“Shocking new documents have surfaced proving Obama’s Kenyan birth.”

   By George Spelvin, staff writer

 Barack Obama’s deftly crafted high jump to fame may be rapidly collapsing  according to GLOBE MAGAZINE’s  latest world exclusive expose.  “Shocking new documents have surfaced proving . .Obama was born in Kenya.”

 The piece claims: Barack and Michelle Obama’s marriage has hit the skids, (1) an insider informant is telling the GLOBE who was out front with telling Americans what no other MSM source would tell them about their governance!  “Obama has taken a serious one-two punch,” the insider says as congressional hearings are predicted in a very reluctant Congress that has not done due diligence in vetting the Presidency for its constituents.  In fact, petitions already are circulating for Americans to Email sign for delivery (2) to MIA senators and congressional representatives!  Toll free calls to Congress can be made with the 877-762-8762 number before they adjourn for their much needed summer school break.

  Sheriff Joe Arpaio  and his lead investigator Mike Zullo are pointing to the sleight of hand Hawaiian officials  dealt Arizona’s gullible SoS Ken Bennett who caved to a very faulty Verification of Birth document sent to expedite getting Obama on that state’s election ballots. “I was shocked to find out Bennett knew virtually nothing about our investigation, only what he read in the newspapers,” Zullo is saying. (3)  “He really didn’t care.”  Pressure from Arizona’s Senator John McCain, who lost to Obama in 2008, along with a difficult talk radio interview by KTAR’s Mac & Gaydos may help to explain what went on.

  A discussion board commentator explains the mess this way: “Do you recall the GA SoS hot after Obama, only to back out after being awarded $8 BILLION for a new nuke plant to be built in the state? Obama and his lawyers refusing to comply to a subpoena for all of Obama’s records constituted Contempt of Court. Why was that not followed up?”        Zullo (4) describes how the faulty Hawiian document fails to identify a DOB, only giving a time of birth, and that the “gk” initials next to the registrar’s stamp are not those of the issuer, Alvin T. Onaka, Ph.D. “I suspect these defects are not accidental.”  Was Hawaii’s yet again sleight of hand actually created to be disclaimed if and when the truth comes out?

Hawaiian Elections Office Clerk Timothy Lee Adams says (5) “no originating document for President Obama could be located, and while President Obama’s name is present on an archive index for registered births, no evidence of the type of birth documentation, nor where he was born, is actually present.” Adams uses this revelation by Governor Neil Abercrombie who famously announced while running for that office that he “would silence and discredit the birther movement” because the haole mainlander “set out to bring an end to what he saw as the disrespectful actions of those who questioned the official hagiography of little Barry Dunham.” (6)  Adams then tells his graduate school review board in his Master’s Thesis: “It soon became apparent that something was wrong.”

    When Sheriff Joe said Hawaii duped Arizona, he really was speaking in understatement because that state is a metaphor for the entire nation, even the world.  America played the fool is not sitting well with an electorate just becoming aware that they’ve been had.  As Adams concludes, “President Obama is not the problem, he doesn’t even run the county. And neither my friends, do we.” (7)

 To contact your Congressional Representative use this link: http://www.contactingthecongress.org/

 To read more about this story use these sources:

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(2) to sign the link, go to  www.wnd.com/2012/05/sheriff-joes-posse-hawaii-duped-arizona/?cat.orig=politics

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13 thoughts on ““Shocking new documents have surfaced proving Obama’s Kenyan birth.””

  1. The headline screams that shocking new documents have surfaced proving Obama's Kenyan birth.

    The article makes no mention of these documents.

  2. George….do we all have to go to the grocery store to purchase Globe magazine ? Or do you have a follow-up piece coming later which will be more illustrative of what is going on here?
    Where are these petitions we Americans can e-mail to sound-off on these issues….any links?
    With such a stunning banner, there MUST be more to all this information than is being related here.
    Gotta go grab the car keys and pick up a copy of Globe !!!!!!!
    P.S. We can only HOPE Obama's marriage is on the skids…. I know….that's a ROTTEN thing to say about anyone's personal relationship with a mate…..but Obama has been such a rotten president and Moochelle has been such a "reluctant" First lady except for the expensive traveling part…and well, both have been do damn condescending to America's concerns and needs that SOME of that 'rottenness cannot help but spill over into their high-profile relationship…..Maybe that explains all the grey hairs he's been sporting during the past 6 months.

  3. Since GLOBE is heavily copywritten, only one sentence of the article can or should be put up/ most of the article deals with their using separate bedrooms. how she is sick & tired of living in the WH fish bowl and longs to be back home in Chgo/ also, the Sheriff Joe press
    conference of March 1 with Mike Zullo's findings are discussed/ here's the link to sign the petitions:http :www.wnd.com / put up in their search box on upper right sign the petition/
    this link should be in the credits of this piece so look at the bottom under Sources/ thanks for your readership and interest!!

  4. I think the real question has been missed by almost everyone. Some say that judges, politicians, and legal authorities have been bought, threatened, or are part of this cover up. Some say God has turned his back on our country. Most focus on the latest piece of news about this fraud that comes out and miss the big picture.

    I say the real issue is whether or not we have already become a morally bankrupt country. If things were right in this country this problem should have never happened in the first place. Now I am not an overly religious man, but I do believe in a God. I say it's not about his wrath on our country, but about "we the people" leaving what is the right and moral thing to do. Let's all hope that those who are already morally bankrupt are not currently a majority.

    1. Billtx….I certainly hope you are NOT referring to the electorate as being 'morally bankrupt' !!
      For, with exceptions of course, the average voter has NO WAY to verify the veracity or the 'workability' of any candidate's words or plans.
      Additionally, with the facile lying, omissions, and the substitution of 'opinions' intentionally passed off as factual substance; both the candidates and the media deliberately hold a candidate in a convenient 'bubble' which can break in ANY direction.
      In defense of voter education and rights in this country; I CLAIM that there are NEITHER rights nor education being seen to in this country….by those capable of making it happen…the press, Congress, a caring president, and the candidates themselves.
      They're the ones in control of every facet of our lives, not us !…and they have achieved that control through lies and deceit.
      It is NOT in any politician's best interest to have an 'informed' electorate…..additionally, our PUBLIK SKOOL SISTIM has SO dumbed-down the inquisitiveness, and the intellectual capacity for reason among their many tiny 'charges'…..the consequences???
      Voila! We have instant dunces, baby Facist 'Brown-shirts' who have been taught to promote 'dogma' as axiomatic, universal truths, and functional illiterates who haven't the urge, or the common sense to differentiate Sh** from Shinola.
      Morally bankrupt? I think not….confused, addled, uninspired, timid, uneducated, and abandoned…yes.
      Bill, since you have said that you "do believe in a God ", will you please and kindly, ask your Lord for our wisdom, grace, and for courageous hearts to be steeled for the times ahead?
      How can good, decent, God-fearing Americans trust ANYTHING we are told by those who pretend to represent us ?
      All this 'Dog-and-Pony-Show' circus theatrics on the campaign trail…. or from the Rotunda rostrums in D.C. …are designed to grant the omniscient, prescient, and opportunistic 'leaders' ( and I use that term loosely !!), 'wiggle-room' to evade the obvious, right decisions.
      This hedging ….hints at the lies behind the campaigner's words.
      Some folks 'pick up on it' right away…while others naively continue to trust…this does not indicate anything to me but unwariness and possible stupidity….not moral bankruptcy.
      Yes, we absolutely DO have the "Me-Firsters" who look at a candidate with an eye fixed solely upon whatever entitlements they are offered;
      but for the most part American voters, despite their socio-economic circumstance, ethnicity, gender, and ages deal mostly with the cards which are dealt us by the elites….and the deck has been 'stacked' for generations !!

    1. Raymond, bearing false witness is a sin. I hope you were being facetious.

      That clip is from obamasnippets.com, a site that makes satirical videos about Obama by replacing the audio of his appearances. Don't automatically believe everything you see just because you want it to be true.

      Yeah, maybe Obama was born in Kenya or maybe he wasn't – I dont' believe he's an NBC anyway due to his parentage, but that bit at the beginning of the video is fake. If people don't realize that, maybe it's just another indicator that our electorate is too ignorant to make informed decisions. And if that's true, God save us, because no one else will.

  5. According to the email thread published at TPM, Bennett did not ask the HDoH to verify the DOB; they verified exactly what was requested line item by line item. Compare for yourself. I am not saying they should not have confirmed the DOB but are only required by law to verify what is requested. TPM is a liberal rag but I have no reason to believe it was edited to omit the DOB.

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