of these shenanigans because the principal actors involved in this saga of hookers, dollars, and politics are vigorously saying nothing happened and that all of these allegations are being manufactured by right wing nuts online.  

So as pictures of Barack Obama strolling on a Florida beach with a young man appear and quickly are removed from the internet, will the Affair Menendez also be rapidly vaporized?  As late as February 21st, an ABC affiliate in New Jersey reported on the Menendez story as one involving political contributors, not hookers and stated Dr. Melgen had been reimbursed by the senator. Of course there was no mention that the reimbursement had come 2 years after the plane trips Menendez had been provided and was only made upon pressure by the Senate Ethics Committee!  Just what is going on with our elected officials? (4)



(2) Ibid



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