Eric Holder a champion of minority voter fraud

by Doug Book, editor

“A fool’s errand” is what Bill Tucker, chair of the political-action committee of the NAACP’s Tallahassee branch, called Florida Governor Rick Scott’s renewed efforts to purge the state’s voter rolls of non-citizens. Tucker claimed the purge would “cast another dark shadow on Florida” because it would “disproportionately affect Florida’s most vulnerable groups,” that of course being minorities. What a remarkable coincidence that Tucker should believe, just as Attorney General Eric Holder, that a crime is not NEARLY as important as the race of those who commit it. (1)

And as for the “fool’s errand,” comment, Tucker might just be right. For the 1992 Motor Voter Act does NOT require that elections officials verify citizenship. They are not even required to ASK applicants if they are American citizens. Add to that the fact that Supervisors of Elections are only able to investigate voter fraud if a tip comes into their office and anyone expecting an honest election process in Florida may well BE a fool.

Over a 2 month period, an NBC News affiliate in Lee County, Fla did what county election officials never have; they investigated the citizenship status of a number of registered voters by cross-referencing names which appeared on other public lists. One woman told the County that she could not serve on a jury because she was not a citizen. But she could certainly vote, proudly telling the NBC reporter that she had voted in every election for years. Asked if she knew this was not legal, a dead silence ensued. After all, falsifying voter registration forms  is a 3rd degree felony. But how many aliens, illegal or otherwise, will obey the law when they have nothing to fear but a very occasional investigative report by a television news program?

And how many aliens are voting (Democrat, of course) in Florida? Enough that Eric Holder’s Department of Justice has filed suit against the state “for purging ineligible voters from its rolls.” (3) Clearly the DOJ believes it to be Democrats rather than minorities who are hardest hit when forced to obey the law.

Watch the video at the link provided. Some non-citizens don’t know they shouldn’t vote; others claim to have no idea they were registered or even how it happened. But isn’t it odd to not know you’re registered to vote when you have done so for years!






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