Small Arms Treaty not the biggest UN threat to gun owners

by Doug Book,  staff writer

 Those in a panic over the expected loss of 2nd Amendment rights should the UN Small Arms Treaty be adopted need to understand two very important facts:

1)  the Treaty has no chance of garnering the 2/3rds vote necessary for senate approval; and

2)  a real UN sponsored threat to gun rights in the US and globally does exist, going under the acronym of ISACS,  “International Small Arms Control Standards.”

The UN has been actively working to disarm private individuals and a fair number of nations for thirty years. From its inception in 1982 to the current United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs, the organization promotes not only nuclear disarmament, but also and perhaps most especially “disarmament efforts in the area of conventional weapons, especially land mines and small arms…” (1)

And 3 decades of effort have resulted in a program which hopes to impose international standards on virtually everything having to do with the types of weapons owned by some 130 million American citizens. For in its “Working Outline,” ISACS means to create and make mandatory:

1.) National controls over the manufacture of small arms and light weapons

2.) National controls over the end-user and end-use of internationally transferred small arms and light weapons

3.) National controls over the access of civilians to small arms and light weapons

4.) Stockpile management over both storage and DESTRUCTION of weapons and ammunition

5.) International legal cooperation, criminal offenses and investigations   (2)

Phase 1 in the United Nations scheme is the same that has been dreamed of for years by gun grabbing organizations in the United States, mandatory and universal gun registration. Offered under the ISACS protocol as a necessary means for the tracing of weapons which have been put to illegal use, ISACS means to collect, catalogue and offer to law enforcement agencies worldwide the following information on every gun owned by either state or private citizen:  make, model, caliber, serial number, country of manufacture, physical characteristics such as barrel length, type of action, magazine capacity and naturally all pertinent information on the owner. Of course pictures are also preferred!

According to its project summary, this immense, internationally accessible data base would make possible “…the timely and reliable domestic tracing of illicit small arms and light weapons from their manufacture, import…up to the last legal possessor of the weapon…”   Naturally the ability to trace ammunition would also be mandatory which means all bullets would have to be marked and their purchasers made part of the same worldwide network responsible for the tracking of guns!  (2)

After the global system of registration has been adopted by each UN member nation, Phase 2 of the ISACS plan will be implemented. And that of course involves the “Control Standards” incorporated in the ISACS acronym. This part of the scheme is defined as the ability of the United Nations to “work as one” with the nations of the world, or more properly, to impose standards of conduct and performance on a worldwide basis, blissfully ignoring the various laws of each nation along with the rights of their citizens.

Nothing like dictatorial authority to make a system run without a hitch!  And should anyone wonder, the UN makes it clear “the primary beneficiaries of ISACS will be people all over the world who live in fear of their lives, as well as those of family and loved ones…”  Isn’t it always the case that those who demand absolute power claim it is really for our own good!

So although the Small Arms Treaty contains provisions contrary to the right of the American people to keep and bear arms, it bears repeating that any organization committed to the unlimited extension and exercise of its own power is prone to attack from more than one direction. The UN has engaged in that practice for decades and won’t rest until it has disarmed the American public.

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10 thoughts on “Small Arms Treaty not the biggest UN threat to gun owners”

  1. Dang Doug !! This is another of those times when I wished we had the capability ( actually it's a "function" offered in some other websites I visit), within CiR website to directly "SEND TO" (pick your manner of conveyance!), other people those articles we think would be especially interesting to them…I know a ton of people who would like the information in this article…..instead, I've got to go to each individual e-mail account and send a link to CiR that may, or may not work…..Good for CiR in that it would bring more people to the site itself….but couldn't it be equally as valuable to bring those folks in via specific content-of-articles interesting to them?
    Of course this site would then also run the risk of having even MORE Socialist-Progressives using the "SEND TO" function to alert their comrades that we have odious, distasteful, conservative crap being posted on our pages which they simply MUST dispel in the name of "The One".

  2. Can we emminate domain the UN BUILDING AND TURN IT INTO A PARK? Get the UN out of the US and the US out of
    the UN.

    1. To PROUDVIETVET…while I like, and would heartily support such an endeavor (I'd even help pay for a wrecking ball to raze the cesspool to the ground ), there is another thing to consider….there's an old "saw" which states "Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer"….that assumes of course that the U.S has a few 'pipelines' into the shadier nooks of that building for 'security reasons'.
      Perhaps de-funding their efforts by withholding even more American tax-dollars at every opportunity will act to mitigate the rampant gun control efforts, Global-warming disinformation, Marxism, Sharia Law, Global economics, and other bilge being spewed by that body onto American shores….just because we allow 'em here doesn't mean we have to buy into their crap or even to fund 'em.
      It would however, be extremely interesting to see what would happen if American citizens FINALLY insisted upon and demanded that the U.S State Department NOT take their 'marching orders and talking points' from the Marxist world at large but rather from the U.S. Constitution !

  3. To Joanne Edminston: Amen. The best way is to DEFUND THE COMMIES AND THE DESPOTS That constntly fight us.
    You reckon the oil rich Muslim and Commie South Americans wiiil come up with enough money to offset what
    we've been envesting in their socialist endeavors. Press on-
    we're on the same page.

    1. Hey PROUDVIETVET !……I kinda figured we'd be "on the same page"…where were you stationed in 'Nam, and what oufit were you with?
      My first husband was stationed at the Southeast Asian Riviera by the South China Sea known as Cam Ranh Bay. Cushy duty by most standards. Base and perimeter Security, plus working with some of the ROK troops was his deal. Air Force dontcha know…..

  4. To Joanne Edmiston. I was withe the 100th AMMS,part of the 100th Strat Recon Wing at Davis-Monthan AFB-Tucson Ariz-home of the aircraft boneyard. We ha detachments at Bien Hoa and Danang. Been to both. In the archives of the New York Time circa March-May of 65 was a front page picture of
    some of our air-launched recon drones in the museum in
    Peiking. We've been in the drone business a long time. You
    can get a history of some of it at the 4080th SRW or as it
    was redesignated the 100th SRW. The drones were in the
    100th AMMS-theU2s were in the 100th OMS. We had both
    along with DC-130s at Bien Hoa. It was an interesting experience and I would do it again. I am a PROUDVIETVET.

  5. We need someone who is truly pro-2nd amendment and a veteran. Not some chickenhawk who rallied in favor of the war in Viet Nam, then dodged out to France so he wouldn't have to serve (then passed anti-gun legislation as a governor).
    Hmmm, wonder who that could be.

    Ron Paul 2012, Accept no less..

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