Send in three dollars for a small miracle. Satisfaction nearly guaranteed


By Suzanne Eovaldi,  staff writer

An urgent $3.00 appeal from only 341 donors went out Monday by the Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committee who just had to have those pledges by Midnight!  Bill Clinton is warning that “if we can’t convince the people who vote for us in presidential elections to show up in midterm elections,” America will be a “profoundly divided country.”  And it’s not one now?  Those little $3.00 bills, to use an old non politically correct saying that refers to someone being rather odd, will be triple matched by wealthy Democrat money men, un-named in the urgent appeal sent out even to CiR.  Evidently, some of their highly trained, very advanced web technicians are unable to purge the opposition from their Email lists, rather like they just couldn’t seem to get Obamacare to work online.

But you loyal little Democrats out there had to pledge up your change by midnight so the DSCC could hire over three hundred more staffers for a “10 state mobilization effort targeting folks who stay at home in non-presidential years.”  No states were named in the urgent appeal.

Now the New York Times, in typical mainstream media fashion is doing all it can to help with the Dem playbook by giving them free campaign advice.  The tired, old, Gray, but no longer a lady warns the Dems if “we can’t ramp up our voter turnout efforts, it will cost the Democrats control of the Senate!”

The full weight of the once great press icon was used as the theme of this urgent appeal to boost web contact Email lists by late October.  But Harry Reid, recently of Bundy Ranch showdown notoriety, is chiming in.  He’s adding his two cents worth with this rhetorical gem: “If we let the Kochs’s most recent $2.5 million, four state attack blitz go unanswered, the Democrats could lose their majority!”  Wow, Harry. Way to go.  Are you now getting so personally involved because, just maybe, if your Senate Majority Leader title falls, you just may have to face some Congressional heat on the Hill yourself?
But don’t count on it.  As web rumblings continue to quote John Boehner and other US House leaders as leaning toward immigration reform AFTER THE PRIMARIES, the GOP never managed a campaign they could win in a clean and competent way.

How about Joe Barton (R-TX) this week announcing he supports a path to legalization with a new guest worker initiative?

But you know the Dems are in trouble when Slick Willie is trotted out along with Chelsea’s pregnancy and chagrin over criticism of Hillary’s pant suits.  But lying by omission is what the mainstream media does the best.  The word whistlers zero in on those old meanies, the Koch brothers, but refuse to reveal just who is triple matching the little $3.00 bills from the Dem donors.

Does it even occur to someone in web land who puts up a measly $3.00 that this paltry amount magically will become $12.00 and that the cost of doing this is way more than the initial gift to the Dems?
Charges on credit card bills, costs for salaries of the web techies who process the donations plus add on costs for entering loyalist names on every other Democrat appeal list just don’t match the real worth of getting those names.

Come the run-up to November, which is AFTER THE PRIMARIES,  Dems could be hoping the hapless GOP have shot themselves in the foot once again and that those small donations turn into a Dem attack blitz at early voting.

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