Simple Values for Politicians and the People Who Vote for Them

by Jerry Todd,  staff writer

With the broad and deep attack on our values and Constitution by the Administration and its handlers, we must restore our armor against the snares of the evil that swirls through our halls of government. Oaths to uphold and protect the Constitution are laughed at and Judeo-Christian values vilified. More than politics, it’s spiritual warfare!

Here are a few simple observations that a few of us might grasp and try to understand:

1.      The Declaration of Independence sets the spiritual, moral and philosophical base of the Constitution. It also warns of “pretended legislation” and the “sending out of agents to eat out the peoples’ substance.”

2.      Political Correctness is Academia’s contribution to arrogance and ignorance. Free speech and free exchange of ideas are lost. There is nothing in PC that exudes love, only a failed attempt at sensitivity and compassion to control critical thinking and true charity.

3.      The Principles of Subsidiarity and Solidarity must be applied together in all legislation to prevent selective privilege and demeaning dependency.

4.      No House or Senate Bill should cover more than one subject area. Any bill over 50-100 pages is likely “pretended legislation.” The current dustup over 3,000 page Obamacare with Catholic institutions is a classic example of the implantation of “poison pills” and bureaucratic license by drafters and imposers with ill-intent.

5.      The Federal Government has no competence in Health, Education and Welfare, primarily community, church and state responsibilities. By definition, central government control of individual lives and communities violates subsidiarity, imposes selective privilege and creates dependency.

6.      By ignoring Subsidiarity, local rule is passed to the central government, which encourages formation of radical, despotic and corrupt entities that covet power and control.

7.      Debt-based money as in our Federal Reserve System is actually “Tribute” paid by every productive and creative work of every person and business entity. (Merriam-Webster Dictionary: (b (1): an excessive tax, rental, or tariff imposed by a government, sovereign, lord, or landlord (2): an exorbitant charge levied by a person or group having the power of coercion) The nation’s full faith and credit can back “tribute-free currency” easier than “debt-based currency.” High Finance is ideally a medium of exchange and productive investment – the servant, not the master. When used as a tool for societal control or gaining wealth and power through currency manipulation and monetary speculations, it is “the root of all evil.”

8.      The challenge of Islam will be met with a special kind of love. After all, Mohammed held the Blessed Virgin Mary as the most important woman in Islam and that her son Jesus was virgin-born. Ultimately this widely ignored truth will have beautiful unifying consequences for all people of faith and good will. God is not mocked.

9.      We have received from God the self-evident truth of inalienable rights to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We are also empowered to meet today’s challenges.  We must pray and act!

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2 thoughts on “Simple Values for Politicians and the People Who Vote for Them”

  1. I can't agree on item #8. Islam was the pure contrivance of a pedophile with one thought in mind–making every one around him subservient. Mohammed worked names from the Bible into his phony religion in order to supply it with substance and credibility. Like everyone and everything else Mohammed touched, they were USED to serve his purposes and obtain his ends.

    But a lot of what you said was on the money. It is especially a shame that some don't give the Declaration all the credit it deserves.

  2. Jerry, If Islam makes the "turn-around" from menacing, warrior-like savagery against its' perceived enemies into a far more tolerant , Irenic (peaceful), way of life….it will not occur in my lifetime, nor in the lifetimes of my grandchildren.
    Meanwhile all efforts must be made to prevent its' divisive tentacles from reaching ever further into America's belief systems and our government.
    The only sort of Islam that I see openly practiced in this country are rages, ill-humor, and sabotage against the principles of freedom and tolerance Americans have long espoused.
    That all this militancy may come only from those who have hi-jacked that religion for use toward their own malefic ends may be true….but until the Peaceful, "Good-Guys" of this religion step up to the plate and commit to eradicating that fiendish off-shoot of the religion of Allah…Sharia Law, along with its' proponents….we will fight against it as diligently as if we were battling our own corrupt government.

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